Thursday, December 31, 2009

A year in review..a new one around the corner


Can't say it was a bad year..still sucking air, riding, looking at the lawn from the top side..Lost friends, new friends and diet dew friends..May next year be your year...good luck to all my friends in 2010...



Saturday, December 26, 2009

We the Sheepeople....

We the sheepeople have spoken,,ya according to the Barrack suck ups in the press 65% of the country does not want health care to be run by Washington..but yet our elected clowns tossed out 100 billion in pork to get the needed vote to clear the first hurdle..We spoke out..most at the water cooler at work, while reading the morning paper on the shitter or in other deep dark corners where no one cares..

So we have ourselves to blame for where we are today..Didn't vote for what..we didn't pursue stopping this with enough vigor..we are the sheepeople and the jerks off we elect understand that..We bitch a little than drop our drawers and take what ever they hand us..It sucks but that is exactly the way it works..

So be proud..we have another vote and more pork for your kids and grands kid and there kids to pay for..Might be time to step out of the shitter and into the streets..Sheepeople..


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays to all...

It was starting out as a story that was yet to be told..Let's see how the night plays out..

I was asked yesterday why if I was not a religious person do I embrace the holiday..Simple,,,it is the sprirt of the day..I wonder why we can't practice it everyday..Oh well I'm as guilty as the next on that one..

So best wishes to all my new friends in blog land..those who follow and those who just stop by..The common bond of bikes brings together..You all have made it a great year in cyber land..and in many ways in life..Thanks for your sharing both good and bad..Thanks for your support and the laughs..they each one have meaning..

Let see how the story plays friends...


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mondo, Easyriders and life in the 1980's..


The year was around 1981..I stumbled into a little dirty shop in Fresno looking for clutch plates for 1964 Panhead..The dude at the counter pointed to the back room and said go see Mondo..That was my introduction to a life long brother..

Painter by trade..Harley builder by choice, family man when it called..we shared some hard riding..when his ride was picked to be in Easyriders we rode the 300 miles to the photo shoot..Did anyone hear that we rode to the photo shoot..

Easyriders in the 80's was a biker mag..not like today's rag..Spyder, Mutha, Dave Mann..stories from the road and a ton of pics of what we did..ride..Mondo had this ride inside in 1984..I found the issue after cleaning out a storage unit..My Panhead is next of I can find that issue..I handed his first ride pics  to him yesterday..It all falls into place..we have a plan..Diet Dew's..long cold nights in the garage for the next few weeks..Go two Shovels and a the Dirty ones Pan to reserect....

Old Harley's and new technology..Not old school..don't even say it..Coming of age..doing it the way we always have..We have a plan..see ya in Sturgis..and we are riding to that photo shoot..



Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rant's from a Harley Snob and other little known points of view.....

I know it is hard to figure..The Rat a Harley snob..well I'm confessing..I tried to change my ways..We had a cancer kids ride Sunday and I invited a friend..notice I can't bring myself to say ride with us..He bought him one of those Yamiewhooper V-Sluts or what ever they call them..Bragged how he paid so little then dumped $10,000 grand into thingies..But it is still cheaper that a Harely..OK..So Sunday rolls around and the weather sucks..but some of us still ride..The dude is late..should we just ride..No I'm trying to kick a habit..Notice I didn't say a bad one..

So I buckle under my own intense internal pressure and dial the phone.. Hey dude where waiting on you..Quote from the mouth of babies..It might rain I didn't think you would ride in bad weather..I'm not taking the bike out it is a real bitch to clean and it's not safe to ride in the rain..Well that just plain ruined all the hard work that had gone into changing my ways..I AM A HARLEY SNOB..and proud of it..

The ride was good..wet at times and saw a few snow flakes..Fabian my little man who has been fighting the big C is winning the battle..I meet his parents for the first time..touching and it left me feeling both overjoyed for the little man and wondering how to help Mom and Dad..Young hard working people have had to give up everything for the one thing they love..Love you to little will work out..see ya as you walk out the door...

Now a few of life's little observations.. 

What do you call a lawyer who can't make it in private practice..

Mr. President

What do you call a bus load of lawyers running off a cliff..


With loud pipes no one can hear you fart..

Bumper sticker..How do you like your change now..

The government does not give a fuck about you, it all about them..

George Carlin  RIP brother..

Life is to short to worry..I'm going riding...


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Road Food,,,Spam or Bacon???

It's an argument that has raged since the horse and buggy days..Well almost that long..what is the best toss it in your bag and ride meat..or sorta meat???

Now let's set the stage..or re-live old rides..You and your favorite band of road tramps just hard pounded a grand worth miles in fourteen hours..your ass hurts..shoulders ache and you have no idea who the wise ass is that decided to sleep in this flea infested rest area..and to top it off your belly is thinking your throats been cut..Diet Coke and half melted snickers bars are looking like dinner when someone in the crowd tosses out a can of of Velveeta shells,,pre made stuff and a yellow onion..It's road gourmet chow time..

Now bacon only works well in the winter..If you stash bacon next to you underwear on a summer ride and don't open the diddy bag for a few days you got a mess..try and explain those skid marks bubba!! But bacon is king gourmet road food when you can keep it from dripping..pull out a pound of bacon after a long hard run you the number one bro for the night..

Now pre ride foods is a toss up..Apple smoked, thick sliced bacon gravy and buttermilk bisquits will get you  a day's praise..but spam frieds with onions, red potato's and eggs rolled in a tortilla can also gain you road food fame..It's a tough question..what rules the road..Spam or Bacon????? I'm headed for breakfast..



Saturday, November 28, 2009

Missing a Gear..

Ya ever miss a gear, no not on the scoot but in life. I have missed a gear over the last couple of months. It's not a bad thing but something experience..

I ride, it is what has driven me to be me since my teens..I just hit 49 a couple of weeks back..Riding and the friends, the lifestyle have given me everything I have wanted through out those years. The last few months were the same yet different. I got some hard riding in this year with some good friends..I reach out and made amends to some old friends..Gypsied life for a month just like the old days..searched for something new and still morn something lost..

I found a place. Not what I was searching for but when I walked in the door it reached out to me..I have found comfort in it..I find myself not riding but enjoying home where home has always been where ever my head landed that night..I find myself sitting on the patio with two fingers of Famous Grouse and cigar watching the dogs play or in front of the fireplace watch old black and white movies, not riding..Everyday like on old drug habit I get the urge but it has been seldom I cave into it..

The Shovel well she understands..her new paint and motor parts are on the shelf above her..She knows this is her year..My painter is dying to get his hands on top end dude calls twice a week asking were her jugs are..This is the year she is getting done to become a local runner..semi retired..gonna replace her for long rides..she is and always will be my girl..Every time I walk past her I think today is the day..

It will happen..thanks for understanding you old oil dripper..


Monday, November 23, 2009

What hell are we thinking..

History 101..what is it called when your government controls the banking system, leading, large portions of private care is next..they are setting earning in private industry..robbing those who create the jobs to give to those who are to fucking lazy to earn their communism..

The Oreo in charge has made it clear were a fucked up country..We are all idiots and have no idea what is good for us..He also knows that to ever have one chance in hell to be re-elected he has to keep the entire welfare state in his pocket..Why do think they keep telling us how many jobs they have created and the unemployment rate keeps climbing..15.7% is the real deal number if you include those who have ran out of benefits..keep them broke and just barley feed them..what a deal..

We the people..the backbone of our once great country have done what we always do..we stood up and battled until the football season started then we just sat in our corner a silence..We shouted and they listened..we stopped and the forged ahead..we a fucking sheep and they boy's in DC understand we cannot sustain our battle, we bow our heads in shame and accept our whippings...

We are losing our country..not a slow take over but a fast and hostile grab..Stand up and speak out..

A pissed off Rat..

Monday, November 16, 2009

Not meant to tread on Rats Toes

but i'm gonna start a blog of my own kinda put up some of my History .

And no before you think yer luck has Changed i'll still be posting on here aswell i just fancied having a pop at this bloggin shit myself

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Old School.....

I had to go to Sactown a few day's back..Went to see a doctor who could cure all that could ever go wrong with you..Using chicken blood, cheap cigars and rum I find out later..well I didn't get the cure so being in the area I decided I would swing into an old bro's shop and see if he had what was needed to cure the shovel..and no I was not looking for C-4..

Shop was still there hidden on a back road, couple of nice Bobbers out in front..Walked in and asked if Dale was around?? The kid behind the counter tells me Dale passed about five years ago and he ad taken over the shop..He was his son..I passed along my condolences and asked a few questions about my old bud..Then it started..

Dale Jr. informs me this is the last old school shop left in the area..So I asked what's old school?? He defined it as the hardcore biker lifestyle...You know man like you and my dad lived..I was sorta baffled at first,,I'm not that old shit..I just ride. Sure there are some unwritten rules we live by and it is a lifestyle but it's one that evolves, changes as life changes...

So for once I might be wrong but in my humble opinion old school is building a bobber or a rat..and has nothing to do with what we do or how we ride..Share your thoughts..and take the pole..LOL...


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Vetrans Day Thoughts...

I remember my day's serving our great country under a presedent who had nothing but distane for the military just like today..I was lucky we were not at war and the oppertunity to use us as cannon fodder to stop the war did not exsist..We got up and did our jobs for the people and the freedoms of Americans but nothing close to those who server today are enduring..

To our active troops and all those who have served..We the American people support and respect what you have done and are doing to keep us free and safe..We stand behind you, cheer your victories and share your pain in defeat..You are the backbone of our freedoms,,please keep the faith...No matter the outcome your are hero's in our hearts...


Friday, November 6, 2009

Little Ricky..devil don't want you..

Get a call from a bro who runs a towing service..Little Ricky went down hard,,it doesn't look good..

Damn I had not talked with him in months..In fact since I sorta took the high road and stopped the serious parting ways we didn't see much of each other, in passing at the shops or dives..runs and such..Life happens and we move on. Leaving a bad thing sometimes costs you a few good the price we pay for what we do..

I can't say when I meet Little Ricky but it was back in the day where riding a Harley made you a rebel and we lavished in the lifestyle..He was little Ricky when I first remember him, the name was a joke..He stands about 6'8" and tipped the scales at over 400 at times..That nasty ass home cooked white poweder had slimmed him down over the years..

We all have something we do in our lives that makes stand out. Ricky is the God of Gas..Ass gas..Captain Pooter..He was proud of his abilities..He saw a moment of silence as an opportunity to share..He could play a wooden bar stool like a fine tuned Fender Strat..He kept notes on what food would produce certain sounds and odors.. He is a sick puppy but aren't we all in some way..

Back to the wreck..They haul Ricky to the trauma center..out cold and beat to shit..Call his wife and tell her she had better hurry it looks a severe head trauma..She's about an hours away and goes like hell to get there..Runs into the trauma ward only to hear Ricky yelling at the top of his lungs...Find me a doctor who can speak english and own a pair of fucking shoe's..I guess the doc was wearing his native sandles..

Sorry Ricky looks like the devil don't want your smelly ass right now..I'll be seeing you soon old son..


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Time to Pre-book the Ambulance

Coz me Kicker Kit for the Harley arrived this morning , i should be ok i mean i last kickstarted a bike in 1984 , so no problems huh....................erm.....

maybe i'll Video my first attempt for all the world to laugh at after i've fitted the thing or more likley i'll fuckup me only good leg and the Ambulance Driver will upload the Video instead

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Holloween Burrito's

  Damn knew better than to eat that 3 pound, lard fried beef and bean belly bomb off the roach coach..Nap is now mandatory before rolling to the Dirty ones Halloween bash..Hour on the couch and I will be back to my  normal state of Ab-Normal..

I wake up riding..foggy and wet facing 3/4 of a wicked orange moon..Can see but not smell, hear but not understand..worlds a little fuzzy..lights flash behind me but but I can't make them out...Suddenly things become clear, there's midgets on mopeds bringing up the rear..I crank on the throttle and grab another gear..

The faster I ride the closer they get, first one I see is an orange haired little shit...Grab another gear it's time to split..Logic does tell that safe this can't be,,racing the fog at a 103..There's a black cat in the road seems to be waiting on me..Grinning a grin that sends chills down my spine...

Now we know that moped won't go 103, so how in the hell did the midgets get beside me..Pumpkins for helmets and big teethe grins..sitting above little pointy chins..ain't got no gears or more throttle to go but one things for certain there are no brakes in this show..

Into the corner with the short shit's in tow..Hard left hand lean the sparks fly off the hog..Midgets are laughing, hey wait that's my dog..riding on top of my red clay lawn frog..Now my stomachs a flipping and flopping in pain,,I'm a wondering if I'm getting farther insane..

All of the sudden out of the blue..the bells and whistles begin to a sound I remember from my near's the door bell you dummy get off the couch fast..Trick or treat mister the goblin did grin..Halloween is upon us let the fun begin..   

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Coming Down..

Coming down off the mountain is alway's a time to think..dangerous I know.. Burgers at my favorite joint are still greasy and half cooked, just the way I like them..The local bands are normally really bad..but who cares..Bikers are now the minority at the place..leather wearing honda drivers have taken over the top goes on..

Gadgets,,do they make our lives better or are they just another of lives little addictions???? Has any of you ever stopped in the middle of a ride and checked your cell phone for no real reason other than your hooked on it like crack??..I'm guilty..Woke up in the middle of the night and logged on the computer and checked you email..damn..just cause you had to know???..

Is there a 12 step program to help end this we really need a GPS to get to the other side of town..What did we do before all these help full devices were chained to our minds..were we all dead ass lost with no one to talk to, text or email???

Well it all something to think about..I got to go..the scheduler on my Blackberry just told me so..and brought up a map of where I should be after checking my email..and programing my dvr...Have a great day...


Friday, October 23, 2009

Rat-a-tics..Freedom of Speech is MIA, Leftwing loonies and more fun subjects

Here we go again..Nobamians have now set the structure for private industry salaries..the trickle down effect will of course impact us,,the minions..Now in a free, capitalist society we may not like what Joe or Jane Doe bring home and we don't but hey if you can sucker some fool into drop a few million a year into your account more power to we are closing in on being sucks but it's happening..hey and guess  what were letting it..speak up damn it..

Liberals  can't stand the fact that right wing radio and news TV empowers America and raise doubt about the path our country is on..So the thing to do is ban it..Well guess what they are trying to pull the plug on Rush Limbaugh's show on the Armed Forces Network..Freedom of speech now only aplies to those who bow down to the new leader of the not quite as free as we were a year ago..Ya and Rush keeping you from buying the Rams may suck but I would hang around a buy a winner bro..

Health Care: I would love to read the bill but the Senate office in charge say's they can't figure out how to post it on the internet..Maybe they should call in Al Gore or is the Egore and have him do it..after all he created the internet..Snippets seems like if you don't like it and don't want it they big brother org. will come in and fine you $3,800 for not having it..and I thought loud pipe tickets sucked..damn..

This whole political thing sucks..might be time to ride off in the sunset with my American Flags flying and handgun in my saddle bag,,they are next on the long list of lost freedom to be taken away..after they pry it from my cold, dead fingers..Ride Safe all..they haven't got to that freedom yet..


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lost book parts and crash was a bitch..lost part of the book and many stories but it is what it is and I'm piecing it back together..enjoy..

Three days of sitting in a forty year old mobile home in the middle of the desert with warm water, solar power unit that works until about ten pm and living on spam, beenie wiennies and stale Marlboro's has got me thinking. I sure wish lizards could talk and scorpions were friendly..roadrunners were slow..No word from the crew and I've had all I can stand it's time to roll..

Three days of sitting in nowhere and letting the mind speculate on the phone call has got me somewhere between worried and little closer to completely nut's..Nobody showed so each new thought train becomes more doom and gloom. Time to take matters down the dirt road.

The shovel is showing about a quart down and a little past dirty. Means I either got to head to Victorville or Bakersfield..Damn choices anyway, south keeps me farther from the heat and North puts me on the edge of it..My instinct tells me head South while the rest of me wants to get in the middle of it and let the chips fall.

Time to ride...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Harley an Nascar

Been single oh the last 3 Years which as given me the chance to build the Bike and also watch what the hell i like on Telly .

Allways wanted to see Nascar Races and now in the UK you can get them live on Supscription channels , fuck paying for that though found a great site though a online forum i'm in . Been a member there for almost 3 years now and if your a Petrolhead its heaven itself any Motorsport with a engine is there uploaded from all over the World

so the last few years i've been able to watch almost every Race and i love it one day i'm hoping to get over there to Talladega and watch the whole goddam race from the infield .

actually thinking about it if i got over there i may never come home got no real ties here and the thought of taking me and Harley over there is summit that plays on my mind a lot

so hell who knows one day eh

lifes great though Harley is sitting here its now covered over a 1,000 miles and the engine has almost stopped arguing with the frame . managed to get out an about a bit in the last few Twilight Days of Summer .

Nights are drawing in here now though only a few more days before the UK clocks Fall back one hour and the days will be short in daylight and the nights colder .

Not gonna rest though still got a few more things to do on the Bike , Theres a Complete Single Fire Ignition System sitting here just waiting till the next paycheck so i can get the Kickstarter Kit allready got my eye on one and next month it'll be here all being well then all i have to do is fit the fucking thing and work out all the wires on the new ignition system , hell i may even post a video of me struggling to kickstart the fucking thing eventually .Also had to de-ball the Levers on the Bars as it was a real struggle getting the bike in an out loads of twists an turns and after the last incident with my old chop where i caught my left hand and busted a finger i thought fuckit lets make life easier so now there shorter and its easier to park , just me being practicall that's all

Also designing a Metal Rack which will be skinned up with leather an just the right size to hold 24 tins of beer that'll fit on the Left hand side , allready have threaded bosses weleded onto the frame for that , kinda planned ahead for that idea so that'll make it a more complete bike as far as carrying all my shit to rallies

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Duct tape, permatex, JB weld and luck..

Had a last summer run I needed to make..the shovel finally showed it's age and got cantankerous..We needed another day to pay respects to a fallen friend and his family.So I put the old dog on the jack and commenced to patch it up for another ride..Broken bolts and metal shavings in the outer primary, a couple of nice sized cracks found in the inner, primary chain looking a little rough..New bolts, JB weld for the cracks, lot's of permatex and my super secret oil mix..were on the road once again..

Now I called the Chief a friend and we were but it's his younger brother Gene who I grew up with..In 1977 the was a mexican uprising at our high school..Me and Gene missed the initial fight, we were hiding out behind Willies burger joint smoking dope at the time..them damn 70's..once we heard what was going down we split and headed to the OC..small town I grew up in and were the instigators of the shit just so happened to reside. We got caught up in the shit and took an ass kick'n that afternoon..six on two and I would love to say we held our own but if we did it was short term..

Being the cool, calm collect person I have always been I got Gene a ride home and went and loaded up the Winchester 870 with some Pheasant load and went hunting..I was sitting in the old chevy van at the back of OC Liquors like it was my hunting blind when out of no place Chief jumps in the van..He looked at me and then the shotgun and say's..Gene told me you would be doing something stupid like this,,get the fuck out of here and go home..I'll deal with the punks..and did I and the punks were dealt with severely from the tales that were told..

I didn't see either Gene or the Chief for a few year..I did the army thing and they kept on logging..When I got back we ran into each other at the local bars and hardcore parties..Gene and the middle brother Lester would come by my place and party from time to time..Then one morning I was awakened by loud pipes and drunk indians..Chief had got in a fight at Les and Lou's..there was damage done and he needed a place to hide out for a couple of days..I said sure.

We got to know each other during those three days..He left late one afternoon and never made it home for 8 years..Manslaughter and a term in Folsom..About four years ago the cancer got him..Indian health care killed him..on September 29th..

I sat up on a nice sunny Sunday afternoon with Lester Sr. (pops) and Gene..and listened..Lester Jr. died in a car wreck 15 years ago..I partied with him and worked with him for a year..good man..Gene has followed in his fathers footstep..He has worked hard to keep the tribal beliefs and traditions alive..Pops explained how the spirit world is divided into two different worlds that at some point after death will become one..warriors who are restless and must wander until they find piece and the common man and believes who are accepted by the earth upon death..He told me that people like me..and like most of the readers of this blog are warriors, restless souls who shun fear..we will have the chance to wonder with his son someday..

Chiefs ashed were spread by the look out..walking distance to my favorite rock..Late in the afternoon me and the shovel both a little worse for wear fired up and headed for the rock..Chief my friend in your wandering stop by my rock..I'm sure you understand him better than I do..Your father was right and someday we will wonder these hill together..Find peace my brother..I have to ride..


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Back in the real world, if one exsists..

Strange how life plays it hand..lets take house hunting..I wanted away, small and all that stuff..I am home now writing my first post from the new place..Little pink houses..well a way to big ranch in an old established neighborhood you can leave your place unlocked..I was driving by when the own was hammering the sign in the ground..stopped, walked through and had to have it..this was last Sunday and I started moving in Wednesday..It's just a nice place in a nice place..I damn near went out and bought some plaid shorts and a polo pullover..LOL..damn near I said..Well the shovel get's to limp home today so let's see how they like me in the morning..

Been a whole year of things that make me go duh..Spent the summer in the tramp mode..bypassed dealing with the health stuff and it's haunting me today..Ms.Dr. Frankenstein wants to go fishing this week..Got to think about it..Missed opportunities and missed romance..Got a couple of long rides in..saw some states and old friends..My bro Chief lost his battle with life..He fought hard just like in his youth..I'll miss ya Bro..

I'm still looking at the grass from the right side..smiling all the way..Things never change they just the old saying goes..Lifes like a shit sandwich, the more bread you got the less shit you have to eat..Ride them hard and put them away wet friends..


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dedication and other ramblings....

Dedication...A few of my bro's had been working on this for some time..Biker protocol must be followed, permissions given and all the other golden rules obeyed..Rednecks Riders have finally evolved and the Rat tips his hat..I'm happy for you brothers,,ride hard and ride free..

I was stuck in a large office for a few hours during the week..while sitting there I got to listen to the gossip that floats around a room when nobody see you..maybe if the whole world could follow the riders guidelines it would be more fun..

Mass Depression was rampant..but I wonder if we bikers experience the same sort of depression..mine comes from going way to fast on open roads and coming across that paved wash that you didn't see until you were in the middle of it..normally experience a thrill sensation with it..Totally depressed is a dead battery at 10pm..

Tension..How tight you chain or belt need to be..or the real killer is when your rolling into the unknown town and notice the speed you pull the clutch to quite the pipes or hope for the best and downshift..

Worn when I can see the air in my tires or the last 50 miles of the 1000 mile day in the saddle..

Confusion..This was a tough one..I always thought confusion was my only working emotion..but now I'm really confused..let's go riding..or the true or black, chrome or black..

Joy..loud pipes, loud friends..long rides, night rides..sunrise or sunset..road food, the smell of gas,oil and road dust..helping a brother or sister in smiling from the back seat..getting the finger...downshifting for effect..setting off car alarms on main paint jobs..overkill..hugs and bugs..dressing the part..parting from the norm..the wave..knowing..


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Fishman,,,Traveling Tramp..

Phone goes off a 5am..Damn what's up with this..I check the screen with a finger hovering over the ignore button(Best thing since penicillin)and see the long lost Fishman must have taken his meds and calmed down..Only been a little over a year since the political rants got the best of him..

Me and the Fishman have had a few biker moments both on two wheel and in life..Carefree living and failure to communicate with those who just don't get it..We sailed his 70 foot boat from San Diego to La Paz where we spent 4 days attempting to find out if you can really hallucinate from drinking mescal..never hit that peak prior to passing out..We rode up to Aberdeen Washington to pick mushrooms only to find out we were a month to rained and snowed all the way home..we laughed out loud all the way back..

I meet the Fishman in about '82..I was racing a little flat track and he was riding in the sidehack flat track..Now anyone who has seen a sidehack flat track race will understand this guy was nucking futs..We had a good time on the circuit that the end I had figured out I was never going to go as fast as the fast guys and the Fishman found out that at 38 hitting fences wasn't much fun...we both walked away but remain friends for all these years..We moved houses together for 10 years until the market went south..

Fishman we a door gunner in Nam..Went in at 17 and popped his cherry and his ear drum in the same week..Stayed in long enough to get hit 4 times and win a bunch of brass..

So todays call went something like this..Hey asshole wake up..I'm sitting at Starbucks dipshit..You see the news????..No I'm reading it on my blackberry..You see what the moron in charge is doing??..No I try to avoid that shit until afternoon..He is going to Copenhagen to try and get the Olympics for Chicago..So...What??SO!!!Troops are dying in our wars, the country is broke..people are fucking jobs...and you say so..

Well Big Fish I told you so didn't I???

See you in Vegas..Fishman..keep the faith..Ride on..


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Street Vibrations, Tranny Vibrations and the old scooters made it home again..

The weatherman said summer was over a few days's noon and 101 degree's..damn fools. Street Vibrations ended before it started. We got a hundred miles or so away before throwing in the towel..The dirty one's pan started draining batterys before we hit Merced..Leaving the local shop the shovel picked up a Vibration,,before we hit Ripon the Tramps 1969 Triumph dropped a piston so we limped into Love's and found it a ride home..About Elk Grove the shovel was shaking pretty good so we pulled into the shop..Damn poor baby dumped a quart of primary oil before I got the jiffy down..LOL..found a pair of lower bolts snapped off at the bottom of the outer cover so went in bent over and got a gasket and a fresh pair of bolts..paid the morgage for the shop in the process..

We popped the old girl open and found enough metal shavings to build a high end honda and knew it was over..Patched her back together and went into Sac for some roast duck and DosXX..Party's over..

Rolled them home slow and easy yesterday..Lot's of oil and laughs..Greasy burgers and almost sudden death in a gas station..I believe the dirty reffered to the moron as a cameltoe with ears..we were riding and it was all good..our oldtimers made it home again..a little TLC in the next few months and they will do it again next year..By then Mondo might have the paint finished on the '02..Ride Free all..


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

so me an Harley had anutha Weekend away

yup i got drunk again met up with a few more friends , Shane said
"hey start it up lets hear wot it sounds like"

so i did and Harley must've had a long night aswell or summit coz it fired up but sounded lazy as fuck and i loved the sound it was making

hmmmmmm got home Sunday Afternoon got the video camera out and fired the bike up would the fucker sound the same nope , fucked about with the idle screw i'd get it to go lazy walk away to start the camera and the fucker would wait till i just about pressed the button on the vid cam an go back too sleep..fukker !!!

so eventually after a few attempts and being my diplomatic self and not cursin the bike (too much or too loudly in case it heard me) i got that lazy offbeat sound i heard at the rally on tape

god that noise makes all the hairs on my neck stand up its amazing

somehow i reckon Harley was idling at roughly 280-300 rpm you can just about count 4 beats a second

and before you ask nope i'm not stupid enuf to let the engine idle like all the time

i still wake up each morning with the biggest smile as i catch a eyefull of Harley right across from me in the room

i'm guessing this is what true love is all about lol

oh yeah here's one of the Tee-shirts i got sent by Rat an mq01 a while back been out to 3 different events an wore one of the 3 each time , i guess i'll need some more tee-shirts to choose from soon , no that ain't a subtle hint for more shirts to be sent lmao

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The death of a laptop....

I knew it was coming, it ran slower and missed more shifts than the shovel ever did..Been house hunting in El Nido, Raymond, Jamestown, Twain Harte..Sonora, Three Rivers, Lemon Cove, Badger, Phelan, Rosamond and Solvang..Found one today riding through a littlle berg on the way back to see the boys..More to come..Back to the laptop..Been back firing and sputtering for a couple of years I guess..Hell it had more miles on it than 98% of the rides at bike night..Went black on me a week or so ago so I waited a day and hit the reset button..It blew more smoke out the rear ports than a 1971 Hodaka Wombat..I knew it was over..So here I sit trying to break in a new one..about all I saved was emails and I got some healthy ones..

I'm going to share one from a sorry little punk who didn't have the spine to post it in the public forum..


Your blog should be called 2 racist bastards or be banned from the site. Your Total disrespect for the President is a disgrace to all Americans. You should be locked up for treason. If we ever cross paths I have something for you.

Bob Earl
Kansas City Mo.

Dear Mr. Earl,

Please keep your limp wrist gay tendencies in Kansas. When I awakened today I was in a country that openly allows freedom of speech and expression. I understand that in your narrow view only applies to liberals and those far to the left in the party of asses..who are working diligently to undermine our constitution and end the way of life as we know it..It's not working if you have failed to notice due to those who are willing to speak out and stand up for what they believe in and what is our constitutional right. So in closing if you feel the urge to respond due so in the public forum..Pussy..


This shit's getting ugly friends but speak out and be heard before we have these lowlife in the drivers seat..Be America..I'm going to watch the 49ers and play with my boys..see if I can figure out this new laptop and relax..Enjoy..ride safe..


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finally a Weekend away

Needed to do some Shakedown miles on the Harley . Weds night i rode it into the recovery van rolled over to the relief drivers house said to him hey mate we've got one on board usually that signals he has a job waiting , then i said no rush it's mine . Short stop at his digs for a Coffee then i rolled the Harley out of the Truck Gareth just said Ride Safe and off i went for a Short 20 odd mile hop back to my local watering hole . Couple of pints then put the Harley to bed in the Living room.

Following Morning rolled it out again and off i went no direction or idea's just needed miles under the wheels to see whats gonna vibrate loose and fall off , these damm EVO engines get the hump when you rigid mount em the Rubber Mounted previous frame would let the motor bounce and jump around in the frame not anymore now all the vibes are felt through me and it wasn't that bad

Took the Harley out on various roads , stopped after 50 miles walked round the bike whilst having a smoke to see if anything was missing nope hit her up and rode some more , ended up down at a coastal pub thats bike friendly had a chat sunk a pint then off again

finally after 120 miles i got home only needed to tighten up the bars so all in it was a good day

Friday came the proper test had to figure out how the hell i was gonna strap my tent and doss bag on for the weekends rally , across the bars everything went then a big ol courier bag carried me cooker , food and other basic stuff

Anutha goood ride to the Rally rolled her in found a decent spot and put the tent up after that it was hello liver time for some beer abuse for the next two days an nights , catchin up with friends i only see at rallies people slapping me on the back saying how much they like the bike , oh and borrowing a few tools as know the bars where tight the goddam riser bolts ad worked loose still the bike needs a while to settle in and eventually the engine will stop being a b'stard and settle in its new frame right now its just arguing with the frame and running parts a bit me i'm enjoying the ride

love the pic above the late summer sun is low in the sky early evenings now and i just managed by luck to get a decent shot of the bike basking in all its glory watching the world go by

It better get used to the view i'm away this weekend to anutha rally aswell

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rep. Joe Wilson, Rat's man of the week,,,let's ride..

Rep. Joe Wilson Has shown the Rat man there is one honest political figure left..You know there is time to call a spade a spade..Keep up the good work Joe..We get labeled racists for not falling in behind the commie scheme to end America as we know it...It has nothing to do with color and everything to do with being an American and loving our freedom..That's right Guns, choices and the right to express yourself..Thanks again Joe...

Who ordered the rain in the bay area..Left Sonora at 3am Saturday heading to Walnut Creek..Got the 02' almost right it's going to Mondo for new paint in the morning..Pics when it is Ratted out..Back to the story..

Pulled into the TA Truck stop in Santa Nella at around 5:30am meet TS and his soon to be trade bait sporty for some coffee as the sprinkes and lighting bounced around us..Walking through the place I had a strange thing happen..this raggedy dude walks by and says excuse I pass him he say's and fuck you very much too..It took me a second to figure it out and as I turned to eyeball the dude he is working his next victim..I had to laugh..The place serves up a damn good buffet if your passing through..

Couple of hours of rain and lighting then a damn fine ride into Walnut Creek..TS is aboard a new Street Glide and we spent the day putting around the area visiting some bro's in Oakland and Martinez..a night in Pittsburg and a day of riding back to the valley..

Thanks TS..I could do a road glide..rock on bro..


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sept. 11

Hard to believe how fast the years go by since the Twin Towers toppled and for a short time we were a country united. I was sitting back having my morning coffee and watching MSNBC before they became a platform for liberal politics and we didn't have fox news yet. A buddy called me it must of been 6:30 am and asked if I was watching the news..Seconds after the call I watched the second plane hit tower two...

I remember the goosebumps, fear and anger..Outrage and emptiness..I stayed home and watched the TV the whole day and like most of Americans in total disbelief..

Today I am feeling disbelief over the direction my country is heading. We have a group of elected morons who despite the will of the people are taking the country in a direction we do not wish to go..Speak up and be heard my friends..


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Thunder is the Sun ..#1

Sixteen hours of hard ass riding to get to this god forsaken hole. Left Santa Fe with a single Franklin in my pocket and a pair of skinny saddle bags. Figured I was dogmeat outside Tuscon when the redlights and horns came up behind me. Thanks to the sweet blond going ninety in the Audi I’m still rolling. After thirty years of hard riding I thought I was ready to put some grass under my feet and relax. Not yet, not today anyway..

Got a call from a bro, shit hit the fan you need to roll. Looked around my new digs and heard the “You should be out looking for a job” and understood it was time to ride. She was sweet up to the time we started playing house. I be right back I’m just heading to Cal for a few days..See ya..

Our operation had been up and running for sixteen years. It started out as a payback and grew from there. Simple and straight forward just like our quite motto. Sometimes you have to break the law to do the right thing..It’s went from game plans scribbles on a dirty napkin to full blown computer enhanced arrangements. Damn the things that go through your head after to many hours of riding..

Rosamond and the hide away in the high desert are an hour away. Time for some answers. My bodies throbbing and my mind keeps going the wrong direction. The hot deserts, truck stop corndogs, lack of sleep and the need to hard throttle have taken their toll but I have a feeling today is far from over..

A short from chapter #1...part 2 coming soon..


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Red, we all know one..

We all have a friend or know someone named Red..I know four of them..Red #3 is a cowboy, real life makes his living working cows. I'm looking for a shack and he has some stuff in strange spots so I called him yesterday and asked if he had anything open..He say's ya..I branding in the morning outside Gustine why don't come by..I got direction and a good nights sleep..

About 4am I'm sitting back and a thought came to me..I have a friend who I have never rode with..we talked about riding to nowhere and the in between to nowhere was Andersons Split Pea soup in Santa Nella..So instead jumping in the truck I got acquainted with the Shovel and took the high road to 33..and had that missed breakfast from the past..It only left me hungry..

Now I had never pounded any pavement in the back roads of Los Banos..If your looking for some sights, sneaky frickin corners..cows and cruise..Jump off I-5 in Santa Nella and head west on Henry Miller Rd..Take a left on Treasure Island and ride..just go..Don't stop at Red #3's spead unless your wanting to work..After about 20 years not riding and roping by noon the score was Rat-2 and the little cows -17..No shack but a 120 year old adobe if I want it..

The ride renewed and reinvigorated..Got the urge to write...11 chapters down in the Rat book..No stories just some biker lore with a twist..I'm going to try a readers digest a chapter or two and post them..Writing started out so easy until one day I drew a blank..So here I sit..see ya..


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wow, what a ride

Some of the wildest rides in life don't require a key or a start button. Been on one for the last couple of weeks..House was in escrow for six months and in the last few hours the RE calls and say's it's done..I had made some wild demands on the last extension, no nothings and all the dough..I got what I was hoping I didn't..So I'm a homeless Rat..LOL

First though was I am moving out of California so we flew off to the Big Easy..Looked at a few really cool 3rd story flat in a 1700's Tara type mansion..Did the harley rental and went to Galveston..Can't see myself with a Texas tag..Rented a car and hit the Florida west coast..Found a place with a bomb shelter..super cool if you date the undead or vampires..

So here I sit, living in a hotel and back in California..where after searching I am staying..we got it all except low prices..Hey you can buy some cool shit in the south for a quarter of what we pay for it here..but you don't have the mountains, deserts, beaches or weather..I got to ride..

So off to find a shack today..should of not rented out the condo..Oh well I'm back and going riding..see ya..


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Passed the final test Today

If fits indoors , finally after 119 long Days i'm gonna get a Decent nights Sleep me an Harley say thanks to everyone for yer good wishes and support

all up i reckon i came close too chucking $10,000 into this bike its a complete one off

Uk Prices are way over the Top no one makes the General stuff so its all imported into the UK which adds to the prices over here

course all the frame and metal fab work was Handled by Joe at Fenlands Choppers he also sorted out all the Powedercoating and the wiring

the Bike is fucking tiny and so much lighter now .

got a few more things planned for the Future

for now though as i sit here typing i can't wipe this shit eating Grin i have on my face , its actually better looking in metal sitting here than on photographs i'm so goddam happy i may explode

its a crap pic Weather here has been fucking awfull all day but nothing can wipe the smile off my face

me an Harley are gonna bugger off to its maiden Rally on the 11th-13th Sept time to show the bike off as far as i'm concerned there's no better looking Bike in the goddam World and its all mine my Last bike , but it seems to me i've saved the Best one too Last yehaa

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Its Alive

bike is running

Monday, August 24, 2009

couple of more Pics of the Build

slowly but surely its getting there 

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Morning Storming, riding with a reason..

Sun ain't up yet and the night was long..Got something that needs done..Words out the there is going to be heat but we have to make the move today. Strapped the scooter down last night, everything accept the stuff that can make or break today..Step into the closet and find the right one, fuck it I'm packing all three, you only live once..

Rolled up up the meet area just as the sun started raising it's fiery head..The gangs all here, strapped to the gills and ready for what ever goes down..I see the round up up signal so here it goes, been awhile since I felt this way..Roll too damn hard up the freeway to the little turn way in, one way out..Damn..

As we throttle up the the winding road I wonder what we will find on the other side of the hill..Half a mile out we see the first CHP..he stares us down but waves us through..I count 10 CHP cars a few Sheriffs and some local motor cops..I see a couple of other hard riding groups broke off in their own area's..Looks like it will go down soon,,go let's get the party started..

We circle and park..I see Fabian give a wave..The little bald man is still here and I know what I have to do..Reach in the bag and pull one out, this is for you Fabian old buddy..I walk up and slide it out from behind my back..Harley bear for my friend..Were surrounded by the baddest, toughest people on the planet..Cancer Kids..come on Fab I'll take you for a ride..Then we can have some pigs in a blanket..fitting..

We promised we would be back and we made it, for those still here I stay tough, for those who made it home, be blessed..for those who didn't make it I shed a tear for you today...your smiles will be mine forever kids..thank you for your inspiration..


Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Show, oh no not again..

The little L calls me yesterday afternoon and tells me they still have tickets for the Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp and Willie Nelson show in Fresberg if I'm Game Dirty and Maria will go..Been years since I did an outside event and the only date I had with L was a John Cougar concert outside..Why not I'll be at the house in an hour..I have had a blast the last few weeks and know it is winding down..L's here a few days a week taking care of mom and moms fading..She has a business and a significant other to go home to..we have become buddies and best friends..or best shoulders..lived like we were 18 without the hangups...memories..

The show was a parking right by the gate..small venue with no bad seats..lot's of room to boogie on the baseball field..I still think Dylan does All Along the Watchtower better then anybody..Whiskey River, Mamma's don't let your baby grow up to be cowboy's and Angel flying to Close to the Ground were great from Willie..The Dirty One two stepping was one for the books..Mellencamp was as good as gold..I Fight Authority was a tattoo on my mind damn near 30 years ago..All's well and the creek don't rise it will be on my arm with a new twist in the morning..

After the show we were pumped with adrenaline, still had shuffling feet and our bellies were thinking are throats had been cut..So we hard throttled it to Selma for the best damn late night burritos and a little end of summer planning..Looks like a fly and ride to New Orleans..The Dirty One has only been out of state twice..Jumbo in the French Quarter, Cuban Sandwiches in Tampa and Shrimp in Key West..Let's see..

Saturday morning head to the shop..nothing to do but the morning rides tend to calm the day..Dealing with a valley full of smoke from the coast fires..I roll in and cell is quacking..Don't know the number and normally would skip it on the weekend but for some reason I hit the green button..Hey Cuz..I'm before you go off on me it was for the last time I promise..Now we were like brothers growing up..took my first long ride with him when we got out of the military..Talked him into pissing on an electric fence..well tricked him into it..Was driving the car when he kissed the transvestite.."Stop the car, this mother fucker has balls" silence on the rest of the drive home until I had to speak up.."Hey, How do you feel about french kissing guy's"..Ya we go back.. smart or was, nuclear wielder in the Navy..Good job and a wife when he got out..One day the Goddess of Heroin grab him and has never let go..The last 23 years he has spent about 17 of them in prison..He has stolen from everyone he knew..worked for or could..I walked away from him 10 years back..I tried but there is nothing mortal man can do once the needle has you..It's all from inside and Jimbo I hope you have found the inner strength to succeed..Like I said Cuz if your still walking the streets in a me back..

Saturday night ride and BBQ at the Rat's..come on by and sit a spell..See ya


Thursday, August 13, 2009

First bike night and some rat-a tics..again..

Made a hard choice after weeks of mulling it over..Favorite BBQ joint just kicked off a bike night..Me and the Dirty One have been tossing the idea around and finally we decide why not..So we pull in to the parking lot and it looks like a world war two revenge scene..I have never witnessed so many jap bombers parked in one place..So we find what looks to be a cuddy free area and toss down the jiffy's..Just as I'm completing my after a hot ride male adjustments and pulling off the not so legal lid I see movement from the corner of my eye. The old dude is walking away from his magna with his out of the bottle blond bringing up the rear..He struts by and stared down the shovel..Look over with his goofy grin and asks "Hey is this an old shovelhead, do you ride it?" Now I should have known something like this was bound to happen..I politely reply..No the fucking oil leaks and blue pipe are from pushing it..Unfazed he turns towards Dirty's Pan..Before he could do it again Dirty ask's him..Hey that's an old blonde,,you still ride it??? Well our bike night was over we headed out for greasy taco's at this joint where they don't ask dumb question..until after 10pm or so anyway..

This week in Rat-a-tics..Health care, the American people speak and the stupid are confused..Let's start with a question..What do you call a lawyer who can't make it in private practice??? Mr.President, Senator or congressmen..Let's cover some accomplishments of our government..

They can't run a post office..
They have spent all the social security money for the next trillion years already.
Medicare is so fucked up they can't fix it..

Our Government has over stepped it's bounds by investing in the private sector,,Banks, insurance companies, car makers..Now they want to have total control of our lives by controlling health care..Americans are speaking out, it is what our nation was built on..Freedom to question our elected officials..Where the talking heads are telling you this is a GOP plot to hurt the Prez..Well from a Rats view what I see is not party lines..It's me and you, it our friends and enemies..the dude down the street and Grandma..Speak up on this one,,See ya..


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Update on the Bike Build

Supposedley it'l be on the Road by the end of this month which'll be handy as i'm 50 on August 31st  

Headlight Shell will be black , them Gay looking Blingy fucking grips are temparary and as you all know the Bars will be Different 

more updates as and when 

Monday, August 10, 2009

Post 100..The Dirty one interviews the Rat..The Movie..

Dirty: So you have been making movies..Tell me about them..

Rat: Two Rat Bastards Productions have been secretly working on a few short movies..As you know, your in them..

Dirty: Tell me about don't park there..

Rat: I is a dark comedy based on 3 bikers, a black care giver and a quadriplegic parking in the normal people spaces..It was done in fun but so far reaction have been less than friendly,,been puked on and had a purse swung at me..

Dirty: I have seen the film and feel it would draw a diverse reaction..I think Bill O'Rielly would hunt you down and beat your ass..

Rat: Bill's a little old but looks like he can handle himself still..To anyone outside the actors it may look bad,,your wife shooting the movie with my Blackberry and screaming call the cops didn't help..

Dirty: Ya she should win an award for that one..So you going to put it up..

Rat: I'm thinking that Raghead bikers at 7/11 or Can I help you might be a better way to test the water..Ragheads are still a good target..and if you ride a Harley you should find humor in Can I help you..It's a what,,Bubba come on out here and check this thing out..He called a Yondododo or something..

Dirty: You might want to not call them Ragheads..

Rat: Dude you made a great Raghead..all you needed was a camel..well after the goat deal in our youth I was thinking live animals were a bad idea..

Dirty:You better not fucking write that..why you so weird dude????..

Rat: is that a question????

Dirty: Ya Fucker let's here why your so strange..

Rat: First off I would say it comes from the people I hang with..Second it could be something to due with caffeine levels..Third it is from lost brain cell working on your bike in the shit hole you call a ever clean that dump??

Dirty: Hey, I'm asking the question here..Why does you bike leak so much oil??..

Rat: During the last rebuild I poked holes in all the gaskets so morons like you could ask stupid questions and feel good about themselves doing so..and I ride it till a fails and duct tape will no longer work..

Dirty: We have had fun, lost friends, made friends, got in jams and got out of them..We have broke the law and still do but to a smaller been in the shit a few times..If you could start over what would you do..

Rat: The life and lifestyle I wouldn't change a thing..Some of the people through the years I would change the way things turned..Some I would have used a little bigger pistola on..

Dirty: So it's been a good thing???..

Rat: You know what Bro..Who would have ever figured..I'm sitting here with a dirt bag who has two great sons I Harvard..A doctor and a lawyer..shit..I have what I need to survive and more..still got some miles to ride, smiles to smiles and movies to make..Let's ride Dirty One..I smell grilled onions cooking..Number 100 in the books,,many more in the works..See Ya..


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dirt parking lots, 25 years later..

Busted our ass yesterday, breaking concrete and installing electrical for a bro..The damn things we do for fun right..After 12 hours of sweat and blood we got it closed up and one of the gang say's hey has anyone been to Les and Lou's in the last hundred years..Let's do it..

Les and Lou's in the day was the place to ride in and hang..Off the beaten path and away from John law..Back in the 80's you could find 60 to 80 rides in the lot on any Saturday night...Lot's good times, good fights, jukebox boogie's and hangovers..

So we roll up around 8pm..might be ten rides in the parking lot and I know 3 or 4 of them..Me and the dirty one stroll in first and ramble to the bar..Got that hardcore foot dragging swagger working..Mostly due to the exhaust burn from doing exactly what I said I would never do and taking a test ride in shorts and flip flops..I hate the smell of my own flesh burning..back to the story..I signal the bartender over..Give a fucking Shirley Temple and keep the damn cherry..He looks for a second like he had been hit in the nuts with a cattle prod..Must of been a first..I don't drink and ride so there..

We grab up a table and the girls head to the Rock-Ola..out of the corner of my eye I see a human blob either strolling or rolling our way..Tiny,,all 5'6" and 450lbs of him..Poor guys ass can totally hide the back end of his Dyna..Long time no see..we start trading stories when ZZ Topps starts blasting "Under Pressure" out..The night was young..

Learned a few lessons through the night..I can shoot just as bad a game a pool sober as I could drunk..Cutting the rug is more fun sober..Drunks are still drunks..Meth steals beauty and ruins lives..and it still runs rampant in the crowds..Pretzels must taste better with beer..Dirty, nasty hole in the walls are back on the favorite list..Watching the sun come up with friends before you go to bed is the perfect ending to a biker boogie night..I have a couch calling..see ya..


Friday, August 7, 2009

Cheap parts from Hell...

Me and the shovel had our first spat in years..The old dog left me stranded late at night at the cigar shop..Went in and grab a few fine fake cubans and went out to roll back to the shack..A sputter then nothing..Damn..

Every year I buy a new battery, this year it was a got to have it today Sunday morning rush..So I hit wally world and they were out of 1979 Shovelhead batteries..they were on order from the battery place in Dayton China..So the next best option is Kragen cause there ain't no bike shops open on Sunday in frick'n Orosi Californacation..So I grab the top of the line cheap battery and off I went, for four months anyway..Damn new battery died..

To late to fix it..Roll it across the street to Greg's Place and thumb a ride home..Damn it this is the first time since last week I didn't get to break the new community rules and ride in after 10pm..Guess I will have to do and early and a late this week to make up for it..

Next morning grab the multi meter and spare battery from the shop plus all the little switches and shit that all true shovel freaks keep on hand..Call the dirty one who is still living La Vida Loca and unemployed..If he starts trying to buy us lunch with food stamps he's out of here..We roll in and get to work..pull the seat stick the meter on the batt..13 volts, turn on the key, 4.2 volts..bad new battery, put the spare sporty batt in the hole and bolt it up..she fires right off..I'm sorry darling for ll the bad things I said last night..please forgive me..

Got a warranty on the junk so we walk in to be meet by the 19 years old master mechanic with a life time of experience in high school auto shop..I'm betting he ate the book..Sir may I help you..Sure give me a new battery and don't call me sir..well I need to test this one first..13 volts this battery is fine..OK Jr..put a load on it..4.2 volts..Sir,,I mean mister it might be your charging system..Jr...I been playing this game long before the better part of you ran down moms leg..14.7 volts 2200 rpms..I got my new battery..

Went back and stuck it in..nice, slow and carefully..the battery damn fools..and fired it up..were riding again..happy and the shovel is now known as Sir Shovel..I mixed up a fresh batch of Rat's special slow leaking sticky trans juice and filled it up..Hey it's 5:30 pm Friday night,,were riding..see ya.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Greed, Commitment and the Unknown

Mid May in the mid 80's...Been building automated machines and staying pretty much on the low side..Got the pan frame hanging in the spare bedroom, motor split between the coffee table and the dinning room..Thursday night decided to skip out on the after work bar stop and see about finding the bottom of the table and getting the motor done..

About 9 the phone rings..Pick it up and it's Crockett..did some long deliveries for him last year..Drop a car off in Dallas and another in Houston..Don't ask, don't want to know just hammer down and get it done..This ones a little different, gas station outside of there at 3pm Saturday, trade an envelope for the package..Leave..drop the envelope in Roseburg a Jammer and Big john..Only wheels I got is the bike..Crockett just says meet me in Stockton Friday afternoon..5g's in the deal half up front..Greed..

Friday afternoon pack the FXST and hope the new motor stay's together..Spun the cam bearings under warranty and the local shop dropped the new evo two in..Did a little cam work and no charge..damn remember those days..Head to the truck stop to meet Crockett..Pull in and there he sits.. big man did two tours in 'nam with with Big John..Just like this deal I never asked cause I may not want to know..He climbs out and hands me a 10" bar bag and say's that away you can always see it..hands me some cash and the ramp to get off at..Two dudes, an envelope..don't fuck around when the deals done, get on the road to Johns..See ya..Commitment

Nice ride through the night..a little jittery..partly induced and partly not knowing..Hours of riding your mind tends to wonder..Seen a lot of movies about deals gone wrong..had a couple go wrong but on my turf..strange land here..About 10am the sky opens up in buckets..No time to stop so I just keep rolling..I hit the station about 1:30 am and found a dry spot..Now I had pretty much convinced myself in the 16 hours on the road the deal was going to go wrong..I pull the saddle bags off and head to the can..Pull the little Star 5 shot 45acp out and lock and load..sweet pocket gun not much bigger than a into the pocket of my new Heine Grecke jacket and hope I don't have to blow a hole on the coat.I wait and hour seemed like a life time.Unknown..

Three pm roll in and I don't see any caddies full of goons, in fact the first car to pull in is a 1972 Delta 88..beat to shit and out hope to dirty looking hippie dudes about my age..He man you got my stuff..smiling a stupid way to stoned smile..Ya you got mine..Oh ya here man..I hand them the bag..Number two asks if I want to count it..No dude if it is not all there I am sure the next thing you will feel is pain..It still pouring but it don't matter..I'm out of here..I want to be rid of the envelope as bad as the bag..

I hit John and Jammers about 7:30 pm..I was wound tighter than a kick start spring on 1937 Indian Chief..I wanted Jack and lot's of it..John and Jammer were always good hosts and we drank ourselves silly..I drank my nerves back to normal..simple job and a way overworked mind..I got two days to cruise home..and a pocket full of Ben Franklins to get me there..It was my last haul, Crockett just sort of disappeared..Jammer told me years later that he packed up to some tiny island with a few million in cash..She started to tell me what he was moving and I stopped her..don't want to know............


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Country Roads, back roads to sanity..

Sun coming up this morning..started out as a breakfast ride and turned into a morning..I have been asked why I stay in the valley well I guess having roads to ride that entice me is a reason. I can go any direction to find a ride to pleasure. I finds happiness and solitude in the back roads to nowhere..

Small one lane roads that wind through the foothills..Nothing but me and the wind for miles..

Hundreds of miles of road less traveled..Places forgotten by the masses and those who have no time to reach out to the past..No fast lanes, passing lanes..Cattle guards and grazing herds..wild turkeys and rattle snakes..rule..I find each turn on the winding road a new beginning to a life long adventure..

Valleys, tree's and the lone Roadrunner..

My place, My space..My peace...


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Commies everywhere, The Amercan way of life getting flushed..

With Commandant Noboma taking the lead his minions are crawling out of the slime to follow the leader. Never thought it would happen in back fucking woods California..Much to my surprise it was taped to my door upon returning from some morning freedom. Nothing like firing up the shovel before the sunrise and riding until it's to hot to handle..maybe take a nap and do it again when the sunsets..Hell I'm free, white and over 21..Bad combination these days..

So taped to my door are 10 pages of rules and regs posted by the new homeowners association..we will shorten the assholes for future reference..First eye catcher was no loud noises after 8pm or before 8am,,including cars, trucks and motorcycles..No parties or gatherings outside of your home after 9pm..No loud dogs,,fucking cat's are fine..I see gato taco's on the grill..LOL..No fences or landscaping without approval..No signs in public view without approval..No scratching your nuts in the backyard..well you get the point..

So after intently reading this conglomerated afterbirth of a liberal cluster fuck piece of shit and seeing one of the commie assholes was my new neighbor I decide it was time to visit..We have meet during his whining about most of the above..Pedro "My Friends call me Pete" is a school teacher..go figure..and just happened to be playing kickball with his kids..I know they call it soccer but how unAmerican can you get..So being calm, cool and collect I yell over "Hey you commie fucking moron what the fuck is this shit" Oh..Pedro..Well he picks up his gay ball like it's a gun or a bomb and slinks over..Oh That, it's for the good of the community..

So it ends up Pedro and two more of the local up skirt nosebleed libs decided nobody in our neighborhood knew what was good for them and they decided to take steps to make this a better place to live..and went on the inform me this is all legal and they have the right to sue for compliance..and I need to get that bike I'm working on out of sight..Fuck you as I turned to walk away in disgust..I think I am going to buy a paintball gun..

So there it is we have been overtaken by commies..but the war has just begun..I have only began to fight..who said that anyway..So anyone in the area we are having a ride out from my place at 7pm Friday night returning at 10pm for a BBQ, free drinks and a 4am ride to country waffles for breakfast Saturday morning..Same thing Saturday night with a sunrise ride to Santos's for barbacoa and corona Sunday morning..7 to 10 pm rides everynight with sunrise rides whenever you like..If you need a place to work on your bike come on by, leave it as long as you like..old cars welcome too..Fucking Commies..go figure..Now I got to go finish airbrushing my 4'x8' go fuck yourself lawn sign..flames and all..


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The three little piggy's, philosphy of a biker..

Had a couple of the boys and the much better half's over last night to feast on a chunk of wild boar ass..I got him while shooting squirrels with the 300mag..Nother I tossed about 22 pounds on the grill and smothered it in my own concoction sauce..Just a whiff for you, honey, habanero's, mango and orange juice...over mesquite wood for about 12 hours..good stuff.A short ride for a cool off, BR mint chip shake then sitting around on the patio after it dropped below 110, around 9pm we started talking biker and lifestyle..

I have known the dirty one for most of my riding life..we have got in some shit, legal, not so legal and damn good thing we never got caught..Most of it happened in our younger days but we still have a tendency to talk the talk..still laugh about past jaunt's to the darkside..I have known his better half about as long..She still can't believe what we have done and only knows half of it I would venture to guess..I have known to tall for a short time but he has been there whenever he was needed..and I can say I have done the same..

What makes bikers a breed it we are a brotherhood "including sisters" of risk takers..We all ride different..some real safe and some hammer down..We all know the risk every single time we pull out of the garage..It makes us different and bonds us..Could it be the shared quest for freedom??? I'm free when I ride..long or short I feel it..

The dirty one claims nothingness..The seat is the only place he finds total relaxation and comfort..He also shares the same line of thinking as the Rat and to tall..brotherhood and bonding between bikers makes us a breed apart..

To Tall's riding is the rush, invigoration of the soul..riding lift's him above daily problems..worries and helps give him perspectives and solutions..He fucking thinks to much me think..but what ever works for him..

For me biking has evolved through the years..I still have most of the few close friends I rode with years ago,,those who have been lost still ride with me today..The want I had and suffered with to be a biker at 16 has bobbed and weaved through my expectations during the many years in the saddle..Riding hard, riding slow, finding love and losing it, friends and foes have made life's early choices something I cherish..I never wish to turn back time but I daily hope to find that turn I missed or the road I have never traveled..I think it becomes if you have to ask you will never understand..

I got a slab of sourdough and some greasy ass pig waiting..things I have missed please share with all..see ya..


Monday, July 27, 2009

Wrenching. riding and a farewell...

The flying Tangerine officially left home yesterday for New York..I have no idea how it did it but it somehow left a 120 foot burnout mark in front of my house..damn it was fun..Goodbye old buddy..You can almost see the bike in front of it..Arlen Ness signed Victory..funny looking thing that had saddle bags about the same size as the cup I wore playing high school football..

Spent the weekend washing, clearing, wrenching and changing stuff..I have always found wrenching to be almost as relaxing as riding. To me half the biker experience has come from the building, repairing and changing..Got a new toy in the driveway that needed a make from the shop, storage and friends made it pictures till it is 100% then we can do a before and after..

The shovel has been going through 30 year old Harley menopause..Shakes and vibrates at times, hot and cold flashes, oil pressure is up then down..starts on first kick or won't start unless I talk nice to it, mood swings..runs good then backfires for 15 minutes..So I decided to try and get it through this stage by giving it some new plugs and points, a little airbrushing where the battery acid had ate up her paint..cleaned her carb and polished her pipes..She seems to have shaken her bad shit attitude for now..Might even take her to Big Bubba's bike night and see if we can win a rat trophy..

So riding was limited, the transporter took three days to get here from Frisco..I was elbow deep in three bikes hoping the parts didn't start was smoking hot but I was cool with it..wrenching is part of what makes me do what I do..that's riding..ride on friends..