Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dedication and other ramblings....

Dedication...A few of my bro's had been working on this for some time..Biker protocol must be followed, permissions given and all the other golden rules obeyed..Rednecks Riders have finally evolved and the Rat tips his hat..I'm happy for you brothers,,ride hard and ride free..

I was stuck in a large office for a few hours during the week..while sitting there I got to listen to the gossip that floats around a room when nobody see you..maybe if the whole world could follow the riders guidelines it would be more fun..

Mass Depression was rampant..but I wonder if we bikers experience the same sort of depression..mine comes from going way to fast on open roads and coming across that paved wash that you didn't see until you were in the middle of it..normally experience a thrill sensation with it..Totally depressed is a dead battery at 10pm..

Tension..How tight you chain or belt need to be..or the real killer is when your rolling into the unknown town and notice the speed you pull the clutch to quite the pipes or hope for the best and downshift..

Worn when I can see the air in my tires or the last 50 miles of the 1000 mile day in the saddle..

Confusion..This was a tough one..I always thought confusion was my only working emotion..but now I'm really confused..let's go riding..or the true or black, chrome or black..

Joy..loud pipes, loud friends..long rides, night rides..sunrise or sunset..road food, the smell of gas,oil and road dust..helping a brother or sister in smiling from the back seat..getting the finger...downshifting for effect..setting off car alarms on main paint jobs..overkill..hugs and bugs..dressing the part..parting from the norm..the wave..knowing..


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FLHX_Dave said...

I got my $100 bucks! Let me in!

I got a kick out of this. It still always amazes me that a group can command and control organizations outside of what most people see. There is still respect amongst those groups for the most part.

I'm still laughing at the biker stress crap you put up...only because it is pretty much on target.