Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dirt parking lots, 25 years later..

Busted our ass yesterday, breaking concrete and installing electrical for a bro..The damn things we do for fun right..After 12 hours of sweat and blood we got it closed up and one of the gang say's hey has anyone been to Les and Lou's in the last hundred years..Let's do it..

Les and Lou's in the day was the place to ride in and hang..Off the beaten path and away from John law..Back in the 80's you could find 60 to 80 rides in the lot on any Saturday night...Lot's good times, good fights, jukebox boogie's and hangovers..

So we roll up around 8pm..might be ten rides in the parking lot and I know 3 or 4 of them..Me and the dirty one stroll in first and ramble to the bar..Got that hardcore foot dragging swagger working..Mostly due to the exhaust burn from doing exactly what I said I would never do and taking a test ride in shorts and flip flops..I hate the smell of my own flesh burning..back to the story..I signal the bartender over..Give a fucking Shirley Temple and keep the damn cherry..He looks for a second like he had been hit in the nuts with a cattle prod..Must of been a first..I don't drink and ride so there..

We grab up a table and the girls head to the Rock-Ola..out of the corner of my eye I see a human blob either strolling or rolling our way..Tiny,,all 5'6" and 450lbs of him..Poor guys ass can totally hide the back end of his Dyna..Long time no see..we start trading stories when ZZ Topps starts blasting "Under Pressure" out..The night was young..

Learned a few lessons through the night..I can shoot just as bad a game a pool sober as I could drunk..Cutting the rug is more fun sober..Drunks are still drunks..Meth steals beauty and ruins lives..and it still runs rampant in the crowds..Pretzels must taste better with beer..Dirty, nasty hole in the walls are back on the favorite list..Watching the sun come up with friends before you go to bed is the perfect ending to a biker boogie night..I have a couch calling..see ya..



B.B. said...

Great post. It's always cool to go back somewhere you haven't been in a long time. Makes you realize how we all change even if we can't see it while it's happening.

ratone said...

It was different, fun and a learning about aging experience..

Doing the Wango Tango can dislocate body parts

Strangle Hold is still 9:14 long and can wear you out..

People that were jerk offs drunk 25 years ago are still jerk offs..

Pickled pigs feet are not appealing to the taste buds sober..

Sneaking through town at 3am after leaving the bar is still sorta fun..

Friends make the world go round..