Friday, August 7, 2009

Cheap parts from Hell...

Me and the shovel had our first spat in years..The old dog left me stranded late at night at the cigar shop..Went in and grab a few fine fake cubans and went out to roll back to the shack..A sputter then nothing..Damn..

Every year I buy a new battery, this year it was a got to have it today Sunday morning rush..So I hit wally world and they were out of 1979 Shovelhead batteries..they were on order from the battery place in Dayton China..So the next best option is Kragen cause there ain't no bike shops open on Sunday in frick'n Orosi Californacation..So I grab the top of the line cheap battery and off I went, for four months anyway..Damn new battery died..

To late to fix it..Roll it across the street to Greg's Place and thumb a ride home..Damn it this is the first time since last week I didn't get to break the new community rules and ride in after 10pm..Guess I will have to do and early and a late this week to make up for it..

Next morning grab the multi meter and spare battery from the shop plus all the little switches and shit that all true shovel freaks keep on hand..Call the dirty one who is still living La Vida Loca and unemployed..If he starts trying to buy us lunch with food stamps he's out of here..We roll in and get to work..pull the seat stick the meter on the batt..13 volts, turn on the key, 4.2 volts..bad new battery, put the spare sporty batt in the hole and bolt it up..she fires right off..I'm sorry darling for ll the bad things I said last night..please forgive me..

Got a warranty on the junk so we walk in to be meet by the 19 years old master mechanic with a life time of experience in high school auto shop..I'm betting he ate the book..Sir may I help you..Sure give me a new battery and don't call me sir..well I need to test this one first..13 volts this battery is fine..OK Jr..put a load on it..4.2 volts..Sir,,I mean mister it might be your charging system..Jr...I been playing this game long before the better part of you ran down moms leg..14.7 volts 2200 rpms..I got my new battery..

Went back and stuck it in..nice, slow and carefully..the battery damn fools..and fired it up..were riding again..happy and the shovel is now known as Sir Shovel..I mixed up a fresh batch of Rat's special slow leaking sticky trans juice and filled it up..Hey it's 5:30 pm Friday night,,were riding..see ya.



Willy D said...

Way weird. The battery in my 78’ FXS just went tits-up today. That sucker was seven years old. Don’t ask how it lasted that long, I have no idea. I use sealed Interstate batteries. This one was $72.00 I’m sure that kid took the Kragen’s 15 min. troubleshooting course. Online no doubt.
So, what’s the ingredients in “Rat's special slow leaking sticky trans juice”?

FLHX_Dave said...

mwhahahahahahahah! I was just listening to WillyD explain his battery magic while I was over at his house a few hours ago.

"Call the dirty one who is still living La Vida Loca and unemployed..If he starts trying to buy us lunch with food stamps he's out of here.." Dude, I don't know why but I split my side laughing.

Give the kid a break....I knew everything at 19 too!

ratone said...

Willy if I tell ya don't let the word out..good thing nobody reads this shit..Started out as a mix of 60wt and Lucas oil one time I would use the left over oil from when I changed the oil, now it leaks from every orifice so I figure it sort of changes itself now..Back to the I just run straight Lucas..when it leaks it takes the drips like four weeks to reach the cement..Don't go cheap and use STP it makes for hard shifts..

Dave if I knew today what I knew when I was 19 the world would be screwed..LOL