Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Fishman,,,Traveling Tramp..

Phone goes off a 5am..Damn what's up with this..I check the screen with a finger hovering over the ignore button(Best thing since penicillin)and see the long lost Fishman must have taken his meds and calmed down..Only been a little over a year since the political rants got the best of him..

Me and the Fishman have had a few biker moments both on two wheel and in life..Carefree living and failure to communicate with those who just don't get it..We sailed his 70 foot boat from San Diego to La Paz where we spent 4 days attempting to find out if you can really hallucinate from drinking mescal..never hit that peak prior to passing out..We rode up to Aberdeen Washington to pick mushrooms only to find out we were a month to late..it rained and snowed all the way home..we laughed out loud all the way back..

I meet the Fishman in about '82..I was racing a little flat track and he was riding in the sidehack flat track..Now anyone who has seen a sidehack flat track race will understand this guy was nucking futs..We had a good time on the circuit that year..by the end I had figured out I was never going to go as fast as the fast guys and the Fishman found out that at 38 hitting fences wasn't much fun...we both walked away but remain friends for all these years..We moved houses together for 10 years until the market went south..

Fishman we a door gunner in Nam..Went in at 17 and popped his cherry and his ear drum in the same week..Stayed in long enough to get hit 4 times and win a bunch of brass..

So todays call went something like this..Hey asshole wake up..I'm sitting at Starbucks dipshit..You see the news????..No I'm reading it on my blackberry..You see what the moron in charge is doing??..No I try to avoid that shit until afternoon..He is going to Copenhagen to try and get the Olympics for Chicago..So...What??SO!!!Troops are dying in our wars, the country is broke..people are starving..no fucking jobs...and you say so..

Well Big Fish I told you so didn't I???

See you in Vegas..Fishman..keep the faith..Ride on..


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Street Vibrations, Tranny Vibrations and the old scooters made it home again..

The weatherman said summer was over a few days back..it's noon and 101 degree's..damn fools. Street Vibrations ended before it started. We got a hundred miles or so away before throwing in the towel..The dirty one's pan started draining batterys before we hit Merced..Leaving the local shop the shovel picked up a Vibration,,before we hit Ripon the Tramps 1969 Triumph dropped a piston so we limped into Love's and found it a ride home..About Elk Grove the shovel was shaking pretty good so we pulled into the shop..Damn poor baby dumped a quart of primary oil before I got the jiffy down..LOL..found a pair of lower bolts snapped off at the bottom of the outer cover so went in bent over and got a gasket and a fresh pair of bolts..paid the morgage for the shop in the process..

We popped the old girl open and found enough metal shavings to build a high end honda and knew it was over..Patched her back together and went into Sac for some roast duck and DosXX..Party's over..

Rolled them home slow and easy yesterday..Lot's of oil and laughs..Greasy burgers and almost sudden death in a gas station..I believe the dirty reffered to the moron as a cameltoe with ears..we were riding and it was all good..our oldtimers made it home again..a little TLC in the next few months and they will do it again next year..By then Mondo might have the paint finished on the '02..Ride Free all..


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

so me an Harley had anutha Weekend away

yup i got drunk again met up with a few more friends , Shane said
"hey start it up lets hear wot it sounds like"

so i did and Harley must've had a long night aswell or summit coz it fired up but sounded lazy as fuck and i loved the sound it was making

hmmmmmm got home Sunday Afternoon got the video camera out and fired the bike up would the fucker sound the same nope , fucked about with the idle screw i'd get it to go lazy walk away to start the camera and the fucker would wait till i just about pressed the button on the vid cam an go back too sleep..fukker !!!

so eventually after a few attempts and being my diplomatic self and not cursin the bike (too much or too loudly in case it heard me) i got that lazy offbeat sound i heard at the rally on tape

god that noise makes all the hairs on my neck stand up its amazing

somehow i reckon Harley was idling at roughly 280-300 rpm you can just about count 4 beats a second

and before you ask nope i'm not stupid enuf to let the engine idle like all the time

i still wake up each morning with the biggest smile as i catch a eyefull of Harley right across from me in the room

i'm guessing this is what true love is all about lol

oh yeah here's one of the Tee-shirts i got sent by Rat an mq01 a while back been out to 3 different events an wore one of the 3 each time , i guess i'll need some more tee-shirts to choose from soon , no that ain't a subtle hint for more shirts to be sent lmao