Saturday, December 5, 2009

Road Food,,,Spam or Bacon???

It's an argument that has raged since the horse and buggy days..Well almost that long..what is the best toss it in your bag and ride meat..or sorta meat???

Now let's set the stage..or re-live old rides..You and your favorite band of road tramps just hard pounded a grand worth miles in fourteen hours..your ass hurts..shoulders ache and you have no idea who the wise ass is that decided to sleep in this flea infested rest area..and to top it off your belly is thinking your throats been cut..Diet Coke and half melted snickers bars are looking like dinner when someone in the crowd tosses out a can of of Velveeta shells,,pre made stuff and a yellow onion..It's road gourmet chow time..

Now bacon only works well in the winter..If you stash bacon next to you underwear on a summer ride and don't open the diddy bag for a few days you got a mess..try and explain those skid marks bubba!! But bacon is king gourmet road food when you can keep it from dripping..pull out a pound of bacon after a long hard run you the number one bro for the night..

Now pre ride foods is a toss up..Apple smoked, thick sliced bacon gravy and buttermilk bisquits will get you  a day's praise..but spam frieds with onions, red potato's and eggs rolled in a tortilla can also gain you road food fame..It's a tough question..what rules the road..Spam or Bacon????? I'm headed for breakfast..




Arizona Harley Dude said...

Being an ol Southern boy I gotta go with pork fat rules. But, never in my bags, that is what Denny's is for.

This just pushed me over the edge and now I gotta go to breakfast. Thanks Rat.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Either is fine as long as the fat don't give you the shits. 'Cause that Aint fine on the road.

Willy D said...

This is a easy one. Neither. Just pack tin foil and bailing wire. Somewhere during the ride you’ll come across a piece of gourmet road kill. Skin and clean (optional) the little bugger, wrap it in tin foil and wire tie it on your pipe. Stop at a vegetable stand, grab your favorite and add that also. When you stop for the night you’ve got a nice hot meal of sorta-meat. Enjoy!

Pug said...

Bacon , course a whole pound of it will only be enough for me so yer better pack yer own aswell if you wan't to eat

FLHX_Dave said...

Ohhhh....rocky mountain quickstep, ohhhhh....rocky mountain are the best when I'm out on the road...rocky mountain quickstep, oh, rocky mountain quickstep sure lightens the long haul load!!!

Rick said...

Comedian, Jim Gaffigan, has a great stand up about the virtues of bacon.