Sunday, April 1, 2012

You would have never thought..

So the heat of the political season is upon us..I have given up..Drawn the conclusion that the only winners are the politicians..Mitt is not a conservative,,in fact he is a lighter skinned Nobama..Been buying votes since 1994 and gonna buy a chance to be president this time from the looks of things..Failed governor..Keeps his cash off shore..can't beat his opponents but can out spend them..10 to 1..Could be the anti-Christ..Didn't I say this the last time I quit..I'm tossing in the towel and will vote for any independent just to keep my bitching rights active..

Really...this is not an April fools joke..we have to many fools in this country to begin with..I see no difference in either Mister Buy the Job..or Mister I can't do the job..Status Quo gets you farther in the hole..When a politician backs a politicians grab you KY's gonna hurt..

So I guess I'm gonna have to start penning new topics again..maybe some bike stuff,,,end of the world stuff..nuclear violation of the earth..Maybe chase some air Nazis.Maybe start telling stories...So the top ten reasons to vote for Mitt..

  1. Nice hair
  2. Bad Jeans
  3. Doesn't mind you having multiple wives
  4. Wont leave watermelon seeds and chicken bones laying around the white house..
  5. Likes firing people..
  6. Knows where to hide money from the IRS
  7. Father was a successful illegal alien
  8. Wont have mariachi bands in the rose garden
  9. Clueless about the real world..
  10. Will change his mind and underwear daily
I know the picture doesn't fit..but I was dreaming of Oz when I scribbled this garbage..

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Leaving Barfstow

Been over a year in this burg..Grown a deep dislike for it..Time to move on..Barstow has it's good does hell I guess..but here they go..

  1. No matter what time you go to Walmart you can get fresh pictures for the people of Walmart weekly photo shoot..
  2. You can wear your superman pajamas 24/7 it's the dress code..
  3. Dumpster divers have a union..
  4. Avoiding the bad parts of town is a breeze..Stay on Intestate 15 till the next town..
  5. You can eat anyplace..all the food tastes the same..Bad
  6. It's easy to score drugs..
  7. Rank #1 toothless town west of the Mississippi..
  8. Tattoos are cheap..Liquor stores are on every corner..
  9. No matter what you need no place will have it..
  10. There is so much jet fuel in the water smoking on the toilet has been banned..a life saver..
So moving on..I hope after reading this you feel my pain..if you do stop smoking what ever it is your smoking..Moving in to trucking..bad eyes don't matter as much when your handling 80000 pounds of truck..Of course it will never replace riding by feel..Never matter much in Barfstow by the way..If you were on a smooth road you knew you were riding in the dirt..

So adios you rotten, stinking dump..Gonna miss dealing with our troops,,they are a shining light..proud to have worked with and been part of what you ladies and gentlemen do and are doing to protect our freedoms..Stay safe my friends..Look out and the boys are heading your way..


Friday, February 24, 2012

Amazing Disgrace

Up early, Fox news and coffee overload..Seems are troops in Afghanistan burnt a Koran..Now the natives are pissed..So ignoring the first wenches food warning I break out my whole milk and a couple of chocolate fudge pop tarts and sit down to watch..Holy books have been used for years by prisoners to pass notes..nothing new up to the point we burned them..whoops..We also saved these idiots from Tierney..Gave our lives and poured billions of our dollars to help them live better lives..In return one of the Afgan soldiers we trained murdered in cold blood two of our hero's..

No what came out of the commentators mouth almost made me toss my tarts..The leader of our country issued an apology..Now not once but twice in two days..Nothing about the troops who died..Only how sorry he is about the burning of the Koran..An American president who would apologize to any nation after all we the American people have sacrificed for the people and nation of Afghanistan deserves to be tried for treason..We need to pull our troops and reduce our nuclear arsenal by turning the county into a glowing green uninhabitable pile of radio active dust..Let's do Iran to before it happens again..

God Bless America...Keep our people and our troops safe...Ride free..Rat...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Good Bye America...we have been sold out...

High hopes someone would step up..fill the void our great country needs to recover it's dignity..Three years of nothing other than give a ways and apology tours..Mariachi concerts compardre czars and crushing of our Constitution...our way of life..Half of our country receives federal aid of some sort..those who deserve it can't get it..Entitlements equal voters,  dividing our nation is a goal..The setting president has played the race card..waived it in our faces and laughed..We the sheepeole dumb to feed ourselves need to have our diets, our lifestyles and our minds controlled by the morons who rule..Churches now must break doctrine to comply..Buddies receive billions in bailout and we the people don't rate a small amount of Vaseline as we are slowly screwed..If our president were white and right wing we would be watching impeachment hearings under the laws of treason in the first degree..

So now the grand old party sends us their answers to the problem..We have Mitt Romney trying to buy the White House once again..Listen to the Rat for a minute..This is the right wing anti-Christ..He hides behind his super pacs and slanders his opponents..he can't run on his record just like our sitting fact they are way more alike than they are different..His future plans are little or no change in what we have today..His buddies are our sitting presidents damn careful here..

The Newt..Brilliant man if he he could stop sticking his dick in the fan every time the feel good feeling hits..Washington insiders hate his idea's they trample that feel good feeling that has put us on the edge of ruin.. Question is will at some point in the campaign can he keep his pants zipped long enough to make his point..

The Sanatorum machine..The guys solid..background is good..can he get the hoards to overlook his convictions..I don't agree with some of them but respect his solid footing and not wavering from his beliefs and moral values..Imagine have moral and social values in our country..Boy's got a tough row to hoe..getting millions of Romney bucks tossed at him..good luck Rick..

Ron to love him..would want him as president but would love to BBQ with him..

Rosanne Barr...Green Party..hey can't be worse..LOL...

Rats doing OK..ride on Brothers and Sisters..God Bless America...  

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sunsets on 2011...about time...

Ever hear the saying having on of those days well 2011 was one of those years..Without all the gory details it other than my sunshine sucked..Health, wealth and what is left of sanity suffered thoroughly..Couldn't ride and that makes writing a riding blog tough..Politics fire me for a short time then the reality of my beliefs won the battle ..Missed writing to you all...missed a lot of simple things not because I couldn't do them because it was more convenient not too...New life and a new lief this is a battle but I'm gonna win..fight through it..May never be able to dazzle you with the old brilliance but will do my best to continue to baffle you with bullshit..Thoughts from within..some true even..

Does anyone believe drug companies will ever truly strive to cure any disease..Stop and think about what would happen if the cured cancer..not how they do it take a pill and it's gone..any disease or illness that makes them billions of dollars and supports 1/6 of the worlds for thought.. into worn from it..We have the worst of the worst running the country ..Today my support is going to be with who ever runs against him..Our country is in shambles..we have a senate and a congress who play election politics with our lives..our lively hoods..our country is broken beyond anything we can imagine..The poor who live off our daily sweat live far better than we do..ever get behind a food stamper while your buying just enough to them as they have the best of the best..while your chewing hotdogs..We have lost the basic pretense of the American dream..get off your mother fucking lazy ass and get a job..Give the missing in action worthless Campaigner in Chief 4 more and watch our life as we know it's so close to gone today you can reach out and touch it,,see it in the faces of those who work hard to survive..those who do what must be done to live in what's left of the American dream..Bring it back my friends,,,be heard,,be load,,be proud... Be America once again..Be heard my friends...