Saturday, October 31, 2009

Holloween Burrito's

  Damn knew better than to eat that 3 pound, lard fried beef and bean belly bomb off the roach coach..Nap is now mandatory before rolling to the Dirty ones Halloween bash..Hour on the couch and I will be back to my  normal state of Ab-Normal..

I wake up riding..foggy and wet facing 3/4 of a wicked orange moon..Can see but not smell, hear but not understand..worlds a little fuzzy..lights flash behind me but but I can't make them out...Suddenly things become clear, there's midgets on mopeds bringing up the rear..I crank on the throttle and grab another gear..

The faster I ride the closer they get, first one I see is an orange haired little shit...Grab another gear it's time to split..Logic does tell that safe this can't be,,racing the fog at a 103..There's a black cat in the road seems to be waiting on me..Grinning a grin that sends chills down my spine...

Now we know that moped won't go 103, so how in the hell did the midgets get beside me..Pumpkins for helmets and big teethe grins..sitting above little pointy chins..ain't got no gears or more throttle to go but one things for certain there are no brakes in this show..

Into the corner with the short shit's in tow..Hard left hand lean the sparks fly off the hog..Midgets are laughing, hey wait that's my dog..riding on top of my red clay lawn frog..Now my stomachs a flipping and flopping in pain,,I'm a wondering if I'm getting farther insane..

All of the sudden out of the blue..the bells and whistles begin to a sound I remember from my near's the door bell you dummy get off the couch fast..Trick or treat mister the goblin did grin..Halloween is upon us let the fun begin..   

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Pug said...

jeezus what fucking meds do ya take yer right out there mate . great read lmao