Sunday, August 2, 2009

Country Roads, back roads to sanity..

Sun coming up this morning..started out as a breakfast ride and turned into a morning..I have been asked why I stay in the valley well I guess having roads to ride that entice me is a reason. I can go any direction to find a ride to pleasure. I finds happiness and solitude in the back roads to nowhere..

Small one lane roads that wind through the foothills..Nothing but me and the wind for miles..

Hundreds of miles of road less traveled..Places forgotten by the masses and those who have no time to reach out to the past..No fast lanes, passing lanes..Cattle guards and grazing herds..wild turkeys and rattle snakes..rule..I find each turn on the winding road a new beginning to a life long adventure..

Valleys, tree's and the lone Roadrunner..

My place, My space..My peace...



Lady Ridesalot said...

Sounds perfect!

FLHX_Dave said...

I have seen that first pict many, many times...just different day and different bikes. Love that pict.

Your a sick man indeed. Hope no one finds a cure for this. Nope.

ratone said...

I stopped taking pics until Sunday morning getting ready to pump ethel..Standing back and looking I had to do it..I have hundreds and can never find the one I want..

Riding is a sickness that I will keep, when I can ride please just shoot me..