Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Questions for the President

First how does it feel to surpass Jimmy Carter as the worst president in modern history?

If your jobs bill will create jobs why is the majority of the spending to expand unemployment benifits another 99 week's?

Do you feel by keeping fourteen million Americans unemployed it boosts your voter base?

Do you understand we are Not a socialist country and share the wealth is not in our constitution?

Do you understand that creating jobs in government only ads to our nations depths?

At so point you must have wondered how long Americans would buy into your bullshit, do you understand those days are behind You?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rat...Cleaning up our great nation. ..2012

We suck as country..Thanks to not only our worthless president but our entire buddy system of DC..Untill we as the people take back what is ours nothing will change..Rat's tossing his skull cap in the platform. ...
Start where the heart of the problem begins..our founding father served our country for pride and honor..lets go back to it..salaries will not exceed $100,000..president, Congress or Senate. .same health care as is forced on the people and no retirement. .
If we don't have a balanced budget in place no one in the senate or congress is to be paid..all pay is lost in the period of no budget..Seniors and military will always be the first persons paid in the event of no budget. .Social Security and Milatary retirement is the first thing we fund..
Wars are to be fought by our military not our politicians. .
We will no longer give aid to countries who want nothing more than to see us dead..Stupid research and feeding and providing health care to any other country until we can care for our own..
Close our boards...want in do it legally. .not here legally go home and start over..
Change our presidents term to 3 years..limit 2 terms. Limit one 6 year term in the Senate and 3 terms of 2 years in the house..
All new legislation to be posted for the people to reveiw 10 days prior to vote..
Abolish all green legislation and disband the EPA..
The government does not create jobs,enter or interfering with private business. .no more Fanny Mae..Freddy or business bailouts. .
Sell the post office to private industry.
More to come...toss the tramps in 2012

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Last Ride,a Cheezy Ending

The human mind is a fucked up thing...left brain,right brain or just brain dead..Simple things like making a phone call erode someplace in the big empty hollow between the ears..Wants and needs are replaced by twisted thoughts. ..right and wrong become none exsistant..Personal pain outweighs what really matters...Lost is an understatement. ..
The thought of losing the ability to ride overcame the ability to care,share and enjoy the feeling of the one who truely cares..Walk away...park life in your personal cave. .Dwell, self inflicted suffering..not a cure but a warped insight, selfish but undeniable until the small impulse of alone sets in...a phone call,a simple cure with a voice on the other end of the line...a lost smile returns. .a smooth painless heartbeat resumes. ..Life moves on...Happiness returns reaching new heights. ...thanks Sunshine. ..Rat's alive again...

Friday, September 9, 2011

Jobs my ass

Politics been avoiding it..pisses me off to no end..up to the point we toss each and every rotten dog ball licking scoundrel out of Washington we as a nation will continue to suck..The answer to growth in this once great nation is get your slimy politicians ass off our backs..stop spending our money on your buddies and useless programs...paying people to stay home..helping foreign fucking countries that want nothing more than to blow us up...realize global warming was Al Gores meal ticket...and green jobs are comic relief..block the boarders and deport all 14 million illegal voters...
We need to start today...toss them...the new campaign cry for 2012...
Thank you for your support....your vote will not be wasted...