Saturday, February 19, 2011

Back in the Saddle

Well let's try out the new Droid phone. New number, new town and all that shit.

Raining in the desert this morning. Miss the smell of fresh wet dirt, sort of smells like a dirty hamster cage this morning here. Did a little exploring last night, got wet, got heartburn and got to listen to what was by far the worst bar band ever. Had a hell of a time, plan on going back next week. Pics coming soon..enjoy..anyone wants the new number drop me a line!!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


A 26' and a 24' truck..2 car trailers, a couple of pick up trucks and a ton of work..I in the high to ride some yesterday..Hit Peggy Sue's for a burger..not bad..cracked the shovel done some tiny winding roads..thinking of change. Now it is at a point can't change, change. Killer really..fresh place..fresh air..things that need explored..still haven't hooked up the TV or other stuff to enjoy..amazing how it becomes an we can't live without it..try it you'll get over it..

Gonna be in the upper 70's here a jeep that's never really got to go out and play..packing some grub, guns, water and the boys and rolling out in the wide a map of some old mines and caves so going some pics if I ever turn on the net..if not enjoy from afar to keep the damn phone and can't get pics to a mountain calling hasta la vista baby..

Sunday, February 6, 2011

duplicolor shadow

has anybody used it?
what is it? - a two shaker can thingie - turns bright, shiny chrome into black shiny chrome
got a pair of chrome fender rails out back - never have liked em - too blingy
thought about having them blasted and coated
thinking I'll try the 2 can thingie instead - unless a bunch-o-peeps come back with
"shit sucks"
won't get done til it warms up here and with about a 3 foot cover of snow
well, gots plenty of time to do the research
oh - cost is like 19 bucks so even if every and all say
"don't bother"
I'm thinking for 20 bucks I'll shake a pair of cans and see what I see
cabin fever - all projects seem cool this time of year
the weather breaks and then it's
fuck it - let's ride

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Moving...makes you realize you got some shit, more shit than will fit in a 26 foot uhual..

So where does all the shit come we accumulate shit, only if we eat lot's of beef they say..well that would make me full of shit..maybe..back to the shit we had on the parts for blinging rusty shit stacked on my shit..but do you really give a shit..I doubt it..I don't..

So digging the desert..missing friends and all that shit..have not hooked up cable or hurry just more shit to do..enjoying work..stress and all the shit that goes with some ride pics and my deep dark tan soon,,when I get my shit together..see ya...

how to

Shovel Snow
for those of you that have never been "blessed" by the "dig out or die"
this is a mini tutorial
Step 1 - this is the most important step - if you do not do as I say - well, you best do this first - just sayin'
Before the shit hits - bring a shovel inside - if you wait until after the shit hits - well, you just didn't read Step 1
Step 2 - once the shit has hit AND settled down at least a bit - grab your shovel and STEP OUTSIDE!!!
common sense tells you to do this but I hadda add this for the harley guys
Step 3 - once outside you will notice a MASSIVE accumulation of white "stuff" - that is snow - see what you can see - if you can almost make out where your car might be then it ain't too bad
if'n all you can see is white - fuck it, grab your cell - dial a pro and tell her to bring a shovel - if'n she makes it to the door then - and only then - negotiate price - if'n she ain't to your liking - no biggie and your walk might almost be clean - shouldda thought of this one earlier - but
Step 4 - if you are about to shovel then have yourself a looksee in regards to where you'll be piling the snow - REMEMBER - it may only be 3 or 4 feet deep but when shoveled the pile - which will extend from where you began to where you finally conceded defeat will be over your friggin' head so - plan where the snow will go
there might be a whole bunch more steps but I haven't gotten there yet
and for those of you that did not bring the shovel in before the shit hit
y'all gotta be harley guys so - do what comes natural
grab you a big ole mug of frappywhippedshit - assume the "pose" and
should any roll by wonderin' why you ain't cleanin' what Mother Nature dumped - simply tell em what they already knew
"shovel's in the shop, gettin' new bling installed - gettin' it back in maybe 6 weeks"

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

this is fun

there's 6 to 8 on the ground with 2 foot drifts and another 16 or more forecast before this crap ends - that's inches and snow
being the wise old fuck that some claim me to be - having driven home just once from our current location in a storm that was nothing compared to this - well, I did inform those that sign my check, on monday - "seeya thursday - maybe"
the power has flickered way too many times and the worst will hit as I sleep so - I did think to self earlier - "whatyagoonado if'n ya wake to dark, cold and no power"
I loaded the power company's # into the cell so I can - if need be - check on length of outage and the non-e police # for the village so I can check on shelters
the plan would be to grab kid, mutt, lizard and split
now - the night might pass a whole bunch better if'n a hot, leggy lass where to - well, you know - but then I'm thinkin'
just another body to worry about if the shit really hits the fan
so - I'll cuddle with a flashlight instead
which sounds all wrong but it'll light the path - although I'd still prefer the leggy lass
and tomorrow - should we still have power and heat
shovel my way out
ain't life grand????