Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wow, what a ride

Some of the wildest rides in life don't require a key or a start button. Been on one for the last couple of weeks..House was in escrow for six months and in the last few hours the RE calls and say's it's done..I had made some wild demands on the last extension, no nothings and all the dough..I got what I was hoping I didn't..So I'm a homeless Rat..LOL

First though was I am moving out of California so we flew off to the Big Easy..Looked at a few really cool 3rd story flat in a 1700's Tara type mansion..Did the harley rental and went to Galveston..Can't see myself with a Texas tag..Rented a car and hit the Florida west coast..Found a place with a bomb shelter..super cool if you date the undead or vampires..

So here I sit, living in a hotel and back in California..where after searching I am staying..we got it all except low prices..Hey you can buy some cool shit in the south for a quarter of what we pay for it here..but you don't have the mountains, deserts, beaches or weather..I got to ride..

So off to find a shack today..should of not rented out the condo..Oh well I'm back and going riding..see ya..


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