Saturday, October 10, 2009

Back in the real world, if one exsists..

Strange how life plays it hand..lets take house hunting..I wanted away, small and all that stuff..I am home now writing my first post from the new place..Little pink houses..well a way to big ranch in an old established neighborhood you can leave your place unlocked..I was driving by when the own was hammering the sign in the ground..stopped, walked through and had to have it..this was last Sunday and I started moving in Wednesday..It's just a nice place in a nice place..I damn near went out and bought some plaid shorts and a polo pullover..LOL..damn near I said..Well the shovel get's to limp home today so let's see how they like me in the morning..

Been a whole year of things that make me go duh..Spent the summer in the tramp mode..bypassed dealing with the health stuff and it's haunting me today..Ms.Dr. Frankenstein wants to go fishing this week..Got to think about it..Missed opportunities and missed romance..Got a couple of long rides in..saw some states and old friends..My bro Chief lost his battle with life..He fought hard just like in his youth..I'll miss ya Bro..

I'm still looking at the grass from the right side..smiling all the way..Things never change they just the old saying goes..Lifes like a shit sandwich, the more bread you got the less shit you have to eat..Ride them hard and put them away wet friends..



chessie said...

Cool, it's hard to find a house in the manner you did...but when that happens, you know damn well that house was always meant to be yours at this time and place in life...very cool indeed.

Be well

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I sometimes wonder what my neighbors think too. I'm the only one in the neighborhood with a loud Harley.
Loved the quote about life being a shit sandwich.

Pug said...

hell i'm sure the neighbours will get used to the Harley

getting used to Rattie maybe anutha ballgame though

have fun in yer new home mate pity yer not closer we could've had a housewarming party

now that may have given yer new neighbours summit to worry about