Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lost book parts and crash was a bitch..lost part of the book and many stories but it is what it is and I'm piecing it back together..enjoy..

Three days of sitting in a forty year old mobile home in the middle of the desert with warm water, solar power unit that works until about ten pm and living on spam, beenie wiennies and stale Marlboro's has got me thinking. I sure wish lizards could talk and scorpions were friendly..roadrunners were slow..No word from the crew and I've had all I can stand it's time to roll..

Three days of sitting in nowhere and letting the mind speculate on the phone call has got me somewhere between worried and little closer to completely nut's..Nobody showed so each new thought train becomes more doom and gloom. Time to take matters down the dirt road.

The shovel is showing about a quart down and a little past dirty. Means I either got to head to Victorville or Bakersfield..Damn choices anyway, south keeps me farther from the heat and North puts me on the edge of it..My instinct tells me head South while the rest of me wants to get in the middle of it and let the chips fall.

Time to ride...

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Phelan said...

It's sounding good.

When m pc crashed I lost my entire finished novel. I had sent it to others to edit, but they still haven't found it. So glad to hear yours is still available, even if in pieces.

Following the Yellow Brick Road