Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Thoughts and Rants...

Another one bite the dust..

Government still sucks, unemployment rate still hoovering around 10%..much higher in places..National debt ever increasing..China raised interest rates..Question..what is .5% of 4 Trillion dollars..Not even gonna go there..The people spoke out in November and tossed a few of the bums..Not the ones we needed to but a start..Willie spoke out louder than most..proud of you brother..

Things I learned this year..

Middle aged white guy's can't get help with health care cause it is known before we are asked we have too much..and if we go ten toes up it is one last dissenter to deal with..

The medical establishment and drug makers will never find a cure for cancer or aids..there is far to much money in it..much more cost effective to just keep you alive a little longer..

Aliens had to come and kick start our evolution..we are far to lazy to have done it on our own..and the history channel say's it's so..

Nostradamus was pretty cool..

San Fransisco Giants are the world series champs..ya baby..

California still hasn't fallen in the ocean..and we still for all our woe's have wraps on cool..

Global Warming is the reason for the far cooler temperatures and all this pretty snow...According to a tree hugger on Fox News..damn..

Al Gore ran out of carbon credits or lost them in the divorce..where ya at now Al..

Harley still has it's head above water..tough choices and changes..that's free enterprise..

Wonder how the riding's gonna be in the land of Oz this summer.. 

Ever though they are on the government banned list I still enjoy greasy burgers, chili beans and pork burrito's..

Working harder to make less is becoming habit forming..still have to smile and laugh..

Riding still ends all bad things for long enough to get over them..ride hard my wayward friends...

It's ain't no thing but a damn chicken wing...Happy New year..

A Rat Bastard...

Friday, December 24, 2010


Morning light creeping through the window..
Sound of the garage door as it opens..
Glimmer of chrome and paint..
Smell of gas and oil, leather and sweat..
Rubber creaking on concrete..
Jiffy spring pulling taunt..
A pull on the choke and five easy twists..
Second kick to life and the rumble..
Power, vibration and sound..
Slight pull of the clutch..
Loud clack of 1st gear..
Pull of torque and horsepower..
Roar of the pipes echo..
Whine of the road under your soul..
Feel of the wind on your skin..

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Chrismas with Taco...

It was right around 1984 living in a small burg just out side of Fairfield California...Been a wild spring and the Kleppie and he introduced me to the Taco..famed in his exploits..The Klep finds a working payphone sometime during the day on the 24th..Weather had been rough but we a couple day's of Sunshine ahead..He whispered over the phone..Party at Taco's..been burning oak in the pit..bring your scooter, the old lady and some gobblers..dead and plucked por favor....

Knowing well in advance that there would be no drive home I packed the ex in the camper..stopped by Vons and grabbed the two biggest birds they had,,,a mix of brews in large quantities and a gallon or so of Jack..bought me a Santa hat for the ride, kicked over the pan and rolled towards Martinez..Sun shining bright off the chrome...Hohoho it's gonna be a biker Christmas..

As I roll across the Carquinez bridge I swear I smell oak we make the swing off the 680..past my favorite Food & Liquor..and into the depths of the old end of I turn the Pan down Taco's street I see a line of Chrome and hear the stereo cranking out Bad Company...I pull in beside the Lizards new Dyna to a slew of Hi-Fives and hugs...and the Taco man sitting on his wooden thrown..or the stump to the rump smiling...Merry Christmas...Bro...

As evening rolls in and the sounds of loud pipes and laughter echo in the night..The Kleps sitting back picking the Dobro by the firelight...I sit back in the dark soaking in sounds..Brothers and Sisters dancing the night winds down..

The morning sun breaks through the left over fog in my mind..Christmas and Harleys..Turkeys and beer..damn fine day I can't wait for new Year.....Merry Christmas to all and to all a great time...



Monday, December 20, 2010

The Bubbling Point

Name that fender...when all else fails build a bike..Got parts and pieces and whole bikes laying around..time to get past the Grinch mood..Bhah Humbugs need to go..Break out the wrenches and get in the winter wonder what the hell it will look like come spring mood...Here we go...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Can you make that burger rare..

Mental mind fuck of a day..heading to the high desert to twist some wrenches and attempt to make a living..damn..been in a funk and decided at the last second to pay a driver to drive my work truck and ride the and the glide are still working things out so a little bonding time might fact might even be a lesson to me..longer story than this believe me..Weathers good to go..later than I wanted start but we are on the road..

Couple of hundred miles over went smooth and easy ride wise,,I really should have stuck to the high desert and about to make it my new fact sooner than later..roll in to town around 2pm and check with my client and then finish my personal version of foot in mouth of my finer qualities..around 4pm decide to cruise a little..let my mind relax..I see the sign on I-15, Vegas...151 miles..damn I could sure use a good burger...

Now slowing I eased into the relaxed mode..mind focuses on the road..Niel Young's is belting out Like a Hurricane on the box...and the mile markers fly past..I see the lights in front of me damn it went to fast as I pull into the Hard Rock..Burger please..make it rare..

Time at times is just something that gnaws at the heart of you..never enough,,always rushing to meet it,,late is not an option..I realized time is something we have little of..rush to get back I have to work..I put down my burger..enjoyed a fry and sipped my sweet tea..what's the rush..I enjoyed..walking through the casino and out to the of the desert winter settling in around me I caught a glimpse on another world another time..I slowing released the clutch soaking in what means to be free..and rode slowly into the night...on my time...       

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cold on the Mountain...

Cold but full of thought,,just as it should be..Seems I don't have time to ride until my few remaining working braincells scream..Ride...

It's been that kind of year..very little seat time..why, to much time hustling work..listening to the talking heads telling us how much better it is and wondering where the hell they are..Little shit turns big at times, things that don't mean crap turn important..we forget our for answers that lay within easy reach..or are sitting in the garage on a jiffy stand..wondering where we have been..

Glides been a garage king..seems to like it, warranty is still strong..Rough day, week or couple of weeks and I walk by it everyday..Not thinking of  riding but stressing on shit I might be able to change or might not..Life's works like that when you let it take control..rain clouds have gathered so I got an excuse..easier to sit braindead in front of the box than to take the cure..Not today, I have to ride...break out full lid and leather..snow ride..

Light sprinkles as I back out of the garage...Crank up that sweet I notice the dude across the street, hands out shrugging his shoulders with a baffled look on his face..I smile but he never saw I twisted it back,,,to feel squealing rubber beneath me..the first real laugh in a long time rolls out towards the night..

Rain splatter on and off as I reach the bottom of the hill..Knowing this ain't smart I grab another gear...up we go..a little to hard and maybe way to fast we climb..Concentration takes over as worries fade..working the throttle like a fine turned guitar feather it in power it out..Feel road...the Glide wiggles and slides but never let's go...The little light rains turning to snow..

I know it's cold but it never crosses my mind..we fly by the snowline at 5000 destination is well with reach as I kick down the gears and feather the brakes a small twisty road way off to the left not well traveled and mostly forgot..The snows standing 2 maybe 3 inches deep straight up we climb...The Glide slips and it slides but never lets go we reach the top and pull to the peak..Look to the west to see light below..Me and the Glide a light dusting of snow..

Mind a little clearer..or as good as it can be..dripping leathers hanging in the warming my bones...smiling....ride on....