Friday, May 28, 2010

Thanks to the Troops..

Been lucky the last few weeks..Got a contract at Fort Irwin..the last stop our troops make on the way to war..I spent some time there this week doing my thing and watching the young men and women training hard to be the best they can be..To serve us to make us proud to be who we are..To keep us free from the scum that would like nothing better than to harm us on our own soil..

So from my vantage point above them I spent the day watching them, work, smile and sweat..I remember my time back years ago, I could feel their feelings but I am sure not to the extent they face..You could sense apprehension but not fear, You could feel the attitude,,well deserved and earned..Pride in what had been accomplished and what will be accomplished..Respect for those around them and their fellow troops..You could see and hear the the lack of lines drawn due to race, color or religion..A team..our team..

As I was driving home after a twenty hour day I found myself smiling, feeling better about our country and our future..We have a fine bunch of young American patriots protecting us from evil..I trust them and know they have our back..they also have our future..they are our future..So today I thank all who serve today and in the past for all we have as a nation and as a guys rock...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Riding not ranting,,well sort of..

The sun doesn't rise around the rants..but it's hard to escape the news..the doom the gloom..we are in place that is both self inflicted by our piers and painful to our both American's as we know it and people of freedom..So I turned of the news and tunred on the shovel..

Had some plans but they took a turn..or I took a turn..what ever it didn't happen..The weather is cool..too cool for this time of year but that just excites that old shovelhead..If it stays under 80 the beast just loves to run..Happy to help out I climbed on..Like a normal rat outing I have no destination, no place to be and nobody waiting for me to show..I just let the old dog lead the way, after all these years it knows what makes me smile..

So we find us some backroads to savor and cruise..It's what I enjoy and where I want to be..the shovel, the lonely roads and me..I can feel tension slipping away as we turn down the next avenue of hopes and dreams..I find my serenity in the roar of my pipes..I feel fresh freedom and let loose of my gripes..I take in the world as it flashes by me, I could slow down and enjoy but today the speed set me free..It takes a few hours but I get to where I needed to be..relax, rebellious..happy and me...

I seem to be at an age the doing what I have to do pisses me off but I do it,,Doing what needs to be done has become more important than do what I want to do..It's a hard change for young and not caring to the point you worry about the future..I skip that need time to take in the road..every time I do it quenches the soul yet I I tend to ignore the call of the wind in those times I feel the need..You know getting older sucks...LOL..ride on Friends..      

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NATO reviewing Arizona Immagration law..

Here we go...we have Hugo Chavez..China, Africa all the middle east digging there filthy hands into the Arizona Immigration law..So we have human rights abuses suspected..Watching the interview with the Mexican professor for Arizona who is part of the NATO human rights watch team he explained the reasoning behind it as there something more to this than the law..Arizona has an underlying problem..Ya fuck head they want to protect their citizens..the way it is should to be..If the federal government would do their job there would have been no need to pursue this law..that mirrors the federal law but only make it a misdemeanor to be here "ILLEGALLY"!!!!

Now let's look at NATO..who by the way are trying to undermine are right to keep and bear this one to..Nobama has a plan and won't have to get his hands dirty..Here is a little history..Our founding fathers..

Thomas Jefferson's well-known quote. 'Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations. entangling alliances with none'. encapsulates perfectly their (Founding Fathers) view of the wisest foreign policy for America.

A famous portrait of George Washington depicts him holding a sheaf of paper emblazoned with the admonition. 'Beware foreign influence.'

Frankly, the entanglement in European affairs so central to this organization runs completely contrary to the ideas of our nation's founders. These brave men understood that freedom cannot survive within the confines of a centralized state.

How much worse then is the fate of American liberty when the arms of government are so extended that they reach, not simply to every nook and cranny of our own nation, but also to cover much of the globe as well?

What we must do is return our government to its rightful and constitutional functions, and the best way to begin that process is to end involvement in multilateral organizations that extend our commitments far and wide.

We have no business making commitments to foreign governments while we are breaking trust with our own nation's senior citizens, military veterans, and taxpayers in general.

Institutions like NATO are among the very worst of the global bureaucracies that always seem to continue to exist in search of a problem.'

So here we have a group that we fund..Commie Rat Bastards who live to screw America and the American way..Sort of sound like our president if you take in the big picture..Trying to undermine our hard earned life. liberty and the pursuit of happiness..We have to take care of our own..screw the rest of the world..Lock it down and keep what is our at home..

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Boycott the Boycotters...

That's right it starts here...LA you can kiss my ass..San Fransisco, Chicago and New York can get in line..Here we go 64% of Americans support Arizona protecting it's own if you think back that's about the number that were against health care.. Sort of gives you a good feeling to know that the majority of us still believe in the American way..but as for the rest of you we are boycotting your boycott..The way I see it is we win by holding our ground..

It's easy, no playing grab ass with Mickey not the mayor of LA the other one..Movies and music..the dodgers..lakers, cubs, bears, anything from New York..No fish and chips at the wharf in Frisco...don't buy from companies who do business in the commie fact do your best to find Arizona companies to shop and buy from..Stand up for what's our best to stop Nobama from recruiting these new voters..The bottom line is he needs them and these boycotters support him..Buy Arizona..

We gained 240,000 jobs last month..ya,,wait 85% were government jobs..Census anyone..Side bar to the Census worker who keeps leaving notes and knocking on my it something for you bubba..But we lost 253,000 jobs in the private sector..Growth and good things are happening are just how you work the numbers..We gave Greece $54,000,000,000.00 dollars that we had to borrow from the Chinese yesterday..after we did the Chile and Haiti deals..Can't create jobs, seal our borders or keep America safe but we can give money away..Oh...there are taxes in the health care bill that were just discovered..would anyone have guessed..But I hear it's helping the poor even today..

So were buried and we suck..but proof in the polls is that there are a majority of real true Americans out there wait to take back our country..Soon, Soon,,,Soon..Support Arizona..Later..

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Shovelhead run...

Nothing can compare to the sound of a straight pipe, big cam Shovel..Evo's got the ride right...smooth and soft..Made the Shovelhead run for a few Saturday afternoon..Lot's of the pre 1984 machines on display..Old friends and new builds..changes and restores..Ridged's and retro's..Racers and cruisers..

Ever sit next to a fine tuned Shovel...Nothing on this planet can equal the rumble of it..Ever hear 30 or 40 of them going down the road as one..sweet...Sure they leak a little oil..hands might go numb from the vibration..ass might ache from the ride but it was the last true ride there is..Ever had a kickstart contest..on an Evo..Anyone remember the load clack as you drop into first to roll out for the day..the bang between the gears..positive pop between every shift..Hey I changed and gaped the points before I left..LOL..

Ever been at a stop light next to any other v-twin made and compare the sound..listen to the shovel rumble..suck'n air through the S&S keeping the bad boy breathing..Cam talking loud at the peaks and and twisting hard in the valleys..Pipes spitting out sound..apes shaking in the wind with every spark..Tweak the throttle just to turn heads..ain't nothing like a Shovelhead...   

Monday, May 3, 2010

Lawn care for bikers..broken and new..

Lawn care for bikers..Look telling the bro's you can't ride so you can cut the grass is lame..sorry...and not something that you do..Being new to the whole keeping up with the Jones and no not withdrawals scumbags..I found myself really working the lawn thing..Some advice..don't use high end turf builder..the shit good and keeps working..I got a nice lawn that overnight..Water..the more you use the more the turf builder works and the faster it grows..turn off the damn timer and only water when heavy yellow dead patches appear..Weeds can count as lawn as long as you mow them..weed and feed is just what is implied it makes it grow faster to enjoy your summer my advice is screw the Jones..don't use lawn aids...and water is a resource that should be used sparingly..

Got me 2010 Streetglide that lost a wrist pin at 484 miles..Shops idea of a fix was patch it up..I wanted a new motor..It went to the top and after a 35 minute rant with the factory I got a good compromise..When it comes back in the next few weeks I will post some pics..

So the moral of Mondays story seems to be..Shit why the hell do they happen every seven days..Still had fun on the shovel yesterday..Just said later to the dirty one who has abandoned California for Idaho..Still full from the last supper...but don't have a hangover..and Super Troopers is a training video for law enforcement...Later..