Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Fishman,,,Traveling Tramp..

Phone goes off a 5am..Damn what's up with this..I check the screen with a finger hovering over the ignore button(Best thing since penicillin)and see the long lost Fishman must have taken his meds and calmed down..Only been a little over a year since the political rants got the best of him..

Me and the Fishman have had a few biker moments both on two wheel and in life..Carefree living and failure to communicate with those who just don't get it..We sailed his 70 foot boat from San Diego to La Paz where we spent 4 days attempting to find out if you can really hallucinate from drinking mescal..never hit that peak prior to passing out..We rode up to Aberdeen Washington to pick mushrooms only to find out we were a month to late..it rained and snowed all the way home..we laughed out loud all the way back..

I meet the Fishman in about '82..I was racing a little flat track and he was riding in the sidehack flat track..Now anyone who has seen a sidehack flat track race will understand this guy was nucking futs..We had a good time on the circuit that year..by the end I had figured out I was never going to go as fast as the fast guys and the Fishman found out that at 38 hitting fences wasn't much fun...we both walked away but remain friends for all these years..We moved houses together for 10 years until the market went south..

Fishman we a door gunner in Nam..Went in at 17 and popped his cherry and his ear drum in the same week..Stayed in long enough to get hit 4 times and win a bunch of brass..

So todays call went something like this..Hey asshole wake up..I'm sitting at Starbucks dipshit..You see the news????..No I'm reading it on my blackberry..You see what the moron in charge is doing??..No I try to avoid that shit until afternoon..He is going to Copenhagen to try and get the Olympics for Chicago..So...What??SO!!!Troops are dying in our wars, the country is broke..people are starving..no fucking jobs...and you say so..

Well Big Fish I told you so didn't I???

See you in Vegas..Fishman..keep the faith..Ride on..


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