Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mondo, Easyriders and life in the 1980's..


The year was around 1981..I stumbled into a little dirty shop in Fresno looking for clutch plates for 1964 Panhead..The dude at the counter pointed to the back room and said go see Mondo..That was my introduction to a life long brother..

Painter by trade..Harley builder by choice, family man when it called..we shared some hard riding..when his ride was picked to be in Easyriders we rode the 300 miles to the photo shoot..Did anyone hear that we rode to the photo shoot..

Easyriders in the 80's was a biker mag..not like today's rag..Spyder, Mutha, Dave Mann..stories from the road and a ton of pics of what we did..ride..Mondo had this ride inside in 1984..I found the issue after cleaning out a storage unit..My Panhead is next of I can find that issue..I handed his first ride pics  to him yesterday..It all falls into place..we have a plan..Diet Dew's..long cold nights in the garage for the next few weeks..Go two Shovels and a the Dirty ones Pan to reserect....

Old Harley's and new technology..Not old school..don't even say it..Coming of age..doing it the way we always have..We have a plan..see ya in Sturgis..and we are riding to that photo shoot..




Webster World said...

Good blog. I started in the biker world in about 1965. I too do not like "old school" Then as now it is "chopper". Back when I got into bikering the others we called customs. I think it was that makeup wearing disfunctional fella from tv that coined that other term.

Willy D said...

Yep, the mag has changed. I’m looking at the Sept. ’76 issue. You should check out the centerfold. It’s got your license plate.

Chrome oil tank $65.50
Gas tank $44.95
Primary cover $33.95
Wonder if those mail in order forms are still valid?