Thursday, December 31, 2009

A year in review..a new one around the corner


Can't say it was a bad year..still sucking air, riding, looking at the lawn from the top side..Lost friends, new friends and diet dew friends..May next year be your year...good luck to all my friends in 2010...



Saturday, December 26, 2009

We the Sheepeople....

We the sheepeople have spoken,,ya according to the Barrack suck ups in the press 65% of the country does not want health care to be run by Washington..but yet our elected clowns tossed out 100 billion in pork to get the needed vote to clear the first hurdle..We spoke out..most at the water cooler at work, while reading the morning paper on the shitter or in other deep dark corners where no one cares..

So we have ourselves to blame for where we are today..Didn't vote for what..we didn't pursue stopping this with enough vigor..we are the sheepeople and the jerks off we elect understand that..We bitch a little than drop our drawers and take what ever they hand us..It sucks but that is exactly the way it works..

So be proud..we have another vote and more pork for your kids and grands kid and there kids to pay for..Might be time to step out of the shitter and into the streets..Sheepeople..


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays to all...

It was starting out as a story that was yet to be told..Let's see how the night plays out..

I was asked yesterday why if I was not a religious person do I embrace the holiday..Simple,,,it is the sprirt of the day..I wonder why we can't practice it everyday..Oh well I'm as guilty as the next on that one..

So best wishes to all my new friends in blog land..those who follow and those who just stop by..The common bond of bikes brings together..You all have made it a great year in cyber land..and in many ways in life..Thanks for your sharing both good and bad..Thanks for your support and the laughs..they each one have meaning..

Let see how the story plays friends...


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mondo, Easyriders and life in the 1980's..


The year was around 1981..I stumbled into a little dirty shop in Fresno looking for clutch plates for 1964 Panhead..The dude at the counter pointed to the back room and said go see Mondo..That was my introduction to a life long brother..

Painter by trade..Harley builder by choice, family man when it called..we shared some hard riding..when his ride was picked to be in Easyriders we rode the 300 miles to the photo shoot..Did anyone hear that we rode to the photo shoot..

Easyriders in the 80's was a biker mag..not like today's rag..Spyder, Mutha, Dave Mann..stories from the road and a ton of pics of what we did..ride..Mondo had this ride inside in 1984..I found the issue after cleaning out a storage unit..My Panhead is next of I can find that issue..I handed his first ride pics  to him yesterday..It all falls into place..we have a plan..Diet Dew's..long cold nights in the garage for the next few weeks..Go two Shovels and a the Dirty ones Pan to reserect....

Old Harley's and new technology..Not old school..don't even say it..Coming of age..doing it the way we always have..We have a plan..see ya in Sturgis..and we are riding to that photo shoot..



Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rant's from a Harley Snob and other little known points of view.....

I know it is hard to figure..The Rat a Harley snob..well I'm confessing..I tried to change my ways..We had a cancer kids ride Sunday and I invited a friend..notice I can't bring myself to say ride with us..He bought him one of those Yamiewhooper V-Sluts or what ever they call them..Bragged how he paid so little then dumped $10,000 grand into thingies..But it is still cheaper that a Harely..OK..So Sunday rolls around and the weather sucks..but some of us still ride..The dude is late..should we just ride..No I'm trying to kick a habit..Notice I didn't say a bad one..

So I buckle under my own intense internal pressure and dial the phone.. Hey dude where waiting on you..Quote from the mouth of babies..It might rain I didn't think you would ride in bad weather..I'm not taking the bike out it is a real bitch to clean and it's not safe to ride in the rain..Well that just plain ruined all the hard work that had gone into changing my ways..I AM A HARLEY SNOB..and proud of it..

The ride was good..wet at times and saw a few snow flakes..Fabian my little man who has been fighting the big C is winning the battle..I meet his parents for the first time..touching and it left me feeling both overjoyed for the little man and wondering how to help Mom and Dad..Young hard working people have had to give up everything for the one thing they love..Love you to little will work out..see ya as you walk out the door...

Now a few of life's little observations.. 

What do you call a lawyer who can't make it in private practice..

Mr. President

What do you call a bus load of lawyers running off a cliff..


With loud pipes no one can hear you fart..

Bumper sticker..How do you like your change now..

The government does not give a fuck about you, it all about them..

George Carlin  RIP brother..

Life is to short to worry..I'm going riding...


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Road Food,,,Spam or Bacon???

It's an argument that has raged since the horse and buggy days..Well almost that long..what is the best toss it in your bag and ride meat..or sorta meat???

Now let's set the stage..or re-live old rides..You and your favorite band of road tramps just hard pounded a grand worth miles in fourteen hours..your ass hurts..shoulders ache and you have no idea who the wise ass is that decided to sleep in this flea infested rest area..and to top it off your belly is thinking your throats been cut..Diet Coke and half melted snickers bars are looking like dinner when someone in the crowd tosses out a can of of Velveeta shells,,pre made stuff and a yellow onion..It's road gourmet chow time..

Now bacon only works well in the winter..If you stash bacon next to you underwear on a summer ride and don't open the diddy bag for a few days you got a mess..try and explain those skid marks bubba!! But bacon is king gourmet road food when you can keep it from dripping..pull out a pound of bacon after a long hard run you the number one bro for the night..

Now pre ride foods is a toss up..Apple smoked, thick sliced bacon gravy and buttermilk bisquits will get you  a day's praise..but spam frieds with onions, red potato's and eggs rolled in a tortilla can also gain you road food fame..It's a tough question..what rules the road..Spam or Bacon????? I'm headed for breakfast..