Monday, November 7, 2011

Yer i'm Still Alive

Bought me a 1980 FLH , found it though a friend who said it was sitting in a Garage unloved an gathering dust .

Brought it home an had its Jugs removed as the motor was slapping a little . Needed a 20thou overbore to sort that out . Then I commited the Cardinal Sin an stuck a EVO CV Carb on it . Tell yer what it makes a huge difference , bike runs way smoother than before . I love this bike lots an i've still got me other one aswell .

All i've done is the Rebore , fitted a rack , changed the bars as the originals made it a pain to park indoors an fitted the Carb . Next up is some diferent Exhausts an maybe a set of forwards . got a few hundrd more miles to do to finish running in the new Pistons an Rings but no rush it'll get done .

Love the Sound this Engine makes . happy as a pig in shit now i've finally got meself a Shovel .

Anyhow here's a Pic of me New ol Bike .

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fifty...looking back, moving forward...

Woke up from a dream only to find I was dreaming..Fifty...Mom,,Inspiration, Free thinking never follow the crowd follow your heart..Believe and never fear fighting for what you believe or what is yours..gone early always in my heart and mind..I still believe..Dad..Lot's of years to figure out..I got it now..I understand..

Always out spoken,,even as a kid..Tasted the soap early and often..Excelled when inspired..withdrew in a crowd..could always be alone when surrounded..Sports..Bell bottoms..Bad hair and cowboy boots..Game winning double in the championships..Panama Red..Boones Farm apple wine..Panhead project..a job..always a and Southern Comfort..Dear hunting and movie dates..The Mid Way drive in..Sister Mary Elephant..U.S. Army..Teens no better times at the in my lane..

Growing up..Germany..The Grossman..still a brother in arms and in life..Back to work..the ride..Palm Springs to Tampa..Cuba Town best beef around..Back and forth..ride the sea..ride the roads..Sunrise outside Tuscon..Sunset in New Orleans...A thrill ride..every ride..The Dirty One..master short many chemicals and never enough an alcoholic a workaholic..looking for a big ladder to climb..never look back. never know it happens until it bites you on the ass..but instilled madness never lets you slow down..driven..riding like you never rode only to find it takes longer to get there and you missed more things along the way..Slowing down just isn't in the cards..painful memories are only's all what you make of them..Happiness is always within reach..'s been the most painful yet fulfilling year of them all..I stumbled on pure Sunshine..the only thing that has held me together..I found life to be annoying..hard and love of work and accomplishment faded..I chuged through my days without vigor..was it just fifty? Wealth and  health problems..been a hard tough year..for most I do and how you handle it have made me understand it..I'm regressing back to living, forget the bad and welcome what life has given..I hear the old shovel coming back to life..I feel arms around me and dusty roads calling..time to kick it in the ass for another fifty..welcome home Rat Bastard..ride on...


Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Tics...welcome to the jungle

...Occupy Wall street... It's hard to take it serious until you question it..Who pays the bills, keeps the reefer and munchies flowing..What do they want..our our way of life..Give me youth,,supported by a socialist movement with cash..get them in the induct them into your way of thinking..easy targets in disgruntled youth, hell we have a whole country disgruntled both on the right, in the middle and on the left..we have inept leaders..inept misses the point we have been sold out by our political system on all levels..

Herman the talking heads explain how he doesn't have a chance..The insiders don't get it..we the people have had enough we don't want political insiders or career politicians drive the ship anymore..They have spent the last 60 years destroying our country..Giving away our hard earned money, supporting those who are nothing but leeches on our way of life..Tell mister Obama how the hell political contributions can buy a loan of half a billion dollars,,,no wait we have another one about to bite the dust for 1.2 billion dollars of our hard earned money..2 billion dollars of tax payers hard earned money down the toilet and you want more..Screw you and screw DC..Time to stand up and be counted..Hang in there Herman we the people support you..

Now enough is enough..Time to disrupt the system and take back what is ours..our country,, our freedom and our voice..speak loud,,be proud..Toss them in 2012...I hear Steve Miller   in the back ground..Jungle Love baby...It's driving me mad it's making me crazy....

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Dust Devil

Sat down with a rant...politics..Felt a twinge of missing my Sunshine..miles do that..Working on the lifetime cure for that problem..Then I saw the Dust Devil..

Started out as nothing but a small swirl..moving slow,reckless and clinging to life..struggling to become it grew it took shape..gained direction, power and will..when it reached it full capacity..all it could be it moved through whatever was in its worries overcoming all obstacles..Then in a mere second it was gone..never to be seen again...not much different than us m friends..enjoy it while you have it...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Questions for the President

First how does it feel to surpass Jimmy Carter as the worst president in modern history?

If your jobs bill will create jobs why is the majority of the spending to expand unemployment benifits another 99 week's?

Do you feel by keeping fourteen million Americans unemployed it boosts your voter base?

Do you understand we are Not a socialist country and share the wealth is not in our constitution?

Do you understand that creating jobs in government only ads to our nations depths?

At so point you must have wondered how long Americans would buy into your bullshit, do you understand those days are behind You?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rat...Cleaning up our great nation. ..2012

We suck as country..Thanks to not only our worthless president but our entire buddy system of DC..Untill we as the people take back what is ours nothing will change..Rat's tossing his skull cap in the platform. ...
Start where the heart of the problem begins..our founding father served our country for pride and honor..lets go back to it..salaries will not exceed $100,000..president, Congress or Senate. .same health care as is forced on the people and no retirement. .
If we don't have a balanced budget in place no one in the senate or congress is to be paid..all pay is lost in the period of no budget..Seniors and military will always be the first persons paid in the event of no budget. .Social Security and Milatary retirement is the first thing we fund..
Wars are to be fought by our military not our politicians. .
We will no longer give aid to countries who want nothing more than to see us dead..Stupid research and feeding and providing health care to any other country until we can care for our own..
Close our boards...want in do it legally. .not here legally go home and start over..
Change our presidents term to 3 years..limit 2 terms. Limit one 6 year term in the Senate and 3 terms of 2 years in the house..
All new legislation to be posted for the people to reveiw 10 days prior to vote..
Abolish all green legislation and disband the EPA..
The government does not create jobs,enter or interfering with private business. .no more Fanny Mae..Freddy or business bailouts. .
Sell the post office to private industry.
More to come...toss the tramps in 2012

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Last Ride,a Cheezy Ending

The human mind is a fucked up thing...left brain,right brain or just brain dead..Simple things like making a phone call erode someplace in the big empty hollow between the ears..Wants and needs are replaced by twisted thoughts. ..right and wrong become none exsistant..Personal pain outweighs what really matters...Lost is an understatement. ..
The thought of losing the ability to ride overcame the ability to care,share and enjoy the feeling of the one who truely cares..Walk away...park life in your personal cave. .Dwell, self inflicted suffering..not a cure but a warped insight, selfish but undeniable until the small impulse of alone sets in...a phone call,a simple cure with a voice on the other end of the line...a lost smile returns. .a smooth painless heartbeat resumes. ..Life moves on...Happiness returns reaching new heights. ...thanks Sunshine. ..Rat's alive again...

Friday, September 9, 2011

Jobs my ass

Politics been avoiding it..pisses me off to no end..up to the point we toss each and every rotten dog ball licking scoundrel out of Washington we as a nation will continue to suck..The answer to growth in this once great nation is get your slimy politicians ass off our backs..stop spending our money on your buddies and useless programs...paying people to stay home..helping foreign fucking countries that want nothing more than to blow us up...realize global warming was Al Gores meal ticket...and green jobs are comic relief..block the boarders and deport all 14 million illegal voters...
We need to start today...toss them...the new campaign cry for 2012...
Thank you for your support....your vote will not be wasted...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Last Ride

Should have started east but went north, life had been sliding south...Eyes are letting me down, I can see but just have no trust in my vision..of anything around me..I decide riding a night is best, nobody can see my pain...
As I roll into Reno the morning sun begins to break..the thrill of the road soften the pain...Loss and lost my mind searches...why...on to Yreka maybe the answer lays between here and there...The road has never let me down...
Yreka has been good to me,for me in the past yet today it's just anothet spot on the map..a bed and a meal..On to Aberdeen..
Memories going on 30 years,,yes it has changed..I've changed..I feel loss..Those I have lost...those I need, those I turn my back on and those who waited..Why today in a place so remembered yet changed do these feeling tug at me so hard..I need the road..Boise
Chill as I roll in, with nothing in my mind to lose I chased my demons here..Pain was camped in my room..I need to keep running, escape..ride..Tulsa..
Sometime in the dead of night I awaken going 90, lightning flashes behind me...I let my life slip between my fingers, unfocused and uncaring until it was gone..I need it back..To JC I ride..
In big parking loy filled with cages I sit..I see..I ache for all things past..I feel pain,,I see pain...I run..I ride...I think..How did I do this...why can't the wind right me..The road sooth me as it had in the past...Reach out..break out...if all things meant to be are true you will know..I rode through the night with a plan..a dream...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Winding Down

Strange how life comes and goes..Fought my long hard a chance to try a new cure but the body said enough. Time to let it wind down and take its course.

I have managed to put friends and family behind..moved..shut up..clamed up and walked away from everyone..wanna be one worried..stressed..I got enough..don't care to share has enough to go around..still got no complaints..been one hell of a ride..

Thanks to all who  read..follow and enjoy this blog..writing and feeling good go hand in hand..just don't have to juice to share but have stories to tell..maybe in the near future it will come to me..until then ride free my friends...later

Monday, May 23, 2011


Well tried to upload some pics off the droid phone...ya sounds like roid you  see didn't work..

Not riding...Back in the mist of new treatment...Visions sucks..glance off to the side and see a million neon lights..dam shame, spent a ton of cash in my youth searching for that spending it to get rid of it..

Life in Barfstow is different..Dealing with the military contracts is different...Missing life..lost freinds and the one far away..doc say's I got's boredom dipshit..I'm shaking it off..looking forward to seeing Willie D...

On a last sure way to know our president is lying!!! His lips are everytime...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Ever hit that stage where a good pizza tastes like bread and cheese, Starbucks tastes like Folgers and nothing really lights your fire..well been there..

Over worked, under paid..just not in the mood to write..politics suck..the worlds taking a major dump and nobody seems to really take it all in..or like me just try and ignore it..well I'm taking some down time to write in a few weeks..nothing more than kick back..enjoy good company and a little and chew some be back soon..

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Ever dodge tumble weeds....

Thursday, March 10, 2011


A small tribute to my lost brother,,comrade..We walked a fine line between citizen and low life for many a moon, never captured, always close..we lived in a time where a man took his differences out the backdoor and slugged it out..never a real winner and when it was done it was done..thrill, spills and chills..lived for today...partied like it was 1999..go figure...we grew..we learned hell we reformed was the first ride..

Meet Ernie in the winter of 1982..building automated box forming machines..I was the wire man and he was the wrench..we spent the first few weeks wondering who was gonna snap first until we finally settled in and decided to go share the first brew..We were exact opposites Ernie was out of the low rider world..clubber..I was still lone wolfing..rider and walking a fine line..we hit it off at a little club, the White Water Tavern..the start of 30 years of friendship...of life..

Ernie had an old pan, beat and worn..must of been January we decide to tackle it, I had boxes of parts and bling..Ernie had a warm garage and cold when we could pull ourselves away from fine dive bars, strip joints and tattoo parlor's we rebuild that pan..Wrapped it road ready in mid April..and decided to ride..

That first Friday night we cashed our checks and got ready to roll..I 'm thinking I'm gonna lay back and watch this psyco grease monkey for a bit..well the dirty one knew his way around a throttle..we headed to the Bomb Shelter.. Now in 1982 a biker bar was a little different then they tend to be fact that might be why they don't really exist anymore..todays bike bars are black tie to these dives..Back to the Bomb the parking was in back and the only way to get there was through the bar..made for an interesting approach to parking and walking to the head..better look both ways before you take a we roll in, first night riding.. Nice 50 miles trip getting the feel of the road..found comfort riding with the freak..not something that happened much..

So a couple of brews down and not much action we decide to hit the Backdoor..another dive with what were called dancers..always fun..well almost...a dead night a the hotspots happen it was early and the air was warm..we headed to the hills..Maybe the we are pumping some ethyl the dirty one asked if I had ever been to the Roadhouse..Badger..No never heard of it..we turn off on 245 and rolled through the night, twisting and turning till we pulled up to the little wooden barn...could hear the bad band cranking..smell the grill cooking...taste the mountain air..freedom of the ride still shacking through my bones as we walked in the door..ever step in a joint and knew it was fit..We walked through those doors a few hundred times over the years and it always felt good..we found our hole..we partied till the sun cracked over the hills..thank you Bro..

I'm missing you Brother..we learned..we grew..we fought..we stood side by side and back to back..toe to toe a few times..we never backed up or backed down..always moving ahead..right or wrong at times..Not much really matter we could laugh..long and hard at anything..You maybe laughing at me now..I get 20 never gonna live to 30 at 30 it was never gonna see 40 it was any day now..well we out lived our expectations and we did it well my friend..I'm not gonna hurry catching up with you..but everyday I'll think about a love affair with Tanya Tucker singing Delta Dawn in in that broke dick dog Impala and laugh my ass off..Mr. Pelican..See ya bro.. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Via Con Dios Dirty One

Lifes has to many twists and turns to ever understand, you were here now your gone. Wasn't there beside you but for a few seconds, you fought hard, always did..

We were lucky in life my brother, we rode hard, fought hard,  worked hard, we laughed hard...We shared the good the bad the ugly...alway laughing..Ride that long dusty road my brother on that pan that never breaks...enjoy greasy burgers that don't plug your viens...we will ride again someday...

I hope to finish this someday...good bye my friend...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Snow Baby

snow..about 10 minutes of it..enjoy!!!!
The pretty Blue 67 Shovel reminded me of the first new real Harley I remember,,,guy next doors Dad bought one and I can still feel the thrill of the first time he took me for a ride....Thanks Les...see what you started..

Had some eye surgery..and ear I guess..sort of stopped my riding for the last couple of weeks..getting better..well not as foggy anyway..

I'll be back..LOL.. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Back in the Saddle

Well let's try out the new Droid phone. New number, new town and all that shit.

Raining in the desert this morning. Miss the smell of fresh wet dirt, sort of smells like a dirty hamster cage this morning here. Did a little exploring last night, got wet, got heartburn and got to listen to what was by far the worst bar band ever. Had a hell of a time, plan on going back next week. Pics coming soon..enjoy..anyone wants the new number drop me a line!!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


A 26' and a 24' truck..2 car trailers, a couple of pick up trucks and a ton of work..I in the high to ride some yesterday..Hit Peggy Sue's for a burger..not bad..cracked the shovel done some tiny winding roads..thinking of change. Now it is at a point can't change, change. Killer really..fresh place..fresh air..things that need explored..still haven't hooked up the TV or other stuff to enjoy..amazing how it becomes an we can't live without it..try it you'll get over it..

Gonna be in the upper 70's here a jeep that's never really got to go out and play..packing some grub, guns, water and the boys and rolling out in the wide a map of some old mines and caves so going some pics if I ever turn on the net..if not enjoy from afar to keep the damn phone and can't get pics to a mountain calling hasta la vista baby..

Sunday, February 6, 2011

duplicolor shadow

has anybody used it?
what is it? - a two shaker can thingie - turns bright, shiny chrome into black shiny chrome
got a pair of chrome fender rails out back - never have liked em - too blingy
thought about having them blasted and coated
thinking I'll try the 2 can thingie instead - unless a bunch-o-peeps come back with
"shit sucks"
won't get done til it warms up here and with about a 3 foot cover of snow
well, gots plenty of time to do the research
oh - cost is like 19 bucks so even if every and all say
"don't bother"
I'm thinking for 20 bucks I'll shake a pair of cans and see what I see
cabin fever - all projects seem cool this time of year
the weather breaks and then it's
fuck it - let's ride

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Moving...makes you realize you got some shit, more shit than will fit in a 26 foot uhual..

So where does all the shit come we accumulate shit, only if we eat lot's of beef they say..well that would make me full of shit..maybe..back to the shit we had on the parts for blinging rusty shit stacked on my shit..but do you really give a shit..I doubt it..I don't..

So digging the desert..missing friends and all that shit..have not hooked up cable or hurry just more shit to do..enjoying work..stress and all the shit that goes with some ride pics and my deep dark tan soon,,when I get my shit together..see ya...

how to

Shovel Snow
for those of you that have never been "blessed" by the "dig out or die"
this is a mini tutorial
Step 1 - this is the most important step - if you do not do as I say - well, you best do this first - just sayin'
Before the shit hits - bring a shovel inside - if you wait until after the shit hits - well, you just didn't read Step 1
Step 2 - once the shit has hit AND settled down at least a bit - grab your shovel and STEP OUTSIDE!!!
common sense tells you to do this but I hadda add this for the harley guys
Step 3 - once outside you will notice a MASSIVE accumulation of white "stuff" - that is snow - see what you can see - if you can almost make out where your car might be then it ain't too bad
if'n all you can see is white - fuck it, grab your cell - dial a pro and tell her to bring a shovel - if'n she makes it to the door then - and only then - negotiate price - if'n she ain't to your liking - no biggie and your walk might almost be clean - shouldda thought of this one earlier - but
Step 4 - if you are about to shovel then have yourself a looksee in regards to where you'll be piling the snow - REMEMBER - it may only be 3 or 4 feet deep but when shoveled the pile - which will extend from where you began to where you finally conceded defeat will be over your friggin' head so - plan where the snow will go
there might be a whole bunch more steps but I haven't gotten there yet
and for those of you that did not bring the shovel in before the shit hit
y'all gotta be harley guys so - do what comes natural
grab you a big ole mug of frappywhippedshit - assume the "pose" and
should any roll by wonderin' why you ain't cleanin' what Mother Nature dumped - simply tell em what they already knew
"shovel's in the shop, gettin' new bling installed - gettin' it back in maybe 6 weeks"

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

this is fun

there's 6 to 8 on the ground with 2 foot drifts and another 16 or more forecast before this crap ends - that's inches and snow
being the wise old fuck that some claim me to be - having driven home just once from our current location in a storm that was nothing compared to this - well, I did inform those that sign my check, on monday - "seeya thursday - maybe"
the power has flickered way too many times and the worst will hit as I sleep so - I did think to self earlier - "whatyagoonado if'n ya wake to dark, cold and no power"
I loaded the power company's # into the cell so I can - if need be - check on length of outage and the non-e police # for the village so I can check on shelters
the plan would be to grab kid, mutt, lizard and split
now - the night might pass a whole bunch better if'n a hot, leggy lass where to - well, you know - but then I'm thinkin'
just another body to worry about if the shit really hits the fan
so - I'll cuddle with a flashlight instead
which sounds all wrong but it'll light the path - although I'd still prefer the leggy lass
and tomorrow - should we still have power and heat
shovel my way out
ain't life grand????

Sunday, January 23, 2011

More Route 66...and other un-interesting stuff..

Still settling in..A few route 66 to take the Glide out today..Last check as it heads to Long Beach Friday... Gets a boat ride and a quarantine...It's headed to Sydney Austrailia..Let's wait out the rest of the story..

Seems the Long Lost Fur Bunny showed back up..Good to see ya brother Click..drop me a line I got an offer for you..I was about to turn this thing off..I could use a new second bastard around here..

Been a long strange trip..A few of you know I have been dealing with some health shit..Doctors pulled treatment a few weeks back..Now it's not one of those gonna be pushing daisies in week things..No real time thing,just reached a point they could do no more and I could take no more..Lot's of things go through your head..I have made life changes, walked away from good people and opportunity since I have been dealing with it..In a way it is a relief..time to just go for it..big reason for the move..need a new outlook and a fresh backyard to ride in..This is the last of this conversation...from either of us OK.. 

Hoping to be settled in and riding daily by next week..High Desert is great..I you enjoy the show..

Friday, January 21, 2011

why are we not MOVING??!!!!

I roll out of the lot and head down the street - reverse commute, homeward bound
there's a car or two ahead and I'm wondering how long the wait might be to make that right - turns out there's little if any traffic - the outdoor temp is 3 and it's more than a bit windy so my wait should be minimal
a jumbo sized SUV eases out of the White Castle lot, directly in front of me
I give it no thought -
I glance left and there's nary a vehicle to be seen so I'm ready to continue the commute - start it, actually - but
the SUV hasn't budged - not even a bit and it's straddling both lanes - that being the left turn and the right turn
I sit for a sec or so and wonder - "what the fuck???" - but I'm still in a chill kinda mode
traffic picks up a bit and then clears and there I still sit - so - I pop the horn - just a quickie tap - no response from up front so I tap it a pair of times
and I get a wave around
now from where I'm sitting there's no around - both friggin' lanes are blocked so I sit for another little bit - which wasn't really long and decide
gonna step out and get his/her attention and ask if they'll move
a sharp rap on the roof - a bit of a glare - maybe a somewhat stern "MOVE!!!"
and I'll be on my way
I stepped out - clad mostly in black except for the goats that faithfully warm my hands from the cold - black boots, pants, hoodie, jacket and - because it's more than a bit windy - raybans - even though it is a chunk past 6 in the p.m. dark
got a sinus thingie that's been buggin' me and the glasses block the wind - they're a nice effect too
I wander up front and what to my wondering eyes did appear but a massive, hulking, fill this jumbo SUV and then some momma and she's sorting through bags and bags of food - arranging her "this oughtta hold me til I get home" feast - she had enough layed out to feed a family of 6 - DAMN!!!!
I watched for a sec and just as she almost had everything where she wanted - I smacked that top
pure friggin' panic set in and I swear she shit - her head snapped my way - eyes filled with "HOLY FUCK!!!" - she caught sight of me and what followed was friggin' priceless - food, every bit of it, flew everywhere - nary a spot in that mega-mobile was free of it - and that massive shake she was sippin' just launched - she slammed that thing into gear and BAM!!! - gone
I walked back to the car - put it in gear and FINALLY continued on my way - wearin' just a bit of a smile - which warmed me nicely
I did wonder for just a sec how she'll ever clean that shake from the headliner - but
only for a sec

Thursday, January 20, 2011

file this in the

"whattadumbfuck" folder
Jesse James to marry again
What's up Jesse - twice bitten wasn't enough?
and your choice third time round - I have seen her a time or two on da tube - and a time or two was all I could handle
she takes "high maintenance" to it's ultimate degree
oh well - it's your pie they be gettin' a piece of

can you tell it's cold and funky up north and I'm friggin' bored?
nice thing about blogs - they're easily deleted and I'm damned good at doin' dat

property transfers

so I'm trying to make good use of the internet cuz
most of the fun has been sucked outta the sucker over the years
"local property transfers" catches my eye and so I think to self
"let's see how recovered ye just might be"
which was not the best of things to do
equity is down - from the inflated "shouldda dumped this fucker then" by a good 250k
and you know - way down deep - there are times when the only thing that can set this rock back on axis
is a blow job
doesn't even hafta be a really good one - ya know???

clearin' out the crud

how's this work? - friggin' forgot

Monday, January 17, 2011

Route 66..just getting here..

Just getting moved in..Missed out on one perfect day to ride..Hence you end up with ashtrays and coffee cups..Little ice in the high desert a couple weeks snow here too..Ft.Irwin crest rock, blow it up and check it out..More to come....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Get'n my kicks on Route 66.....

That's it boy's and girls the Rat's heading to a new hole..Route 66 in the backyard..stay tuned for rides, sunshine and the new pool..LOL...or pond...more of a pond type dude..

Short rant,,,heart goes out to all those effected by the Az weekend shootings..

To all the complete morons who blame right wing radio, the Tea Party, Sara Palin, Ratster, militia's and America's finest..suck eggs dipshits..get a life...try thought...A sick young dude who wanted fame, didn't have a clue but had a gun did it..nobody made him or drove him to it..It's completely sick to attempt to use this tragedy for political should be lined up and.......

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Let me take a little of your time..Time, ever think about it..I started thinking of time as a condom, serves a purpose but restricts pleasure..but then again I never really thought about time but found it time too..I'll get to that in due time..If your in a hurry don't let me waste your time..

Waste your time or wasted time..Now can I waste your time..only if you are willing to let me..even then it's your time so your wasting it not me..Can I waste my time..ya if I want but if I'm doing or not doing becuase I chose to did I waste it or use my time as I wished??? Now if your thinking I'm on your time and wasting it there might be a valid point if we can figure who owns time..I'm not going to waste anymore time trying to figure it out..Time to move on..

Now if you read this far you must be thinking I go to much time on my hands..Just the opposite I have limited time..but I'm thinking the limit to my time is the time I limit it..Now I could use time wisely..why start now..wait let me check my Timex...Who though up the whole time thing..24 hours a day..rotation of the earth around the sun and the moon..365 day's a year, until leap year..who screwed that one up...before my time..If who ever created time had know then what we know today I'm thinking day's would be 48 hours long..that would give us more time to get things done..Wait time out..where is this heading..

Who cares, we got to share some time..Hope you had a good time with it,,time to go...Catch ya next time..