Sunday, November 15, 2009

kick kick kick start you B'stard


ratone said...

Your still in one piece..leg didn't snap in half...and it looks killer bro..damn fine build..

mq01 said...

beautiful pug!!

Allen Madding said...

that so makes me thankful for electric start :)


Pug said...

gotta admit i suprised myself almost 25 years to the Month since I last Kickstarted a Bike

now gotta Practise a bit so i can get the fucker to fire up easier

also need to borrow a Strobe light and check the Timing is in the right place i guessed at it with the Assembley instructions being written by a asshole i had no choice

Maybe it'll make it easier to start , fuck knows but i'm happier now i have the choice between kicking the bike or pressing a button

i just need bigger leg muscles lmao

Willy D said...

Hell, that starts pretty easy. Good choice on changing the pedal looks good. Would have been funny if it fired while the dog was in the video.

Pug said...

nah i waited till the dog moved before firing it up ,kinda like animals and the last thing i needed was a dog yapping in the Video