Monday, August 10, 2009

Post 100..The Dirty one interviews the Rat..The Movie..

Dirty: So you have been making movies..Tell me about them..

Rat: Two Rat Bastards Productions have been secretly working on a few short movies..As you know, your in them..

Dirty: Tell me about don't park there..

Rat: I is a dark comedy based on 3 bikers, a black care giver and a quadriplegic parking in the normal people spaces..It was done in fun but so far reaction have been less than friendly,,been puked on and had a purse swung at me..

Dirty: I have seen the film and feel it would draw a diverse reaction..I think Bill O'Rielly would hunt you down and beat your ass..

Rat: Bill's a little old but looks like he can handle himself still..To anyone outside the actors it may look bad,,your wife shooting the movie with my Blackberry and screaming call the cops didn't help..

Dirty: Ya she should win an award for that one..So you going to put it up..

Rat: I'm thinking that Raghead bikers at 7/11 or Can I help you might be a better way to test the water..Ragheads are still a good target..and if you ride a Harley you should find humor in Can I help you..It's a what,,Bubba come on out here and check this thing out..He called a Yondododo or something..

Dirty: You might want to not call them Ragheads..

Rat: Dude you made a great Raghead..all you needed was a camel..well after the goat deal in our youth I was thinking live animals were a bad idea..

Dirty:You better not fucking write that..why you so weird dude????..

Rat: is that a question????

Dirty: Ya Fucker let's here why your so strange..

Rat: First off I would say it comes from the people I hang with..Second it could be something to due with caffeine levels..Third it is from lost brain cell working on your bike in the shit hole you call a ever clean that dump??

Dirty: Hey, I'm asking the question here..Why does you bike leak so much oil??..

Rat: During the last rebuild I poked holes in all the gaskets so morons like you could ask stupid questions and feel good about themselves doing so..and I ride it till a fails and duct tape will no longer work..

Dirty: We have had fun, lost friends, made friends, got in jams and got out of them..We have broke the law and still do but to a smaller been in the shit a few times..If you could start over what would you do..

Rat: The life and lifestyle I wouldn't change a thing..Some of the people through the years I would change the way things turned..Some I would have used a little bigger pistola on..

Dirty: So it's been a good thing???..

Rat: You know what Bro..Who would have ever figured..I'm sitting here with a dirt bag who has two great sons I Harvard..A doctor and a lawyer..shit..I have what I need to survive and more..still got some miles to ride, smiles to smiles and movies to make..Let's ride Dirty One..I smell grilled onions cooking..Number 100 in the books,,many more in the works..See Ya..



FLHX_Dave said...

Wholly shit! This was fucking funny. Thanks for making my Tuesday. Where are these flicks?

ratone said...

We are working on a disclaimer..LOL..anyone know how to edit video???

Pug said...

i wan't some of the Drugs yer taking please ratty

ratone said...

Life..the drug of choice..somedays we forget to live and I'm trying to keep on the schedule anymore..LOL