Saturday, November 28, 2009

Missing a Gear..

Ya ever miss a gear, no not on the scoot but in life. I have missed a gear over the last couple of months. It's not a bad thing but something experience..

I ride, it is what has driven me to be me since my teens..I just hit 49 a couple of weeks back..Riding and the friends, the lifestyle have given me everything I have wanted through out those years. The last few months were the same yet different. I got some hard riding in this year with some good friends..I reach out and made amends to some old friends..Gypsied life for a month just like the old days..searched for something new and still morn something lost..

I found a place. Not what I was searching for but when I walked in the door it reached out to me..I have found comfort in it..I find myself not riding but enjoying home where home has always been where ever my head landed that night..I find myself sitting on the patio with two fingers of Famous Grouse and cigar watching the dogs play or in front of the fireplace watch old black and white movies, not riding..Everyday like on old drug habit I get the urge but it has been seldom I cave into it..

The Shovel well she understands..her new paint and motor parts are on the shelf above her..She knows this is her year..My painter is dying to get his hands on top end dude calls twice a week asking were her jugs are..This is the year she is getting done to become a local runner..semi retired..gonna replace her for long rides..she is and always will be my girl..Every time I walk past her I think today is the day..

It will happen..thanks for understanding you old oil dripper..



Willy D said...

Talk about déjà vu. It’s like I saw a ghost. Two years ago I was sitting in front of the fireplace a lot. Riding very seldom. That’s when I decided to re-arrange my Shovel and bought the 07’ Heritage. I was 49 at the time. I’m not sure if age had anything to do with it. Since then years have come and gone without much fan-fare. I think I had reached the point where I just didn’t want to spend the time on the side of the road wrenching. The Shovel still makes a fine grocery getter, or for a 2-3 hour putt around the area. But when I want to go all weekend without any issues, well the Heritage fits the bill. I still love wrenching, but when I want to ride, I want to ride not wrench. And a Shovel being a Shovel, you’ve got a 50-50 chance of pulling the primary off in the middle of nowhere. When I get home the Shovel and tools are right where I left them and the Heritage is still ready to keep going, or sit there and watch me work on her older sister. They both understand.

ratone said...

Willy, you may have nailed it..I bought the 02 this year and it was going to be my rider..I went through it 3 times..put 10,000 miles on it and hate it..we just don't get along so it's gone and I'm looking..

The shovel has had many stable mate through the years and knows she will always be my girl..I might get started tonight..


Willy D said...

Every darn bike it different. I tried several before the Heritage. Even bought an Electra Glide, got rid of it two months later. When I test rode the Heritage we got about one block from the dealer and I turned around and went back. The salesman riding next to me had no idea what I was doing. In that one block test the Heritage felt like an old pair of blue jeans. So I took her home with me. Didn’t need to get on the highway to see how fast it went, (like some dumb ass kid), just needed to see if it felt real. It did.
When the right one come along you’ll know her, she’ll speak to you. Good luck it the hunt.

ratone said...

I rode a Crossbones the other day..about to be a repo..I liked it but as I am riding along I'm making changes..Stop damn it..I want a rider,,get and go..I'm doing the shovel rad..I wanna wake up in Texas on what ever I buy..

FLHX_Dave said...

Hmmmmm...this is an addiction you should never be unthankful for. The view from the chair never changes. The view from the pony never stays the same.

Wez' getting older and shit hurts more now. I get teased about the radio and the fairing...but then again, none of those dude do anything but bar hop. None of them have ever done 1k plus days...fuck 'em. They just don't know.

Pug said...

I'm 50 now an i've still got the urge to build at least two more bikes . bloody motorbikes have kept me on the breadline all my life never a month goes by where i have more than a bit of spare change to buy any of lifes luxuries fucking things rob me blind all the time , hey ho love love my Motorcycle addiction , hell i may even build summit a bit more practical