Saturday, October 31, 2009

Holloween Burrito's

  Damn knew better than to eat that 3 pound, lard fried beef and bean belly bomb off the roach coach..Nap is now mandatory before rolling to the Dirty ones Halloween bash..Hour on the couch and I will be back to my  normal state of Ab-Normal..

I wake up riding..foggy and wet facing 3/4 of a wicked orange moon..Can see but not smell, hear but not understand..worlds a little fuzzy..lights flash behind me but but I can't make them out...Suddenly things become clear, there's midgets on mopeds bringing up the rear..I crank on the throttle and grab another gear..

The faster I ride the closer they get, first one I see is an orange haired little shit...Grab another gear it's time to split..Logic does tell that safe this can't be,,racing the fog at a 103..There's a black cat in the road seems to be waiting on me..Grinning a grin that sends chills down my spine...

Now we know that moped won't go 103, so how in the hell did the midgets get beside me..Pumpkins for helmets and big teethe grins..sitting above little pointy chins..ain't got no gears or more throttle to go but one things for certain there are no brakes in this show..

Into the corner with the short shit's in tow..Hard left hand lean the sparks fly off the hog..Midgets are laughing, hey wait that's my dog..riding on top of my red clay lawn frog..Now my stomachs a flipping and flopping in pain,,I'm a wondering if I'm getting farther insane..

All of the sudden out of the blue..the bells and whistles begin to a sound I remember from my near's the door bell you dummy get off the couch fast..Trick or treat mister the goblin did grin..Halloween is upon us let the fun begin..   

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Coming Down..

Coming down off the mountain is alway's a time to think..dangerous I know.. Burgers at my favorite joint are still greasy and half cooked, just the way I like them..The local bands are normally really bad..but who cares..Bikers are now the minority at the place..leather wearing honda drivers have taken over the top goes on..

Gadgets,,do they make our lives better or are they just another of lives little addictions???? Has any of you ever stopped in the middle of a ride and checked your cell phone for no real reason other than your hooked on it like crack??..I'm guilty..Woke up in the middle of the night and logged on the computer and checked you email..damn..just cause you had to know???..

Is there a 12 step program to help end this we really need a GPS to get to the other side of town..What did we do before all these help full devices were chained to our minds..were we all dead ass lost with no one to talk to, text or email???

Well it all something to think about..I got to go..the scheduler on my Blackberry just told me so..and brought up a map of where I should be after checking my email..and programing my dvr...Have a great day...


Friday, October 23, 2009

Rat-a-tics..Freedom of Speech is MIA, Leftwing loonies and more fun subjects

Here we go again..Nobamians have now set the structure for private industry salaries..the trickle down effect will of course impact us,,the minions..Now in a free, capitalist society we may not like what Joe or Jane Doe bring home and we don't but hey if you can sucker some fool into drop a few million a year into your account more power to we are closing in on being sucks but it's happening..hey and guess  what were letting it..speak up damn it..

Liberals  can't stand the fact that right wing radio and news TV empowers America and raise doubt about the path our country is on..So the thing to do is ban it..Well guess what they are trying to pull the plug on Rush Limbaugh's show on the Armed Forces Network..Freedom of speech now only aplies to those who bow down to the new leader of the not quite as free as we were a year ago..Ya and Rush keeping you from buying the Rams may suck but I would hang around a buy a winner bro..

Health Care: I would love to read the bill but the Senate office in charge say's they can't figure out how to post it on the internet..Maybe they should call in Al Gore or is the Egore and have him do it..after all he created the internet..Snippets seems like if you don't like it and don't want it they big brother org. will come in and fine you $3,800 for not having it..and I thought loud pipe tickets sucked..damn..

This whole political thing sucks..might be time to ride off in the sunset with my American Flags flying and handgun in my saddle bag,,they are next on the long list of lost freedom to be taken away..after they pry it from my cold, dead fingers..Ride Safe all..they haven't got to that freedom yet..


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lost book parts and crash was a bitch..lost part of the book and many stories but it is what it is and I'm piecing it back together..enjoy..

Three days of sitting in a forty year old mobile home in the middle of the desert with warm water, solar power unit that works until about ten pm and living on spam, beenie wiennies and stale Marlboro's has got me thinking. I sure wish lizards could talk and scorpions were friendly..roadrunners were slow..No word from the crew and I've had all I can stand it's time to roll..

Three days of sitting in nowhere and letting the mind speculate on the phone call has got me somewhere between worried and little closer to completely nut's..Nobody showed so each new thought train becomes more doom and gloom. Time to take matters down the dirt road.

The shovel is showing about a quart down and a little past dirty. Means I either got to head to Victorville or Bakersfield..Damn choices anyway, south keeps me farther from the heat and North puts me on the edge of it..My instinct tells me head South while the rest of me wants to get in the middle of it and let the chips fall.

Time to ride...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Harley an Nascar

Been single oh the last 3 Years which as given me the chance to build the Bike and also watch what the hell i like on Telly .

Allways wanted to see Nascar Races and now in the UK you can get them live on Supscription channels , fuck paying for that though found a great site though a online forum i'm in . Been a member there for almost 3 years now and if your a Petrolhead its heaven itself any Motorsport with a engine is there uploaded from all over the World

so the last few years i've been able to watch almost every Race and i love it one day i'm hoping to get over there to Talladega and watch the whole goddam race from the infield .

actually thinking about it if i got over there i may never come home got no real ties here and the thought of taking me and Harley over there is summit that plays on my mind a lot

so hell who knows one day eh

lifes great though Harley is sitting here its now covered over a 1,000 miles and the engine has almost stopped arguing with the frame . managed to get out an about a bit in the last few Twilight Days of Summer .

Nights are drawing in here now though only a few more days before the UK clocks Fall back one hour and the days will be short in daylight and the nights colder .

Not gonna rest though still got a few more things to do on the Bike , Theres a Complete Single Fire Ignition System sitting here just waiting till the next paycheck so i can get the Kickstarter Kit allready got my eye on one and next month it'll be here all being well then all i have to do is fit the fucking thing and work out all the wires on the new ignition system , hell i may even post a video of me struggling to kickstart the fucking thing eventually .Also had to de-ball the Levers on the Bars as it was a real struggle getting the bike in an out loads of twists an turns and after the last incident with my old chop where i caught my left hand and busted a finger i thought fuckit lets make life easier so now there shorter and its easier to park , just me being practicall that's all

Also designing a Metal Rack which will be skinned up with leather an just the right size to hold 24 tins of beer that'll fit on the Left hand side , allready have threaded bosses weleded onto the frame for that , kinda planned ahead for that idea so that'll make it a more complete bike as far as carrying all my shit to rallies

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Duct tape, permatex, JB weld and luck..

Had a last summer run I needed to make..the shovel finally showed it's age and got cantankerous..We needed another day to pay respects to a fallen friend and his family.So I put the old dog on the jack and commenced to patch it up for another ride..Broken bolts and metal shavings in the outer primary, a couple of nice sized cracks found in the inner, primary chain looking a little rough..New bolts, JB weld for the cracks, lot's of permatex and my super secret oil mix..were on the road once again..

Now I called the Chief a friend and we were but it's his younger brother Gene who I grew up with..In 1977 the was a mexican uprising at our high school..Me and Gene missed the initial fight, we were hiding out behind Willies burger joint smoking dope at the time..them damn 70's..once we heard what was going down we split and headed to the OC..small town I grew up in and were the instigators of the shit just so happened to reside. We got caught up in the shit and took an ass kick'n that afternoon..six on two and I would love to say we held our own but if we did it was short term..

Being the cool, calm collect person I have always been I got Gene a ride home and went and loaded up the Winchester 870 with some Pheasant load and went hunting..I was sitting in the old chevy van at the back of OC Liquors like it was my hunting blind when out of no place Chief jumps in the van..He looked at me and then the shotgun and say's..Gene told me you would be doing something stupid like this,,get the fuck out of here and go home..I'll deal with the punks..and did I and the punks were dealt with severely from the tales that were told..

I didn't see either Gene or the Chief for a few year..I did the army thing and they kept on logging..When I got back we ran into each other at the local bars and hardcore parties..Gene and the middle brother Lester would come by my place and party from time to time..Then one morning I was awakened by loud pipes and drunk indians..Chief had got in a fight at Les and Lou's..there was damage done and he needed a place to hide out for a couple of days..I said sure.

We got to know each other during those three days..He left late one afternoon and never made it home for 8 years..Manslaughter and a term in Folsom..About four years ago the cancer got him..Indian health care killed him..on September 29th..

I sat up on a nice sunny Sunday afternoon with Lester Sr. (pops) and Gene..and listened..Lester Jr. died in a car wreck 15 years ago..I partied with him and worked with him for a year..good man..Gene has followed in his fathers footstep..He has worked hard to keep the tribal beliefs and traditions alive..Pops explained how the spirit world is divided into two different worlds that at some point after death will become one..warriors who are restless and must wander until they find piece and the common man and believes who are accepted by the earth upon death..He told me that people like me..and like most of the readers of this blog are warriors, restless souls who shun fear..we will have the chance to wonder with his son someday..

Chiefs ashed were spread by the look out..walking distance to my favorite rock..Late in the afternoon me and the shovel both a little worse for wear fired up and headed for the rock..Chief my friend in your wandering stop by my rock..I'm sure you understand him better than I do..Your father was right and someday we will wonder these hill together..Find peace my brother..I have to ride..


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Back in the real world, if one exsists..

Strange how life plays it hand..lets take house hunting..I wanted away, small and all that stuff..I am home now writing my first post from the new place..Little pink houses..well a way to big ranch in an old established neighborhood you can leave your place unlocked..I was driving by when the own was hammering the sign in the ground..stopped, walked through and had to have it..this was last Sunday and I started moving in Wednesday..It's just a nice place in a nice place..I damn near went out and bought some plaid shorts and a polo pullover..LOL..damn near I said..Well the shovel get's to limp home today so let's see how they like me in the morning..

Been a whole year of things that make me go duh..Spent the summer in the tramp mode..bypassed dealing with the health stuff and it's haunting me today..Ms.Dr. Frankenstein wants to go fishing this week..Got to think about it..Missed opportunities and missed romance..Got a couple of long rides in..saw some states and old friends..My bro Chief lost his battle with life..He fought hard just like in his youth..I'll miss ya Bro..

I'm still looking at the grass from the right side..smiling all the way..Things never change they just the old saying goes..Lifes like a shit sandwich, the more bread you got the less shit you have to eat..Ride them hard and put them away wet friends..


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dedication and other ramblings....

Dedication...A few of my bro's had been working on this for some time..Biker protocol must be followed, permissions given and all the other golden rules obeyed..Rednecks Riders have finally evolved and the Rat tips his hat..I'm happy for you brothers,,ride hard and ride free..

I was stuck in a large office for a few hours during the week..while sitting there I got to listen to the gossip that floats around a room when nobody see you..maybe if the whole world could follow the riders guidelines it would be more fun..

Mass Depression was rampant..but I wonder if we bikers experience the same sort of depression..mine comes from going way to fast on open roads and coming across that paved wash that you didn't see until you were in the middle of it..normally experience a thrill sensation with it..Totally depressed is a dead battery at 10pm..

Tension..How tight you chain or belt need to be..or the real killer is when your rolling into the unknown town and notice the speed you pull the clutch to quite the pipes or hope for the best and downshift..

Worn when I can see the air in my tires or the last 50 miles of the 1000 mile day in the saddle..

Confusion..This was a tough one..I always thought confusion was my only working emotion..but now I'm really confused..let's go riding..or the true or black, chrome or black..

Joy..loud pipes, loud friends..long rides, night rides..sunrise or sunset..road food, the smell of gas,oil and road dust..helping a brother or sister in smiling from the back seat..getting the finger...downshifting for effect..setting off car alarms on main paint jobs..overkill..hugs and bugs..dressing the part..parting from the norm..the wave..knowing..