Thursday, January 28, 2010

State of the real terms..

Commrades, desenting Americans and forgien Dictators..

On the eve of a ball busting defeat I implore my fellow socialist in both houses to contue in the battle to force the unwanted healt care down the throats of the people who have no idea comunism is a good thing..Never stop..They will learn to like it..

I am proud to extend further benifits to my voting base..We can rob those who work to keep you home and happy..Enjoy..

To my camrade Nacy Pigosi..I pledge 8 billion dollars we will have to borrow from China for a train that shall never happen..Spend it like you earned Nancy..

George Bush is still to blame for my falures..he will be until the day I leave..he and his right wing flag waving racsist party have done everything they can to keep our country free..I vow to fight them until my last breath..or next payoff..

To the leaders of the world who I have tried so hard to blow in to friendship..please..and Hugo cut me some slack bro..

In closing I would just like to say..You people suck..I know what's good for you, you clueless thumpers..flag waivers..

Friday, January 22, 2010

Rat's week in review..damn I need some wind..

 Scott Brown..a cosmo model turned politician from a state that had not seated a republican in 50 years has saved us from Nobama care..this could screw up my ranting and force me back into the bike mode..Thank the people of Massachusetts..

I need to ride..been way slow on the throttle this winter..this week we got a little rain..weekend should be good..time to twist a throttle and listen to those straight pipes sing back to as close to sanity as I will ever get..Missing road food,,old friends, new friends and diet dew friends..damn it I'm riding..


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Politically Correct,,the bitch right..

So I'm talking with the son of a buddy..he has a case of the red ass going over health care..sand kicking..hand gesturing rant..So I tell him..speak out..who did you vote for,,He says I don't vote it is a waste of time..Now the rant reverses..Hey have no bitch vote no voice..suck it up son..If you can find the time to whine, then you can find the time to have to earn your bitch right.. damn sad..send food, water, rescue ships and troops..but send million we have to borrow from the Chi-coms no way..Let the frogs bail them their problem..Hell the commies own us..but we keep borrowing..we can save our own asses yet we keep giving to others..where the hell does it stop..

On to the cool things..riding season in the Sunshine state fast do have a ton of work to do..wrenching may turn to and not touch it for a year..ya right..ride on friends and foe's..let life take you where ever the warm wind blows..    

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Seems Ages Ago

Avtually it was Only Last Year i posted on here , so how is everyone doing now ? made any plans for the start of the new Decade ?

I actually managed to get out on the Harley on the first Day of the New Year took a ride down to see some friends at a Club i know the fact that on Offer was a Free Hot Meal and a Warm Drink had nothing to do with it oh no , actually the Chilli an Rice was fucking wicked as was the Company

Really really enjoyed the Ride but fuck me it was a bit cold , bikes running fine adn theres 2 small mods gonna happen to it in the near future one will make carrying beer easier the other should in theory improve the ride qualitly for the front forks somewhat

Country has benn stuck in a Ice Age here it seems for the last two weeks its not like we had lots of Snow but as usual no fucker knows how to drive in anything bigger than 2" of laying Snow , Schools were shut , roads were closed and loads of dickheads were panic buying bread , milk and butter .

Thankfully know the Rain has arrived so its getting Milder and Tuesday Coming up i'm pff tp Pay my Last Respects to a Friend who was taken from myself and many friends and family too soon

Been a bit of rocky start so far but onwards an upwards

take care all of yer

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So after years of Al Gore,loony left wingers, Green Peace and other far left entities like Europe sucking the blood out of hard working Americans we find out Global Warming is a farce..Well they just hide the overwhelming data that it was not and would not ever occur or that we could do nothing about it if it did..

This long term agenda put forth by these lunatics and sold to us by Al Gore has cost us hard working honest Americans Trillions of collars..yet where is the outrage..Once again we grab our ankles and ask for just one more silence..Al Gore has far outdone Bernie Madoff..why is he still walking the streets.. underwear bomber has all but been given citizenship for trying to blow up Americans in our country..In fact so far he has not been called a terrorist he is a disgruntled young muslim..and we muslim groups speaking out against the profiling of their kind at airports..Now let me get this straight..Name the last non-muslim to get on a plane and either fly it into a building or attempt to blow it up???..Short list right..

First the underwear bomber should be in a small room lined with neat tools like cattle prods, cordless drills,, dull wire cutters..water boards and other common tools of a through investigation..He is a fucking terrorist who tried to attack our country..Look forward to this becoming routine..

Things to look forward to in the coming year, Health care combined with the government owning your banking system..what more do they need to have complete control of our little puppet lives..our's coming..

Sit down and read our Constitution..a simple straight forward document that has been bastardized..Take a minute and see what is left and look at what is about to be taken..then figure out if you want to have your America back..Find a spine and then make a stand..     

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Twisting the throttle..

Twisting the throttle..did it yesterday..but I do it most days..My bro the Dirty One went out and bought a new Crossbones..we needed to get a few miles on it..Weather was rough but not park it in the garage and look it so..Hills around us were beckoning..and we hadn't feed the Indians in all fell into place..when you need the road it always does..

There is a strange bond in those who twist the throttle..The Harley bond..takes those who would never speak to each other are friends..if only in the wind..Opposites collide around the sound of the V-Twin and rumble of pipes..

As we pull into the parking area..Harley's abound and find our place we see the people coming and going..Those who have twisted the throttle to reach this destination all feel the bond..A handshake, a nod , a pat on the shoulder..Happy New Year..Through a crowd of many and a few of those who twist the throttle you see the every turn.. Those who ride understand, those who don't will never..

Makes you thankful for a life of twisting the throttle..The wave the head nod..a smile at 60mph..they all mean the same..ride my friend..ride..So to old bro's and new friend and those I have never meet..Let's make 2010 a year to not forget..