Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finally a Weekend away

Needed to do some Shakedown miles on the Harley . Weds night i rode it into the recovery van rolled over to the relief drivers house said to him hey mate we've got one on board usually that signals he has a job waiting , then i said no rush it's mine . Short stop at his digs for a Coffee then i rolled the Harley out of the Truck Gareth just said Ride Safe and off i went for a Short 20 odd mile hop back to my local watering hole . Couple of pints then put the Harley to bed in the Living room.

Following Morning rolled it out again and off i went no direction or idea's just needed miles under the wheels to see whats gonna vibrate loose and fall off , these damm EVO engines get the hump when you rigid mount em the Rubber Mounted previous frame would let the motor bounce and jump around in the frame not anymore now all the vibes are felt through me and it wasn't that bad

Took the Harley out on various roads , stopped after 50 miles walked round the bike whilst having a smoke to see if anything was missing nope hit her up and rode some more , ended up down at a coastal pub thats bike friendly had a chat sunk a pint then off again

finally after 120 miles i got home only needed to tighten up the bars so all in it was a good day

Friday came the proper test had to figure out how the hell i was gonna strap my tent and doss bag on for the weekends rally , across the bars everything went then a big ol courier bag carried me cooker , food and other basic stuff

Anutha goood ride to the Rally rolled her in found a decent spot and put the tent up after that it was hello liver time for some beer abuse for the next two days an nights , catchin up with friends i only see at rallies people slapping me on the back saying how much they like the bike , oh and borrowing a few tools as know the bars where tight the goddam riser bolts ad worked loose still the bike needs a while to settle in and eventually the engine will stop being a b'stard and settle in its new frame right now its just arguing with the frame and running parts a bit me i'm enjoying the ride

love the pic above the late summer sun is low in the sky early evenings now and i just managed by luck to get a decent shot of the bike basking in all its glory watching the world go by

It better get used to the view i'm away this weekend to anutha rally aswell


Mr. Motorcycle said...

It do look purty sittin there enjoying the sun bathing. Glad you finally got on it and got some of the bugs worked out.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

P.S. I'm not nuts, It's only 6:05 P.M. MN time.

FLHX_Dave said...

Nice. No problems huh. Enjoy!

Love the pict also. I'll say it again. That ride just kicks ass.

mq01 said...

pug, its fucking beautiful!!!
loose bars and risers huh...hmmm, ya, it will settle in eventually. if thats all that comes loose, thats really really good. and its a good thing you keep checking everything for now anyway.... i love this pic. i cant wait to see all your gear strapped too :) you gotta love it!!!

Pug said...

if anyone want's full size pics of the bike shoot me a email addi an i'll send em