Thursday, October 15, 2009

Harley an Nascar

Been single oh the last 3 Years which as given me the chance to build the Bike and also watch what the hell i like on Telly .

Allways wanted to see Nascar Races and now in the UK you can get them live on Supscription channels , fuck paying for that though found a great site though a online forum i'm in . Been a member there for almost 3 years now and if your a Petrolhead its heaven itself any Motorsport with a engine is there uploaded from all over the World

so the last few years i've been able to watch almost every Race and i love it one day i'm hoping to get over there to Talladega and watch the whole goddam race from the infield .

actually thinking about it if i got over there i may never come home got no real ties here and the thought of taking me and Harley over there is summit that plays on my mind a lot

so hell who knows one day eh

lifes great though Harley is sitting here its now covered over a 1,000 miles and the engine has almost stopped arguing with the frame . managed to get out an about a bit in the last few Twilight Days of Summer .

Nights are drawing in here now though only a few more days before the UK clocks Fall back one hour and the days will be short in daylight and the nights colder .

Not gonna rest though still got a few more things to do on the Bike , Theres a Complete Single Fire Ignition System sitting here just waiting till the next paycheck so i can get the Kickstarter Kit allready got my eye on one and next month it'll be here all being well then all i have to do is fit the fucking thing and work out all the wires on the new ignition system , hell i may even post a video of me struggling to kickstart the fucking thing eventually .Also had to de-ball the Levers on the Bars as it was a real struggle getting the bike in an out loads of twists an turns and after the last incident with my old chop where i caught my left hand and busted a finger i thought fuckit lets make life easier so now there shorter and its easier to park , just me being practicall that's all

Also designing a Metal Rack which will be skinned up with leather an just the right size to hold 24 tins of beer that'll fit on the Left hand side , allready have threaded bosses weleded onto the frame for that , kinda planned ahead for that idea so that'll make it a more complete bike as far as carrying all my shit to rallies


ratone said...

Come on down Pug..bring that pig iron and I will take the time to clear a spot in the garage..

FLHX_Dave said...

Now that's a picture. Nothing beats watching the boob-tube with your best friend. (or is that best mate over there?)

Pug said...

best mate Dave , beats the human species hands down

Lady Ridesalot said...

Pug... Talladega??? Are you kidding me? That's practically in my backyard! (Well, 70 miles north of me anyway. LOL!

My hubby and I have been Nascar fans forever it seems, and we've been to dozens of races at both; Talladega Super Speedway and the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

We always have a really good time when we are there with our friends, but if you REALLY want to watch the race, your best view is from the stands. If you like to get the feel of real involvement; the sights, sounds and smells of racing... the infield and pit area is pretty cool.

Camping in the infield is quite an experience. If you need privacy... forget it! If you need quiet time... really forget it!! If you like to drink, eat, and watch others drink and eat, all with a deafening roar in the background, then this is your ticket! Oh... and of course there's plenty of babe watching for ya too! (wink)

I've posted a couple stories around my experiences while at Atlanta and Talladega, but my best memory of the tracks did not involve Nascar at all. My hubby and I, along with a good friend participated in the Bikers For Babies fund raising event and got to ride our motorcycles around the track. AWESOME!!! I'll never forget that and I want to go and do it again.

I tried to make these a link, but I think I failed. Check out my posts from: Feb. 20, 2008, Aug. 3rd and 7th, 2009.

Be sure and let me know if you ever get a chance to follow this dream. It would be awesome if we had a chance to meet, heh?

Take care my friend.
Lady R.