Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The term turmoil had never come to mind..but once it was brought up it's now a part of daily explanation for how things are..hell used right it could be a cover all excuse..I was going to do that but my turmoil got in the way...

Damn near fifty years I had never pinned it was like the pot of gold at the end of the I understand..Does that mean it is time to fix it or to stop it??? I really doubt it..Life is full of it and when I don't have it I manufacture it or so it seems..It's like business today sucks..economy is a good thing to blame..blames good..What I find is I have been working harder to do better and make less..and turmoil..whether it is internal or external I am always striving for more..Just keep piling on..more the better..

People around you can be sucked into your turmoil..Never really want to share my turmoil it is sort of a personal thing..but it gets away at times..Like a run away train..Try to get away from my turmoil at times but it follows an evil leprechaun or something along those lines..I guess it can be hard to ignore when it is swirling around me but I really never noticed it until it was pointed out..Now I can see it..almost like a biblical revaluation or something..But up to the point that there's a 12 step program for it I just have to keep it close..hell I guess I must enjoy it some or I would have got rid of it long ago..

So after a week of running from it,,riding from it I walked headfirst back into to it..Hell it followed me..couldn't lose it..the old saying there is no such thing as a bad ride..well someday I might tell you a story..LOL.. 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Good Bye America..

Well the new American communist party betrayed the will of the citizens and passed a health care bill..They bought votes..lied..cheated..they placed the future of our country and our health in the hands of a government that can't run itself..They made it IRS the control point..that's right you don't show health care on your taxes they will hunt you down and fine you for not buying into the bullshit.. This is uge..for those who don't get it huge..

We have no jobs, we have no money..we are owned by China and the Arab states..We start paying new taxes today for something that does not go into effect for four years..Large companies like Caterpillar who will be forced to shell out 100 million dollars extra for the new costs will be making a run for the boarder..Small businesses will fold or just not burdens to an over burdened economy..fucking smart move..

We the people can now stop speaking out..continue to sit on our hands and whine as we get to experience the pain of this and wonder what we could have done to stop it..What did we do to stop it ???..write a couple of dumbass blogs and call it speaking out..Did we go to a rally or send an email..make a call..who knows but what ever we did it was not heard..Now my friends we pay the price for silence..


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Honda Snobs

I really thought we Harley snobs had the corner on the market..not so I learned today..after replacing fork seals after a short unexpected trip in the gravel on the outside of the fast lane I fired up the ole dog and headed over to get some gas and a diet dew..

After tossing Omar a five spot I stroll back out to pump ethyl..There sits my poor shovelhead surrounded by Jap Junk.Wannabe Harleys and the over dressed fellows who ride them..They are eyeballing my stuff...talking in hand strool up to feed my baby some high test..

Now over the years I have through experience learned that the story is always the same with different variations..My brothers cousins uncles step daughters boyfriends dog had a Harley and it was always in the shop..Where upon I normally come back with a polite Fuck it musta had a ton a chrome on it..only reason I know to take one to the shop..Now it could be the language but what ever it is that normally gives you a 30 second break before the next anti-Harley line..

Then you get to hear how reliable them hondodos are..Well sir how many miles you got on that there rice burner..Today it was I have had it for 3 years and it has never once been in the shop except for service..and it's got 6000 miles on it..Now ladies and germs..if you want your bike to never break..last forever it's easy don't ride it..Really..I got 241306 miles on mine..and ya it leaks a little oil..Only time it ever got fixed in a shop I was taking care of some business over a ticket working with the county for a few days and needed it back when my time was up..didn't own a car..A few more seconds of silence..

As I reached over to pop off my old dog eared non-smog gas caps trying to conceal my smile over the baffled look on their faces I had to laugh..Gentlemen it's a great day for a me and my diet dews pulled out into the wild blue..  

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Ride..

78 degree's in March..Shovels looking sweet...Made it through the night befores back roads full throttle test..Ya it will go a 100..So I decide to call the Dirty One..Hey Bro..think that old Pan is up for a burger run??? He just got him a Crossbones but that would take then fun out of it..Si Amigo we can ride..Cool my friend dress warm there is still snow on the ground up there..

When you just get your dream put back on the road sitting in the saddle you feel the sense of accomplishment..sorta like doing a super model without the sweat or can I use your cell phone stuff..So I hook up with Dirty at the local bucks..We share our normal welcome sneer as I am thinking this dumb ass is gonna freeze...Oh Well not my problem..We roll..that long missed sound of the straight pipes ringing through the streets..damn I really missed it..

We head up the first climb..we have did it for years..small one lane road,,nobody drives straight up the mountain for 12 miles..If you lose it just about any place your buzzard food but that is the draw..the reason..We bob, shift, pass and play..ya lifes good...The sun is slowing setting in the rear views..

Next 30 miles is sweet..Little more road to play with as you feel the temprature dropping we see snow..deer..and the road..Lot's of throttle play,,pipes echoing off the far away canyon walls..It's the life and what we live for..

Now the Roadhouse is a dump..always has been and I hope it always stays the same..Bloody burgers with over cooked bacon and burnt onions..Band was playing American Girl when we walked in and it was almost good..they went down hill from there but who cares..Big ass smile on my face I go out and find a rock..Hey Meathead wish you were it starts to get cold..time to ride..

Now if you have never been on a mountain at 5000 feet and looked at the stars on a clear night make it a point to do it..nothing we wind them up and roll back to reality..First burger of the year down..many more to come..miles and smiles friends..


Monday, March 15, 2010

Back in the saddle again...

Well me and Shovel got a little wind yesterday..Poor girl don't know how to act wearing her new clothes..Still leaks a little oil..not much..

Thanks to Mondo for the paint..T-Roy for the tig work..the Dirty One for doing his best to screw things up and pizza that damn near killed me..Oh well I might have asked for that one..Meathead for all your support..could have never did it with out you..:)..

Happy trails...


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Candy Pearl Orange...WTF..

The whole act of painting..from the strip to the rip..Candy Pearl Orange..sounds like something that would have been an idea from the old magic mushshroom days..Hell it may have been..I will never know for sure..It has been a total pain in the ass..Good thing you can't see the large caliber handgun pointed at the painter..Sorry Mondo had to get them done..

So on to part 3..getting back together...Oh..Hey Meathead...thats Orange...Told you...LOL. 

Monday, March 8, 2010

Getting it back together..ya right

Clean, fix, wield, polish..polish and polish..That's right pimping out the old dog..

Me and paint been going in circles..Anti freeze green was the my direction..saw one with about the paint scheme I wanted..Orange as of right now..but I still got a little more work to go..Stripped it twice and don't want to do it again..

So I hope by the end of the week to be bolted back together..pic's up and ass in the wind..stay tuned..

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ron Q..been 20 years and I never missed ya..

So I am sitting back in my seat of importance..soaking in the daily bullshit..pretending knowlege and genrally pissing people off..I hear what sounds to be a bored and stroke Briggs and Stration sputter into my parking lot..Seconds later through the door walks Ron Q..Now I had not seen this dirt ball stinking son of bitch in 20 I understand people change but for the most part a jerk off is a jerk off no matter how you pull it..Ron Q..was their king..

Now some of us age gracyfully..Ron was a wreck at thje age of 18 and took a real downward tumble..back 20 years ago he was missing his right front tooth..I may of had something to do with that..damn I though I could hold a grudge..Now he is missing his left front tooth and the right one is there..Someone who shared my feelings for him knocked it out of his dentures..damn..Well it ends up the friend of a friend of a friend told him where I was hanging..and he stopped by to say hello..I grab my wallet and pen..gonna put the dumb shit who passed along my name on the black list..

So after some small know the stuff..Hey how long has it been since you had a bath..and is that flea collar around you neck..conversation took a turn..Just wanted to say Hi..and show me his bike..Now not being a big fan of 1985 Yamawhopper Viagra or what ever they called them to get him out of the office I headed out the door..Lighting a candle as I left..So we stroll upon this piece of molded plastic and tin that looks like something designed by Dr.Spock and preperation "H" the question is layed to me..well what do you think..Now not being one to hurt some poor souls feeling I pass along a mild what fucking piece of junk..and before he could ask for any money said I got to go..and locked the office door until the matching pair were gone..

Now there is no moral or happy ending to the story..just had to pass a little time until I could unlock the door..and you all got picked to come along..see ya...