Saturday, December 26, 2009

We the Sheepeople....

We the sheepeople have spoken,,ya according to the Barrack suck ups in the press 65% of the country does not want health care to be run by Washington..but yet our elected clowns tossed out 100 billion in pork to get the needed vote to clear the first hurdle..We spoke out..most at the water cooler at work, while reading the morning paper on the shitter or in other deep dark corners where no one cares..

So we have ourselves to blame for where we are today..Didn't vote for what..we didn't pursue stopping this with enough vigor..we are the sheepeople and the jerks off we elect understand that..We bitch a little than drop our drawers and take what ever they hand us..It sucks but that is exactly the way it works..

So be proud..we have another vote and more pork for your kids and grands kid and there kids to pay for..Might be time to step out of the shitter and into the streets..Sheepeople..


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Willy D said...

Your right, most people have never contacted anyone in “power”. I’ve had contact with several on the state and local level over different issues. Some have assured me that they agreed and were on my side. Then, when it came down to it, the fuckers voted the opposite way! I’m telling you, these bastards don’t care about this Country anymore. It’s all about how much money they can get in their secret bank accounts.