Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rocketman and the Meathead..a road story..

Rocketman was a hooker..not in the sense of a hooker but a hooker..sell anything and do what ever it took to survive..Rocketman never wanted to be a hooker he always wanted to be president..President of what he didn't care just president..power trip some would say..other just wondered..that happened all the time..but the thing that made the Rocketman so driven was Harley Davidson, wind and the delight of eating exotic bugs at high speed...Until the Meathead that is..

Meathead was frozen tundra tough, ornery as a polar bear after a short winter..Quick with a line and fast on the waffles..Always longing for the road..shared addictions..a rebel with a different cause..a true road warrior..

It all happened by chance..and a quick "Hey"..Rocketman having taken a wrong turn the right way a few hundred miles ago hearing the sputter of oh shit I need some gas pulled into the skanky gas and go in the crusty dust outside of Moab Utah..Kicking the lizards out of his path he heads for the door..there chowing on microwave burritos and a diet dew sat the Meathead..a curt Hey..changed the path they would take..

So the Rocketman being the total Rocketman he was got to thinking back..a day of living on vest pocket gummybears, mosquitoes, fly's and other wild beasts it might be time for some real food..snatching up a couple of red chili belly bombs and a tall green one to go he heads for the bench..Pulling up some splinters on the far side of the table and diving into the feast..he asked the Meathead where you heading..with a quick response of what the fucks it to you..a friendship was destine..

Belly bomb burritos, long dust road, the sound of a Harley winding through the high desert..No destination but things to see..Caves to encounter..mountains to climb..bumps in there path..Stranger things do happen..somewhere..We will be back..soon..

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dreaming of the ride..


Nothing can compare to the feeling you get when your dreaming of the ride,,then living the ride..When your packing the scooter as the moons say's good day and mister sun's rays are peaking over the hill calling you to come out and play..

When you have miles to travel and no place go..Sharing something you live for with those who care..a life time of ride and back roads to share..Your direction doesn't matter it is our quest to be free..the sound of your motor, the feel of the wind..a push of a button and the touch of a friend..The road opens before you let the dream begin..

I have rode many a mile and many a day..each time they touch me in there own way..Today is your day..we chose life this way..we ride into the sunrise, we ride into the day..
Nothing compares to the the felling you get..the winds rushes by, the smells very and change..freedom comes easy,,life goes by fast..keeps moving forward not into the dream for today will not be the last..To much to share and place to see..the roads that I get there never matter you see..Our roads to nowhere will always set us free..


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's started,,what color are you looking for..


A few years ago in a land far away I was sitting back with a bro..we had spent a day wrenching on his scoot..Paint colors came up and being in a wonder state of mind things got a bit strange..Could have had something to do with self induced chemical imbalance..By the time all was said and done we had decided the Candy Anti- Freeze green would be super freak..well today I go in search of the holy grail of paint..and some flat black for the flame job..
As I scarp and clean, take apart and check I find the years have been tough on the old girl..Nothing major she just needs to loving..Trying to figure out what oil leaks to leave and what one should stay..she has leaked since day one..Me and my compadre were talking about it yesterday..It leaked within 20 minutes of leaving the showroom floor..they must of had a crew running around and pick up the oil soaked cardboard when I pulled in the parking lot..Why fix perfection right..then when I does leak I can claim it was planned..
So I am hoping this is the story for the rest of the year..ride on friends...