Thursday, August 13, 2009

First bike night and some rat-a tics..again..

Made a hard choice after weeks of mulling it over..Favorite BBQ joint just kicked off a bike night..Me and the Dirty One have been tossing the idea around and finally we decide why not..So we pull in to the parking lot and it looks like a world war two revenge scene..I have never witnessed so many jap bombers parked in one place..So we find what looks to be a cuddy free area and toss down the jiffy's..Just as I'm completing my after a hot ride male adjustments and pulling off the not so legal lid I see movement from the corner of my eye. The old dude is walking away from his magna with his out of the bottle blond bringing up the rear..He struts by and stared down the shovel..Look over with his goofy grin and asks "Hey is this an old shovelhead, do you ride it?" Now I should have known something like this was bound to happen..I politely reply..No the fucking oil leaks and blue pipe are from pushing it..Unfazed he turns towards Dirty's Pan..Before he could do it again Dirty ask's him..Hey that's an old blonde,,you still ride it??? Well our bike night was over we headed out for greasy taco's at this joint where they don't ask dumb question..until after 10pm or so anyway..

This week in Rat-a-tics..Health care, the American people speak and the stupid are confused..Let's start with a question..What do you call a lawyer who can't make it in private practice??? Mr.President, Senator or congressmen..Let's cover some accomplishments of our government..

They can't run a post office..
They have spent all the social security money for the next trillion years already.
Medicare is so fucked up they can't fix it..

Our Government has over stepped it's bounds by investing in the private sector,,Banks, insurance companies, car makers..Now they want to have total control of our lives by controlling health care..Americans are speaking out, it is what our nation was built on..Freedom to question our elected officials..Where the talking heads are telling you this is a GOP plot to hurt the Prez..Well from a Rats view what I see is not party lines..It's me and you, it our friends and enemies..the dude down the street and Grandma..Speak up on this one,,See ya..



Willy D said...

“That’s a old blonde”. That’s fuckin’ funny!
As for the Gov.- I just hope that the next Revolution takes place in my lifetime.

Arizona Harley Dude said...

If it isn't a grass roots effort against healthcare reform why is The Annointed One spending $25 million to try and convince the "I want everything free" crowd that it is a good thing? Everybody over 50 had better read page 247 about mandatory end of life counseling and the pill to end your suffering.

Plus, I LMAO at the beginning of the post. "Old blond....." That was great!