Sunday, August 16, 2009

Morning Storming, riding with a reason..

Sun ain't up yet and the night was long..Got something that needs done..Words out the there is going to be heat but we have to make the move today. Strapped the scooter down last night, everything accept the stuff that can make or break today..Step into the closet and find the right one, fuck it I'm packing all three, you only live once..

Rolled up up the meet area just as the sun started raising it's fiery head..The gangs all here, strapped to the gills and ready for what ever goes down..I see the round up up signal so here it goes, been awhile since I felt this way..Roll too damn hard up the freeway to the little turn way in, one way out..Damn..

As we throttle up the the winding road I wonder what we will find on the other side of the hill..Half a mile out we see the first CHP..he stares us down but waves us through..I count 10 CHP cars a few Sheriffs and some local motor cops..I see a couple of other hard riding groups broke off in their own area's..Looks like it will go down soon,,go let's get the party started..

We circle and park..I see Fabian give a wave..The little bald man is still here and I know what I have to do..Reach in the bag and pull one out, this is for you Fabian old buddy..I walk up and slide it out from behind my back..Harley bear for my friend..Were surrounded by the baddest, toughest people on the planet..Cancer Kids..come on Fab I'll take you for a ride..Then we can have some pigs in a blanket..fitting..

We promised we would be back and we made it, for those still here I stay tough, for those who made it home, be blessed..for those who didn't make it I shed a tear for you today...your smiles will be mine forever kids..thank you for your inspiration..



B.B. said...

I can only imagine what your time and caring means to those kids. I'm sitting here with chills and tears in my eyes, and wishing that there were more people in the world like you.

FLHX_Dave said...

I can't say much here. I hate this feeling, but thank you for making me feel it. I spend too much time trying to outrun it. This makes a difference and I bow in admiration.

ratone said...

The kids are the hero's here..Being given a chance to sit and share the strength and hope they have is something that I will keep with me forever..Just wish there was more we could do to make them better..Ya it does bring tears but it also shows hope..they work well together..

RazorsEdge2112 said...

Damned fine work. Damned fine.