Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fifty...looking back, moving forward...

Woke up from a dream only to find I was dreaming..Fifty...Mom,,Inspiration, Free thinking never follow the crowd follow your heart..Believe and never fear fighting for what you believe or what is yours..gone early always in my heart and mind..I still believe..Dad..Lot's of years to figure out..I got it now..I understand..

Always out spoken,,even as a kid..Tasted the soap early and often..Excelled when inspired..withdrew in a crowd..could always be alone when surrounded..Sports..Bell bottoms..Bad hair and cowboy boots..Game winning double in the championships..Panama Red..Boones Farm apple wine..Panhead project..a job..always a and Southern Comfort..Dear hunting and movie dates..The Mid Way drive in..Sister Mary Elephant..U.S. Army..Teens no better times at the in my lane..

Growing up..Germany..The Grossman..still a brother in arms and in life..Back to work..the ride..Palm Springs to Tampa..Cuba Town best beef around..Back and forth..ride the sea..ride the roads..Sunrise outside Tuscon..Sunset in New Orleans...A thrill ride..every ride..The Dirty One..master short many chemicals and never enough an alcoholic a workaholic..looking for a big ladder to climb..never look back. never know it happens until it bites you on the ass..but instilled madness never lets you slow down..driven..riding like you never rode only to find it takes longer to get there and you missed more things along the way..Slowing down just isn't in the cards..painful memories are only's all what you make of them..Happiness is always within reach..'s been the most painful yet fulfilling year of them all..I stumbled on pure Sunshine..the only thing that has held me together..I found life to be annoying..hard and love of work and accomplishment faded..I chuged through my days without vigor..was it just fifty? Wealth and  health problems..been a hard tough year..for most I do and how you handle it have made me understand it..I'm regressing back to living, forget the bad and welcome what life has given..I hear the old shovel coming back to life..I feel arms around me and dusty roads calling..time to kick it in the ass for another fifty..welcome home Rat Bastard..ride on...


Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Tics...welcome to the jungle

...Occupy Wall street... It's hard to take it serious until you question it..Who pays the bills, keeps the reefer and munchies flowing..What do they want..our our way of life..Give me youth,,supported by a socialist movement with cash..get them in the induct them into your way of thinking..easy targets in disgruntled youth, hell we have a whole country disgruntled both on the right, in the middle and on the left..we have inept leaders..inept misses the point we have been sold out by our political system on all levels..

Herman the talking heads explain how he doesn't have a chance..The insiders don't get it..we the people have had enough we don't want political insiders or career politicians drive the ship anymore..They have spent the last 60 years destroying our country..Giving away our hard earned money, supporting those who are nothing but leeches on our way of life..Tell mister Obama how the hell political contributions can buy a loan of half a billion dollars,,,no wait we have another one about to bite the dust for 1.2 billion dollars of our hard earned money..2 billion dollars of tax payers hard earned money down the toilet and you want more..Screw you and screw DC..Time to stand up and be counted..Hang in there Herman we the people support you..

Now enough is enough..Time to disrupt the system and take back what is ours..our country,, our freedom and our voice..speak loud,,be proud..Toss them in 2012...I hear Steve Miller   in the back ground..Jungle Love baby...It's driving me mad it's making me crazy....

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Dust Devil

Sat down with a rant...politics..Felt a twinge of missing my Sunshine..miles do that..Working on the lifetime cure for that problem..Then I saw the Dust Devil..

Started out as nothing but a small swirl..moving slow,reckless and clinging to life..struggling to become it grew it took shape..gained direction, power and will..when it reached it full capacity..all it could be it moved through whatever was in its worries overcoming all obstacles..Then in a mere second it was gone..never to be seen again...not much different than us m friends..enjoy it while you have it...