Sunday, September 20, 2009

The death of a laptop....

I knew it was coming, it ran slower and missed more shifts than the shovel ever did..Been house hunting in El Nido, Raymond, Jamestown, Twain Harte..Sonora, Three Rivers, Lemon Cove, Badger, Phelan, Rosamond and Solvang..Found one today riding through a littlle berg on the way back to see the boys..More to come..Back to the laptop..Been back firing and sputtering for a couple of years I guess..Hell it had more miles on it than 98% of the rides at bike night..Went black on me a week or so ago so I waited a day and hit the reset button..It blew more smoke out the rear ports than a 1971 Hodaka Wombat..I knew it was over..So here I sit trying to break in a new one..about all I saved was emails and I got some healthy ones..

I'm going to share one from a sorry little punk who didn't have the spine to post it in the public forum..


Your blog should be called 2 racist bastards or be banned from the site. Your Total disrespect for the President is a disgrace to all Americans. You should be locked up for treason. If we ever cross paths I have something for you.

Bob Earl
Kansas City Mo.

Dear Mr. Earl,

Please keep your limp wrist gay tendencies in Kansas. When I awakened today I was in a country that openly allows freedom of speech and expression. I understand that in your narrow view only applies to liberals and those far to the left in the party of asses..who are working diligently to undermine our constitution and end the way of life as we know it..It's not working if you have failed to notice due to those who are willing to speak out and stand up for what they believe in and what is our constitutional right. So in closing if you feel the urge to respond due so in the public forum..Pussy..


This shit's getting ugly friends but speak out and be heard before we have these lowlife in the drivers seat..Be America..I'm going to watch the 49ers and play with my boys..see if I can figure out this new laptop and relax..Enjoy..ride safe..



FLHX_Dave said...

Dear RatFuck,

Hmmmm...did turd realize that satire is protected under the constitution. He sounds like a Nazi. "Comply....or else." Hey, since Bob is giving stuff out can I have some too! Hmmm...You know...if I remember right, our founding fathers would have been hanged for treason if caught. They fought the system and spoke out against it when it started to fail or become corrupt beyond recognition. have no idea as to what a patriot is. And as far as thinking you are so righteous that you see yourself as the mouthpiece for all Americans? errr....damn...this dude is just validating everything you said RatFuck...Now I'm really worried. When you can't badmouth the President of this country any longer then we truly have lost what so many have given their life for.

Sorry about the comp...shit happens.

Pug said...

erm i've killed at least 3 PC's the last one took 600 gig of video files with it aswell pissed off wasn't enuf

as for the asshole fuck him even replying to the keyboard hero's who preach that kinda shit ain't worth the effort

ratone said...

Fucking laptop dying hurts..playing with morons,,priceless..LOL...Keyboard Rambo didn't like the post...but he lacks the man organs required to post them public..FTW...Reno