Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Show, oh no not again..

The little L calls me yesterday afternoon and tells me they still have tickets for the Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp and Willie Nelson show in Fresberg if I'm Game Dirty and Maria will go..Been years since I did an outside event and the only date I had with L was a John Cougar concert outside..Why not I'll be at the house in an hour..I have had a blast the last few weeks and know it is winding down..L's here a few days a week taking care of mom and moms fading..She has a business and a significant other to go home to..we have become buddies and best friends..or best shoulders..lived like we were 18 without the hangups...memories..

The show was a parking right by the gate..small venue with no bad seats..lot's of room to boogie on the baseball field..I still think Dylan does All Along the Watchtower better then anybody..Whiskey River, Mamma's don't let your baby grow up to be cowboy's and Angel flying to Close to the Ground were great from Willie..The Dirty One two stepping was one for the books..Mellencamp was as good as gold..I Fight Authority was a tattoo on my mind damn near 30 years ago..All's well and the creek don't rise it will be on my arm with a new twist in the morning..

After the show we were pumped with adrenaline, still had shuffling feet and our bellies were thinking are throats had been cut..So we hard throttled it to Selma for the best damn late night burritos and a little end of summer planning..Looks like a fly and ride to New Orleans..The Dirty One has only been out of state twice..Jumbo in the French Quarter, Cuban Sandwiches in Tampa and Shrimp in Key West..Let's see..

Saturday morning head to the shop..nothing to do but the morning rides tend to calm the day..Dealing with a valley full of smoke from the coast fires..I roll in and cell is quacking..Don't know the number and normally would skip it on the weekend but for some reason I hit the green button..Hey Cuz..I'm before you go off on me it was for the last time I promise..Now we were like brothers growing up..took my first long ride with him when we got out of the military..Talked him into pissing on an electric fence..well tricked him into it..Was driving the car when he kissed the transvestite.."Stop the car, this mother fucker has balls" silence on the rest of the drive home until I had to speak up.."Hey, How do you feel about french kissing guy's"..Ya we go back.. smart or was, nuclear wielder in the Navy..Good job and a wife when he got out..One day the Goddess of Heroin grab him and has never let go..The last 23 years he has spent about 17 of them in prison..He has stolen from everyone he knew..worked for or could..I walked away from him 10 years back..I tried but there is nothing mortal man can do once the needle has you..It's all from inside and Jimbo I hope you have found the inner strength to succeed..Like I said Cuz if your still walking the streets in a me back..

Saturday night ride and BBQ at the Rat's..come on by and sit a spell..See ya


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