Saturday, May 30, 2009

Two Rat Bastards

Ya, it was dream..started a couple of years ago..when I had the time I didn't have the cash or the backing...when I had the cash I was to busy being an upstanding citizen and working..Nothing really changed other than a whole bunch of things..I fell into place in a place I would have never expected..Two Rat Bastards is about to happen..

The idea came to be in the back of a dirty bike shop with the shovel on the lift, Saturday morning a couple of years back..can't remember what we were doing, changing or fixing..The bike craze was in full swing and the Fryed Rat was commenting on how rat bikes were a trend..hell I had been ratting for years but at the time we just called it a ride..never had any fear of doing touch up paint with a shaker can..then only to keep the rust to a minimum..It started out with the idea of building a few rat bikes for resale..some where along the line biker wear got tossed in..Now the bike trend is dead but we all still buy cool t shirts..So here we go..biker rags..

So one day a couple of months ago I met with a couple on something completely unrelated to bikes, bikers or anything of the sort..we hit it off and were talking about idea's one day..I brought up 2RB..and everyone liked the idea but after the meeting it faded away for a few days..a week or so later it came up again and we decided then to launch it..So for the last six weeks or so I been doing seven days a week, calling in favors and I will get to that later..finding a store front,,getting the other end of things moving..hey still going to need some cash flow..I know most Rat's like dumpster diving but this one prefers a steak at Cattlemen's any day..damn chocolate cake too..

So here we go with some much heart felt thanks..The Fryed Rat..we did it of these days I will unblock you so you can read the blog..J&K..for seeing it will work..for your trust and not trying to's a biker thing and it's growing on you..Tracie..many miles and the internet and cell phone..You hit the logo and the brand on the first shot..some dew rags, sun glasses, dangling smokes and tattoo's and we are off to the first print..the first tramp stamp off the press is yours..The Tattooed girl from Bikers Choice tanks for opening to door for us..Ari from Voss..Thanks Bro...MQ1..thanks for all you have done and did..a little strength shared can go along way..You rock girl..see ya in Sturgis..The readers and fellow biker bloggers who every day show the life style is alive and well..I hope one day we all meet and share our stories in person..


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chili beans and cheese cake..

Must of been October 1985 the boat was headed back to Ft.Meyers and I was riding to meet it at the home port. We had been shrimping out of Aransas Pass Tx..Nice morning ride but anyone who has traveled along the Gulf of Mexico knows that can change in a hurry..Weather held good as I made my way through Texas and into Louisiana..

A few miles outside of Lake Charles I can see the line of ugly black clouds rolling in off the gulf. Now it doesn't take this ole boy getting caught in many barn busting storms to figure out you really don't want to be riding in in them so as I pull into Lake Charles I start looking for a place to hold up for the night..A little motel with a dinner and 7/11 across the street looks like a place to light and lets this pass..I pull the FXST in..

As I walk through the door of the office the lady behind the desk look up and say's Hi I'm Desirae can I help you..Now she had the cutest accent I had ever heard..I still enjoy it today..I ask for a room at the end if she has one..She laughs and says ain't no one here but you so take your choice..I'm thinking the farther away the easier to roll the bike in inside without getting caught so I ask for they very end, pay and head out..

Roll up, jump off and pop the door..Nice clean room, fresh paint and clean carpet..damn..a few drops are starting to fall as I look around and see if the coast is clear..just as I start through the door I hear the deep drawl..hey you can put that thing in a garage..damn busted..I stop in my tracks and back it up a little just to see this tall stingbean come out of the room next door with a paint brush in his hand..He reaches out his right hand and tells me my names Coy and me and my wife own this place, with the bank that is..let me open the work shop for you..

He point the way back and heads to the shop..we share a little small talk and as he pops the door I see an old Indian sitting on a stand..rusty and worn but it seems to be all in one piece..Wow that your,,Coy tells me bought it for $200.00 a few years back and has been working on it a little at a ran when he got but won't start anymore..I just don't have time to work on it..someday it will get restored..Hey, Desi is making her chili beans tonight..come on over to the dinner and try a bowl..

Well I clean up and head over to the dinner, the chili beans are to die for I have attempted to copy the recipe for years..we talked for a few hours, not many people coming in and rain was pour down..Coy grew up riding and had a 76 FL sitting at home..they didn't get there much since buying the motel and dinner..Both of them were born and raised in Lake Charles..Desi comes out of the kitchen about then with a huge slice of home made cheese cake..and chicory coffee..The perfect end to a cool night of talking bikes, life and making new friends..

Waking up the next morning with the sun shining through the window, got to roll to nice to waste a warm October day..Jumbo for lunch sounds like a winner..As I head out we wish each other luck and I roll..I stopped in many times in the 80's and lost contact with Coy and Desi until the cell phone age came to be..411 them one day and got through..we trade emails and a call from time to time..Got an email from Desi a few days ago..Guess what, Coy just finished the Indian..I had damn near forgot about it..Send some picks Desi I'm sure all our friends here would like to desi as much as I would..


Monday, May 25, 2009

Wind, weekend and prospects..can you keep your pupies on a leash

Been to fucking direction, new store front, new mountains of stress. I have problem on getting started and not stopping..been doing 14 to 18 hours a sell trade..Went in Saturday morning and made it a few hours,,pulled the plug I was beat....Got some needed seat time and matched it with some couch time..Sunday had good intentions went in a 5am by 8am I find I am beat and working in circles, why waste a bunch of time on stuff I will need to redo..Ernie had called on on of the weekdays they have all run together..So I call him and see if he's up for a ride..

Get the dirty one on the horn,,what's up..He want to hit the casino for a late lunch buffet, nice ride..Cool bro, lets do the Bass lake loop...His first words were have you stopped riding like your 16 yet..I don't know what it is but for the first time in a long time I find myself deep in the throttle, deep in the corners and laughing like a loon doing it..Ya I am..I can slow down for an old timer if I need to..LOL..He say we go stuff hanging lets meet up there at 3pm if you need to run the loop..get it out of your system Vato..

The loop is about 3 hours on a good day but I want to do some side roads and I roll around 10..Me and the shovel have been in a zone..It cured the shift point problem we have been having since the tach broke, when it shakes so bad you can't read the speedo or see out the mirrors it's time to shift..I appreciate the little things my shovel does for me..I bought some gas treatment and chrome polish..We made Jim's place in an hour or so, pretty damn fast for a couple of old timers on a pleasure cruise..Went in and sat at the bar and had a diet coke..I love the looks you get..

Slowed it back and did the loop..enjoyed the smell of pines, taste of different bugs..scaring unsuspecting tourist as we roared by..Stopped and enjoyed the vistas, had an ice tea at the lake..rode it hard when it should been soft and slow when I coulda went fast..did what it took to find the cure, release the presure and revamp the mind..or what is left of it..I found some peace...

Meet the dirt ball at the Shell station and top them off,,Good dinner and flopping a few cards sounds like a good end to the day..then the ride home...Pull into the parking area and roll to bike parking..were backing them in after the normal old bike find neutral ordeal..I see this ugly mother fucker walking over our way..He stops a few feet from Ernie and informs us we can't park here,,the bike belong to the ^%&%$& *&^**#..a bunch of local morons with patches..Well guess what fillet of ass face we is parked..does your daddy Hector always leave his puppy outside with out a lease..Were is you leader Jr..Now the Dirty has his hand stuffed inside his vest..I don't know what was there, didn't ask, didn't care..So now instead of eating we have to deal with a prospect..prophylactic or what ever was spread across his back..

Me and the leader of this band of merry whack off go back decades..we grew up in the same small town..played sports together and all that..We see him sitting at the bar and stroll over..Now they tried working the Dirty one years love lost and I can see the twinkle in his eye..He may not want to ride fast but kicking a little ass has always appealed to him..Now the big dog stands up and sticks out his hand, it is ignored, hear some back ground noise that sounds like show some respect..a few things come to mind, putting on a patch or wearing colors does not grant you instant respect..Man, woman or beast respect is earned..when this band patched a child molester my respect was out the window..Well prophylactic blurts out we parked in there line..Lard ass pop out at Ernie,,what your problem dude..Now that damn hand is still stuffed in the vest,,Ernie in his normal calm demeanor don't have fucking line..chump..Now I'm thinking of the old Charlie Daniels song, Uneasy Rider and I thinking Fillet of ass will have be my green teeth if this get's ugly..So the respect word is laid back on the table..Now I get the floor..You want respect, earn it..back your fucking monkey up..leave it alone..The Reply,I'm going to let it slide this time..I swear I heard the sound of a hammer being pulled back for the hand in the vest man..come on Ernie let's walk..your wife is looking nervous and will blame the gringo..let's go eat..

The buffet sucked, food and adrenaline don't go well together..adrenaline and blackjack worked though..well didn't leave enough to buy school books and didn't make enough to retire..Maria hit a nice quarter slop pot..We left as the sun was headed for the horizon..

My favorite time to crank it was great, traffic was light and Ernie was ready to play..we rode it like we owned it..three miles of walled canyon was alive with sound of old Harley's, straight pipes and two old hard riders reliving times gone is full of shit happens moments,,Riding into the sunset can put those times, days behind you..cranking the throttle back brings you into the's all good..


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tommy T..a Marine

Had a couple of stories ready to go before going out and winding up that old shovelhead for the weekend..But I think a short tribute to a true friend and a patriot is fitting for the Memorial day weekend..I meet Tommy T and his wife Sandy a few years back, I was taking some classes in Diego..San Diego for those foreigners..or non Californians..LOL..

Tommy was and will always be a Marine..North Carolina farm boy or so he claims who was planning his retirement from the corps..We hit it off in a room full of nerds and spent a couple of weeks riding with him and Sandy, sneaking on the base and catching some waves in an amphibian..way to cool..We took a few classes after together and when Tommy was not out saving the rest of us from evil he would call or show up at the door..

A little more than a year ago I get a call, hey man I am in Diego..I caught one a few weeks back..Damn bro are you OK??? I will never forget how he said it,,I'm fine, I am a Marine..I lost my right arm..My heart sank..

I left that night and drove down to see him and Sandy..Knock on the door and there he is..Now it was a sight for me I'm thinking what would I do and how would I react..He walks over and gives a one armed hug and smiles,,it was just an arm bro..laughing..He lost it to friendly fire in the heat of battle, 50cal round..told me he just looked down and it was gone..his crew did first aid got him tied off and to the field hospital fast..never had any problem other than signing his name..No remorse, no hard feelings..I am a Marine, I was in battle and shit happens..I just move on to the next battle..

Tommy T, Sandy for her support and pain she has felt, the mothers, fathers and those men and women who serve to keep us safe and free..Thank you all for your sacrifices for us..not just today but everyday..


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Planning a ride again..Kimmy..

Never been much for planning a ride..I just sorta know the direction I want to go and then get there..I like the unconventional path,,riding and in life..Pismo Beach was an old favorite for this weekend and an old bro dropped me a line to see if I was game for a BBQ Saturday..How times change, his place was down by the beach in the day..When I say shack it was,,but it's beach front Bro..He sold to a developer a few years back for stupid money..Now has an uptown shack by the beach and cash in hand..

I got a ton of shit going on, moving gear from my shop to the new shop, graphics, picture work being done..bikes to move, bikes for sale and bikes to buy, need to go to Long Beach and scourer the the bike swap for some parts..I don't have time to do a ride,,what the fuck did I just say!!!! Now work and real life have it's place in a bikers life but some how the words don't have time to ride should be banned I am ashamed of myself..I pick up the phone..

I call an old friend in Solvang to see what she up to Saturday..See if she want's to ride up to Stiens for a BBQ and stroll down memory lane,,maybe a ride out to Bloody's..She picks up the phone and I tell her what's up..she say's no one called you did they?? No, what up..Kimmy died Tuesday..the cancer got her..They are burying her on Friday..

I went numb..I had not seen her in years..we all have a first true love and she was mine. We shared youth, vigor. learning and lifes teenage and young adult lessons..we struggled with the growing pains of becoming ones self..we shared loss and found happiness..She walked me through my greatest loss..stood beside me and guided me home..she knew the funk I had climbed into would be the end of us..the anger would be with me until I found away to put it to rest..she hung on as long as she could..I had tears in my eyes and told T I would call her back..

I don't do funerals, maybe some of those who ride understand but many take it personal..Hey it's just me..No Friday afternoon I will be on that little river road where we loved each other for many a summer night, where I drank myself into a funk..where we lost Aaron and Vicky on the dark lonely night..I'll toss the dozen roses I never brought you over the side..maybe shed a tear..and give you the many thanks for all you brought into my life..


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

that left leg again or 3rd time lucky

still in 84

Well i'm in the Hozzie again the following day they Operate to remove the bent plate and reset the leg Doc mentions summit about all the damage to my leg i explain it was busted a few years back in 17 places he just says well we've set it as straight as we can and it'll take at least 3 months to heal due to the previous damage , great the middle of summer and i'll be in plaster 3 months fuck that for a laugh

i get to keep the bent plate and the 8  screws plus the heads off the 3 that snapped no answers why i had 11 screws in me leg in a 10 hole surgical plate though , it was in a glass jar by my bed  after the Operation

After anutha week i feel brave enuf to ring me Mum.....................well to say she was pissed off is a understatement not so much with me falling off again more the fact that i took a week to tell her 

Four weeks go by i'm discharged from the hozzie the bustleg in long plaster cast from me ankle to the top of my thigh and i get to stay at me Mums  , so result proper cooked meals and clean clothes for a while at least

The Wreckage of the 250 yam is delivered to my Brothers Garage which is about a mile from me Mums , as i've had practise on Crutches before it doens't take me too long to get mobile enuf to hobble the mile each day to the garage and start re-building the bike a mate gets me anutha complete front end as the forks .wheel , headlights and clocks are all fucked up so is the tailsection and seat and someone has nicked the sidepanels but all the parts are found and i hop round to the bike each day slowly replacing parts .

After 6 weeks i'm very bored the weather is stunning outside and i'm itching to ride me bike so out comes a Craft Knife and 2-3 hours later i manage to cut the cast off without drawing blood ,stupid i know but hey thats how i used to be 

Course i can't put any weight on it as i know its not fully healed up i can still bend end it though so i jump in a bath amazing how summit simple like a bath feels so great . i leave me Mum a note saying i'm going back to my place to stay now and hobble round to the Garage .

The next slight problem is i can't operate the side stand with me leg so i make up summit to get round that with a bungee , they also came in handy when i cut the arm rests off me crutches so they would fit on the bike and strapped em to the side of it .

Over the next few weeks i ride the bike every day allways remembering not to put my left leg down ever and i do ok , i even go on holiday for a week with a tent touring on the bike .

Then one night i'm out with a few mates and where fucking around on the bikes like ya do i'm racing a mate on a long stretch of road and i'm beating him yay !!! then a car pulls out way ahead but i do need to brake i touch the front lever and the front of the bike folds up , sliding on me back now the kerb approaches fast i hit it with me left leg hard "Snap" i feel the weakened bones in my lower left leg Break but no pain thank fuck me mates pull up run over to me "you ok Bob ?" never mind me wot about me fucking bike !!! i say 

Anyway a while later the Ambulance turns up i tell em me leg is busted as i felt it go when i hit the kerb they strap me up and as they lift me "aha thats where the pain went owwwwwwwww" so a few drugs later an i'm feeling better 

get to the hozzie a different one to the last one thank god usual pics then plaster then the usual " i see you've bust that leg before me "yeah this is the 3rd time" a few days later two Docs appear drag me to a side room cut the leg plaster above the break site not length wise but like there gonna cut it off at one end strange i think ? then one of em says summit to me i lookup and the other git "manipulates"the plaster fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk that hurt..........

another X-ray later the Dox explains that the leg wasn't set right so they needed to Adjust it "thanks for the warning mate!!!" 

This time i decide to be good i put up with the fucking plaster cast for the full term and do you know what 6 months later it was healed and i no longer limped so yeah 3rd time lucky huh 

there again there has to be a better way to get legs fixed falling off a bike isn't the best idea though 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One Leg a Plate an lots of Cops

way back in 84 this happened............

so i still had this left leg that wasn't set 100% right but i could walk in a fashion the big metal plate was doing its job holding it togther and at least unlike my arm it never clicked .

out on my little 250 yam one night round the back of bumfucksville or Heston just heading home and i got erm as i'm come round this sharp bend i spot the "Hump Back Bridge" then the single lan lights change to green so now i know nothing is gonna meet me halfway over the narrow hump back bridge .

like a twatt i clog the bike down a gear and accelerate figuring it'll be like my local hump bridge i jump over , well yer it was except for 2 things 1) it was way steeper and 2) i'd never jumped that bridge before.

wow this bike it getting great air ........oh the end of the bridge was a Sharp right hand turn and a 8ft solid brick wall i had time to say fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...........then the front wheel hit the wall i hit the wall and me and the bike cartwheeled though this garden well i stopped the bike didn't and caried on end over end though a greenhouse then though a set of gable gates finally resting upside down engine still running .

well i tried to get up but me leg hurt rather a lot me shoulder was broken , leg felt solid i guess the plate helped there .

10 mins or so later the house owner appeared he was drunk on home made wine askes me is i was ok then his little  5ft 2" wife appeared all grey haired , soeber but looking really pissed off "look at my Fucking gates! she screamed" 

somehow i stumbled into there house they called the police an ambulance , in a short while i heard the doorbell ring some muffled voices and someone grabbed me by me busted left shoulder from behind now that fucking hurt , without thinking i yell "Fuck Off" turn round and its a Women Police officer ,Opps !!! the littlegrey haired woman starts yelling an her ol man carries on drinking . after a fashion things calm down when the amulance crew arrive and examine me , during that i explain that the WPC had grabbed me by my now broken left shoulder and thats why i yelled at her  as i didn't know who did it and it hurt ,she was ok with that her brave male Cop wanted to charge me but it got sorted out and i walked into the Ambulance after promising the fearsome grey haired lady i'd pay for her fucking gates.

So the ambulance drives to the Hozzie pulls up and the attendtant says lets go into the Casualty so you can see a Doctor me "erm i dunno why mate i can't walk summit feels weird !) ok so he gets a wheelchair and i wait a few hours to see a Doc , finally i go to X-ray they take 2pics of me shoulder an one of me leg . Shoulder pic shows a clean break , leg pic erm fuck all coz its a top down pic it shows the big metal plate ? but nowt else i know me leg don't feel right anyway the asshole foriegn Doc says we'll put yer arm in a sling yer legs just bruised you can go home and come back to the fracture Clinic in a few days .

it's like 1 am by then i've got no transport an no money and to make matters even more intresting i can't remeber where i live ! . Well i had only moved there 2 weeks previous i did remember there was a church on the corner and the District i lived in so they rung the Police when they turn up thank fuck it ain't the same two as before . i explain the situation they ring the local station in the district i live in give em a desciption of the church and my front door 

3 am nope they can't find it have you got any family who can collect you me "nope" no way was i ringin me mum at 3 am or my brother they would've gone mental so they decide to let me sleep on the Gurney in the corner out of harms way , except i can't sleep as my leg is throbbing and the a pain level is increasing by the minite . 

7 am shift change i've been on the Gurney yelling my head off for the last couple of hours so anutha Doc appears and asks me wots up "Pain mate i've had no meds and my leg feels like its being hit with a hammer " so he looks at the shit X-ray decides he can't see nothing aswell and orders more pics 

3 pics later and the nurses an Doc are suddenley doing the headless chicken routine they sling a drip in me Arm pump me full of pain meds and admit me . Doc comes over, me "wots up ?" he shows me the X-rays side view is erm intresting in the crash it seems my leg must've hit summit solid (turns out it was the handlebars somehow) the plate in me leg is now bent and the impact has actually snapped the heads off 3 of the surgical screws !!! "oh fuck anutha Operation i suppose" 

Next they take me up to the fracture Ward i get more Drugs nuthin hurts anymore so i decide to ring me Brother up to collect some money and smokes and find out about the bike me "Barrie erm i've had a accident and bust me leg and shoulder" him "where the fuck are you this time"so after a chat he hangs up .

90 mins later he appears at the hozzie me "blimey you where quick" him yer i would've been here sooner but i got stopped by the Cops on the way over

some days eh...................

Monday, May 18, 2009

Rat's non riding rant..I love my country but am having a problem!!

Didn't ride today..Stuff got in the way..walk in the door and stuck to it with duct tape that peeled off the paint was a form letter from the garbage man..two boxes were checked,,your cans exceed our size limits and your can was over 35 lbs..So I walk out and sure enough the lazy fuck had left my garbage right there..This was the end of my rope after dealing with my tax dollar paid bureauidiots all the bottom it say's any questions call..Punch the number and and hit send to get stuck in for this person push 1 land..straight to 0..I get the poor girl at the phone desk,,holding back my emotions I ask for the dumb son of bitch in charge of the chicken shit outfit..She's on the other line can you hold..Just barley..

I will call her Ms. Smith so she can't sue me..comes on the line..can I help you..yes if you can come and get my garbage out of the driveway you can..Is there a problem..ah the opening I have been waiting for..Yes what the fuck is up with your boneheaded trash boy sticking this note on my door(peeling my paint) and leaving my trash..What does the note say sir..It say's my cans are to big..and my garbage is to heavy, before you start you spiel I will tell you I have had the can and fill it the same every week..Well sir,,(she's pushing it now) how big is your can?? Pretty good size and I don't have monkey butt, thanks for what is it you wanna know..How many gallons does your trashcan hold..Simple answer to that, how the fuck would I know I have never used it for stealing gas..We will only empty 33 gallon cans due to new rules..How much does the can weight full??..I would guess about the same as would I know?? Well it seems the driver figured it was over the weight limit we have set forth..Oh and when did this happen??..Last year..we sent out letters..would you like me to fax or email you copy?? No what I would like is come and pick up my fucking trash and stop giving the unknowing power..Now let me tell you about my day..since my blood pressure has dropped below 300 and the veins in my temples have shrank to less than garden hose size..

Two Rat Bastards started a few years back, custom rat bikes, wear and stuff..Been playing with the idea for some time..most of it is on paper and the rest is hidden in my thick skull..I think..Well it's time to take the leap and do it..Today we started jumping through the hoop's and made a few business decisions..and come to some conclusions..let's start at the back of the conclusion is between the state morons and the federal I'm a government employee because I can't make it in the real world ass bites..I understand why we as a country are going to hell in a backhoe..These totally unemployable dip shits did everything in the power to deter me from moving forward..legally that is..How many employees,quarts of oil, tires new and used, gasoline, paint and how are you going to exhaust the fumes..I got that one half right,,fart fans..

So I made a business decision..fuck this and these clowns..I would be happy to pitch in to get them back on welfare instead of at the helm of our sinking ship..Can a high school drop out who has never sat foot in a bike shop, ran any type of business be the person who holds the reins to your dreams..I think not..Just think I still had to go through the epa and air quality control they don't deserve cap letters..

Jumping through the hoops in our time and economy it seems it would be a time our Government would bend over backwards to help get things doesn't work like a veteran, tax payer, voter and American I expected more..What I see is sad..where have we went wrong..They can't take my dream,,I may not have a big sign and grand opening that would rock the town..I will have my dream and live it until I decide it is time to stop, the well runs dry or they take me away in hand cuffs..I live in country that was based on our freedoms..I am taking mine as I see fit..Hell Rat's love dark alleys..see ya there..


Birthday Suprise

After me pile up with the drunk driver there where a few complications i was walking with a limp as me leg wern't set right (that got fixed up one day proper but thats anutha story) the main problem though was i needed money to live on and more importantly to pay for the payments on my bike so i went back to work

So i'm yer basic manual worker no skills , managed to get some part time stuff my left arm ached a lot that big old metal plate they had used to bolt it together didn't seem right anyhow wtf eh i'm working paying bills and riding me bike 

one day i was moving a empty filing cabinet and i heard a loud "Click" uh oh so i put the cabinet down grabbed me left upper arm and wiggled it "Click Click Click" bugga so i finished me days work and popped down the hozzie .

Maureen was there , i was still under me first Consultant then , explained the problem got to see the Consultants assitant pretty damm quickly he held me arm *Click Click Click" so they took a few pictures , slung em on the light box , yup yer arm has snapped 

Well nothing they could do at that moment so i went home signed off work again and waited for them to call me back in for yet anutha Operation 

A few weeks later i'm back in the Consultant says where gonna open yer arm up remove the plate nick some bone from your hip and graft yer arm then sling the lot in plaster , so they  built this special cast before the operation to imobilise my arm then they knocked me out an dug in 

well i woke up on the operating table when they tried to fit the cast as it wasn't going on and i was yelling a lot , after a fashion they used a different type of cast, gave me more drugs and i awoke in the general ward sorta ok .

fast forward 3 months later they cut the cast off all the time i'm thinking summit ain't right , sure enuf as they removed the cast i still had 2 arms but now my left arm could bend nearly 40 degrees in the middle of my upper arm and it didn't hurt which i suppose was a result .

me "well i guess the bone graft didn't take too well then" my mum was doing the headless chcicken routine the Consultant wasn't happy either  more fucking pictures more exams so the new plan was they put me arm in a sling for a few months wait for some of the holes in my arm to fill in then do antha bone graft from my right hip put a new plate in my arm and anutha new cast , so i went back to the boys home course everyone thought it was funny me having a wonky arm 

me 20th Birthday me an Turkey an a few others where down the local watering hole after a fashion it was me an Turkey alone playing pool drinking beer usual thing. 

Turkey (Jim) went to get a round of beers in i racked the balls for anutha game he was gone a while , damm where's me pint so i wondered over there was Turkey at a table with 2 girls and my Beer hey "Jim we playing pool or wot" him "Bob this is so an so an her mate" i looked at the mate man how did they let her out in daylight she could scare the pattern off wallpaper so i kinda guessed i'd get lumbered with the moose but i had a plan .

sat at the table making polite conversation , now if i tensed wot muscle i had left in my arm i could keep me arm straight so i just lent me elbow an forearm on the table rested my hand flat , rubbed my nose with me other hand till i sneezed and at that moment my upper arm bent to about 30+ Degrees well the look on the girls face was priceless they made there excuses and left i picked me pint up and wandered back to the pool table ,Turkey followed cursing an swearing saying i did that on purpose to fuck up his chances me i admitted it all and then still beat him at pool even with me buggered up arm so all in all it was a good night 

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Rat's Sunday morning, rocking out..

It's sort of a good thing when you roll out the door and have to pick your was early and the Tangerine needed a little clutch tuning and a test drive..Well Starbucks and the road I wanted to ride were in different directions..So wrench the clutch roll the orange beast out, think about the neighbor, belly laugh and hit the start button..leave the choke on and go for a smoke..Still got sometime before the Bucks unlocks the door..Leave now I might have to ride slow..

Clutch is fine, 5:30am with the wind kicking it's way around you is my time..I would watch the sunrise in the mirrors if I had any..Pull in, lean the wrong way and reach under the case to find the jiffy...Ya its low..See a bunch of the local gathered early..WTF must a been a party last night..No shit Madera swamp meet and bike show..looking at 106 or so today..No thanks boys Rat's riding solo today..

Head on back to the shack and roll the shovel out..Now I can feel it would like to hit the swamp meet..poor shovel been looking for some new bling for awhile..not today..Rat needs some road cure..Up Sand Creek we roll..Good two lane road to nowhere and a rock that's been on my mind for years..just never have the time to check on it..Many years ago this was my ride..I would sit on the road and you could see one side of the central valley to the other..thanks to our wonderful smog you can't do it anymore..I have no idea if the rock is still there, parking area maybe someones home but I am on a mission to find the thinking rock..

Been riding the Tangerine mostly lately, sorta been the mood I have been in I guess..Riding hard, riding fast and there is nothing wrong with it..but today me the shovel are playing with our past in way like riding the tangerine..riding hard and riding fast had been a thing of the past..I think we reach an age we have to see if we can still do what we did..well I can but I'm paying for it..elbows wiped out and did in the good knee a few days ain't getting better and after eleven surgeries on the right one I can tell you where it's going..Oh well I had fun making it happen..

So we head up the first stretch of hill, same as before nice road, small but smooth..I'm down a gear,,hot morning wind defeats fast..I want to feel the ride, I want to see the changes, compare today and yesterday and see the future..I don't want to be in control I want the ride, the road to dictate the speed and the angles..I'm just driving today..No pushing or pulling I'm just gliding, riding and soaking it in..

Takes a few try's to find the dead end the rock lives on..Still got an empty pad where the locals party...can tell by the damage, beer drinking and hell raising hasn't changed much over the years..Find a spot of shade for the horse to cool off under and take a gander around the old place..see the fence is still standing..sorta like me I guess a little blurry eyed and worse for wear and tear..but still standing on it's own..Crawl over and head back a few hundred feet behind the hill..There it stands..still tall, upright and righteous in it's own right..Now in the younger days get up to the top was a hop, skip and a jump..well I had to put a little more effort into today..I made it..

Been many years old friend, mind if I sit a spell and look around..progress has happened around you my friend..after years of standing on this hill by yourself you now have kids playing with a puppy in the backyard, mom putting out the laundry and dads mowing the lawns..I'm sure it doesn't bother you..the worlds moved around you forever..Ya I have experienced the same thing in different places..Some good, some bad but all a small part of life..Don't say much but you never did..See ya Rock I got to go one more time..


Friday, May 15, 2009

blamin' Rat

he triggered memories of ridin' in Germany - bought a honda from a friend - Dave, went to his girl's house for dinner one Sunday - ate, drank and listened to the stories from the other side -
paid 200 for the bike - sold it for 200 a year and some change later
older honda - a 450, modded for the tracks over there - drop bars, full race faring - wasn't balls out off the line but damn!!! - it had no top end - just kept goin' - gonna twist that thing, it's more than happy to go faster
blowin' through a curve one day - 110, takin' it easy when - oh fuck!!! - a farmer takin' his cows for a walk in the road and me with little or no brakes
chasin' a Norton and a BSA up a "hill" one sunny Sunday - sure, they got off fast but I'm gonna blow past those fuckers like they was standing still - cheat some on this curve and - oh fuck!!! - car - grabbin' brakes that weren't there - slammin' gears while that side of the "hill" is approaching fast - a sheer drop, no guardrail - maybe a whole buncha hundreds of feet
runnin' on fumes one night - had some friends follow me off base so I could fill the tank - couldn't buy gas on base, needed a ration card - didn't have that cuz I never registered the fucker - no euro license either - fuck em if they can't take a joke - so, fill up and heading back when the throttle cable snaps - mighta been a bit - or beyond a bit buzzed - well, bright idea occurred to me - tie a small knot in the end of the cable - put it all back together - ride it home - fucker wouldn't fire - kick start - I kicked the fuck outta that thing in a lot with a big ole restaurant with massive windows - which I was facing when I was kickin' and kickin' and gas pumps that I was damn near leanin' on and facin' as I was kickin' and kickin' til
I said - hey, you guys - push start - and the fucker fired
wide open
I lifted the bike up off the ground - got it pointed straight down a road and went for the ride of my life - pitch black out - no lights on the bike - blew through 5 gears in about a heartbeat and a half - never knew the fucker was that fast - guess I never twisted hard enough before then
got it shut down - undid what I'd done - fed the cable between speedo and tach and rode the fucker home - tuggin' - no more twistin' that night - already had my ride
gettin' run off the road by the ghost white Mercedes that haunted the Bitt/Spang highway
man - those were some good fuckin' times
thanks Rat - for the memories

A flight of stairs and BOBs at the border..

Many years ago in a far away land,,well Texas a strange thing happened..I was working a shrimp boat out of Freeport with the psycho skipper Rudy..we both rode and both scoots had there place on the boat,,or at the fish house..We were coming in for some maintenance on the boat and had planned a road trip to Matamoros Mexico..we had done it with success before..well we came back alive or partially..

The night before we leave we were packing our gear or did I say beer when in walks Captain Scotty..Now I'm not a big fan of the jerk off but try and be cool and just act like he's not there..His claim to fame was the scene in the movie Scareface where Pacino is sneaking into the country in the hold of a shrimp boat, well it was Scotty's boat..So he rides to and the dumb ass Norwegian has to tell him what were doing so he invites himself..Your not even here how can you do that..

So around 7am we pack them up and roll south..Through Brownsville and into drunkarks paradise..Hit our favorite cantina..well the only one we knew and was open, rented a room on the top floor and went to parting..Now tequila has always been something that I can handle, well the first three or so anyway..after about 107 shots..I guessing things got blurry..DRS..Don't remember Shit until sometime the next afternoon when I awaken in a fog with the shovelhead sitting at the end of the bed and a couple of dark eyed cuties lounging around the room..I could still feel the hairy legs of the tequila worm moving around my mouth, well I was hoping that's what is was..I set out the front door it get some air and about fell down the steepest stair case ever build,,it looked like it could fall at any way the shovel could have got up in the room..well two but I had left my magic lamp at home that day..So guess a couple of shot of courage and some corona's were needed for the next silly stunt..It was one for the books believe me..The two captains were at the bar when I rolled in, pissed of and ready to roll..Were the hell was I?? That might explain the ride up the stairs..OK let's go..

We roll out and I am bringing up the rear I notice Cap. Scotty's bags are about to explode..Not my problem..I thought..we hit the crossing and happen to find the only Boarder Patrol agent who had neither got laid or bribed that day and he pulls us in..Pat down, have you been we went down for mass..So he starts looking into Cap. Scotty's saddle bags..I hear a giggle then an aw fuck..I'm thinking at this point it can't be good..He pulls out the first on many BOBS..or battery operated boyfriends..and he just keeps pulling them out and standing them beside the bikes, along the road in plain view for god and the rest of the world..

Now I can handle some shit without turning red..but as the nice agent began enjoying his job I wanted to first kill Scotty' Second mame Scotty..Thrird kill Scotty and Rudy,,who was at first in shock as I could see, then like myself looking for a place to hide..So after Mr. Agent finishes unpacking what seemed to be 100 of the things and the rest of his brethren had made there way to the spectacle he turns and asks..Do these dildos belong to all of you,,do you share..laughing rather loudly at the time followed by a chorus of hyenas..Then it was would you fellows mind opening them up for inspection..that was it,,I was done..Not mine and I ain't playing this game anymore..well the joke was over..they let lose one last laugh at our expense and told us to take our toys and go home..

Well if there was a finally, I missed it..I fired the shovel up and down the road I went..Give me tickets, lock me up just get outa here..

Scott tried to explain himself I few days later..all I could say was hey dude go fuck are equipped to do so..


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Always thought about crotch rockets..My ass can't sitting on anything made by those who bombed Pearl Harbor..So this project had been in the works for awhile..I picked up a 2000 Dyna and the shit came together..Road Rage in Fresno built the motor..103ci..SS 560 lift cams, Kieth Black 10.5 to 1 piston, ported and polished, fueling oil pump, TRW bearings through out.Mukuni 48 with a K&N..gears gone through..Paint is Dupont Tangerine Orange Satin..Ness fairing and we raised the the headlight 10 inches and used all the existing chrome..Topped it off with a White Brother Tunable header..The rear wheel dyno was 127hp

Got it running Sunday afternoon about 4pm and rolled 500 miles on it today..The fucker runs..120 in fourth...I would guess 155 top..New rear metzler is half gone right down the middle..Is it fun yes,,but much more seat time and I will have to call Dave and find the cure..LOL..So 600 miles in three days and in the morning the Old Shovel comes out my ass and blood presusure need a rest..Ride on..


Update on the Project Bike

i'm getting excited here here's me frame in basic mock up with forks and wheels more updates as i get em to say i'm Excited is a fucking understatement 

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cheap plastic helmet saves a life today..

Went to pick up a new toy today, test project stuff with a friend..2000 Dyna,,cafed out, satin orange with a Road Rage built 103 in it..Now the need to test this stuff is something I can never stress have to be sure they are good..The brother who built it was in need and we made it work, he say's watch it till you get the feel it will light it up from fourth to fifth..OK sure it will..The bro was an honest man..I think it needs some extra test time..

So so I putt around for a few, hit the brake, feel the controls, work the throttle before jumping on the freeway..Ya she has a little extra punch..Jump it on the 99 and do the onramp test,,oh 105 before we even got close..impressive..but not something I would make a habit of doing..Get up to cruise speed and look down,,he said all the gauges work perfect, well if the fuel gauge works I could be screwed..So pulled he off and by god it works the tank was empty..Back on the free way running in the fast lane..damn why is everyone going so slow..shit 90..back off and cruise it in the slow lane..don't need no stinking speeding tickets..time to back road it..hell that is the only way to get to my shack..

Nice clean ride,,this is one nice riding Harley..Get just outside the little burg I live in and this punked out Accura..I mean punked as the meaning we grew up with OK pulls in behind me..Running way close, I can see the shadow of his bumper..So I roll off nice and slow..all sorts of space to pass..No he goes for another run at me..That was twice..I live in a three stop light town and we hit the first..extra lane asshole go right behind me..Light goes I stay for a few still sitting there..I roll and he pulls around..I let him go wondering if you have to put extra springs to support the giant muffler and useless shit bolted to a fifty dollar car..Forget it they are history..well no quite..

This sawed off, weaselly punk cuts in front of me..OK enough, roll it on hard and shoot around,,he has no fucking idea what just happen to him..The 400 pound pitbull in the passenger seat is confused..might of been his date,,hard to tell when your pulling serious G's..I back off and he pulls up beside me and starts yelling..I can't hear anything just see his goofy ass face moving..He speeds up and cut's me off again..Well we hit the light I pull in the turn lane and he is trying to get out his door..Damn bikes are not equipped well for these situations..He is thinking about getting big..his pet cow looks to be egging it on..Plan B..pop the helmet strap and let it fly..Arm is not what it once was..I missed the window and bounced it off the door post..He decide he really didn't want to play that bad..went through the red light..I got my trusty $4.50 lid some scars..but it saved a life today..go figure..


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Riding with the enemy..LOL..jail house rock..

Must of September of last of five trips from California to Florida solo..Working on shrimp boats and partying way hard..riding hard..No fear..I was going to stop stop in Vegas and visit a bro..Rolled into town on a Thursday night and headed for the HorseShoe..Worn out I got a room a steak and a few beers..decided to play a little blackjack and crash. Sat down, still leathered up and smelling the sweet smell of the road in my hair..About half an hour later this long tall hombre walks up and pulls up third base..He looks about forty and is wearing the colors of the big Texas club..VP patch above the pocket..Curt nod and we had an understanding..

We played the table for a few, lose and break even about 4am decide to get a bite and regroup..The horseshoe had the best earlybird ham and eggs in town so we went for it..Learned his handle was Stretch..patch was Austin and so was he..After a good breakfast and having shaken off a few to many drinks we decided to hit the tables again..We played until two that afternoon..drunk but not broke we headed outside for some air..well bad idea in Vegas in the summer drunk..we found a bench and sat back..I don't know how long it was but someone was shaking my shoulder I jumped up turned and guess I took a swing..wrong move..Stretch had a fellow on the ground when my boy pulled his badge..

Well we had earned ourselves a trip to the brand new Las Vegas lockdown..and about fifty six hours in a holding cell dealing with drunks and bologna sandwiches..took a long time before I could stomach those left over floor scrapings again..Monday morning we were sentenced to seven days for drunk and disorderly..Hell I will take it..could have been way worse..

So during our mini vacation my new bro made sure the scooters were cared for..I was headed the same direction somewhat so he passed along an invite to ride as far as Austin and hang for a few days if I wanted..Hell not like I was going anywhere but back to work anyway so I said sure..We spent the next few days playing spades and eating popcorn,,no shit..

Got cut loose about 1am Saturday morning and walked over to the Horseshoe, scene of the crime and another breakfast..By about 5 am we were rolling out of Vegas going to Austin..Now I grew up with our local California club in my blood but never had an inkling to be part of it..Not my bag..But you still feel a little like your hanging with the enemy..not the case I was riding with a friend..we rode, we rode hard for 16 hours to his pad..You know how the head works your expecting a run down trailer at the city limits but you wind up in a nice hood in the uptown with a pool..

Now the two best parts of Texas have always been New Mexico and Louisiana in my book, for those who don't get it leaving and leaving..but what I found in a week was Austin must be a state all it's own..Nice place, good music, better food and good people..Rode with Stretch and a few of the brothers a couple of times..never felt more welcome, went back a couple of times after..I was leaving Saturday morning I had out the skipper off for a couple of weeks, not that he minded but funds were getting low and I was starting to enjoy not slaving for three weeks straight..The club had a run to Galveston that weekend and I was invited to ride as far as Houston..Now I am not a group rider but went for it..Never forget, by the time we hit Houston there had to be 600 Harleys..Mounted by hard riding brothers who owned the road..we were in the front of the pack, I will never forget a long sweeping left hand turn that put your ear into the sound of the pack..the roar, rumble and vibration of pure American thunder in action..

Waved Stretch off at the I-10 and headed towards a night in the French Quarter, a big ass bowl of Gumbo and a morning cup of French Market..Thanks for the boots bro..wore them out walking but still have them sitting on the memory wall..ride hard..


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Bear, old dirty biker or dirty old biker..

When it was said in a old post it brought back memories..1984 in Casa Grande Arizona. My first ex wife had got tossed out of the military and we were road tripping..A friend of a friend was told she was good with an airbrush and had contacted us about doing some painting..We pulled into town in a truck with a cabover camper and a trailer full of junk and the FXST..Now the old saying Bum Fuck Egypt came to mind when we pulled in to the burg..Directions were easy take the main road to the IGA and hook a left,,the big barn at the end of the road..

We pulled in and saw a giant walking across the lot..Bob I was told was a tall dude, that was an understatement..Bob was 7'1 3/4"..and owned two carnivals..He wanted us to rebuild and paint the carousels and offered stupid money for doing it..We were home in Casa Grande for a few months.. I would take the horse off and sand blast them, prime and base color then the ex would work her magic..she was damn good at it and made a living doing it long after I went out for a pack of smokes..

Living in the desert in the winter it's rats ass cold in the mornings and wind blew the rest of the 24 I rode..tiny roads and major roads, explored the landscape looking for nothing but a place..still looking..I was about 20 miles from nothing one afternoon when I found the bar..I spent the last day trying to remember the name,,it's gone..There was a cherry FL parked in front so I pulled up and walked in..Bar tender and the widest not fat just wide old dude sitting at the bar..He seemed to be four feet wide and maybe five foot five..You could tell in his day he was a bull..well a bear..I sat back and ordered a beer..He glanced over and that was it..

The bar became a favorite stop..after the sixth time in and the big dude sitting in the same place every time I asked the bartender what his story was..He said that's the Bear and he has been here forever..I asked if he could talk..ya when he feels like it he will..A few more times in and the same deal, a glance and a nod..Until the day he say's hey kid..Now biker creed would not have allowed Joe Blow that pleasure but the Bear got away with it..I still threw out a gruff what..He asked of I rode much..I said everyday..

That was it for a couple of days, I walk in early on a Saturday was packed, must of been six people there..Bear had his stool so I sat down a few away and ordered a beer..Bear looks over and say's I hate crowds you wanna go for a cruise..Sure,,where we he fired up that old FL he says follow me..We rode in a big circle of Joshua trees and desert..we put down a couple of hours of up and down and round and round..I was taking in the we pulled back into the bar I remember thinking how I got to know Bear that day without saying a word..there are those you can share the road with and there are those you never hit the click with..we hit the click..I knew it and the Bear knew it..we back them in and and rolled off..Bear patted me on the back and said great ride..he felt the bond of the road too..

Bear looked to be maybe sixty but was seventy four..lost his wife ten years back and just never really got happy again..He would have a few and hit the Patsy Cline songs and sit and stare at the walls with tears rolling down his face..Never heard him raise his voice but the bartered said he was hell on wheels before he lost his wife..We rode, we went to Nogales, Tuscon and many a little towns that may not exist today..we never really talked about much but bikes and the road..He was happy when he was in throttle..never said so but you could see it..I never learned much more about the Bear, never knew where he lived or what he did..never knew his given name..

Last time I saw the Bear I stopped to tell him I was heading out..alone..Headed back to California by what ever road got me hurry..He asked if he could ride to the boarder with me..Sure Bear you can ride any where with me friend..We pulled them in to the last truck stop off 10 and sat down and had dinner..we walked out and the sad look in the Bears face damn near got me all choked up..I said got to go..He shook my hand and said ride safe kid..I swear I saw a smile..ride safe yourself old timer..


Monday, May 4, 2009

4th May 2009

Not a Day i'll forget . Today Joe the frame builder turned up me an him had a 3 hour seesion about how the bike will be built , made a parts list , swopped titles for the legal shite he know owns my FXR Rolling Chassis and i'm gonna be Bikeless for 8 long weeks 

chassis wise it won't be anything flash no stupid curvy fashionale frame shite or huge balloon Tyres no Billet shite either , no fancy paint just a plain looking hardtail frame with 30 degrees of Rake and 4 1/2" of ground clearence , it'll be plain Black with the odd shiny part no logo's 

Allways wanted a few things for this Bike so in the mix it'll have a open belt primary , chain drive to the rear wheel and a springer front end , lights well no indicators probalby no mirrors a mini bates and a side mount tailight 

lastly the one thing i've allways loved a nice one off set of Staggered Stainless Fishtails 

pictures to follow as when joe starts laying Tubes in his Jig and welding it together 

kinda stroked that it's finally started , but also kinda sad the FXR had to go to pay for it all but i've kept the motor , carb and ignition for the Build

so for a couple of years the FXR will be the Test Mule for the Chassis sometime hopefully in 2011 a new S & S Shovelhead Engine will be purchased the FXR Engine will be Removed cleaned painted an polished up then retired to the Coffee Table in the Living room till maybe anutha idea pops in me head

till then it'll be stuck in the new chassis ans treated to the packmule  future as i put some miles on my dreamBike ,park it at rallies go to the beer tent and get drunk just like all my other bikes have

Note to self though !!!!if there ever is a  next time when i'm a kid don't let a girl say hey lets go to the pictures and see that new biker movie "Easy Riders" coz one day you'll buy a Harley and go *remember that dream you had 30 something years ago about owning a Custom Built Harely one day......................*

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Three day's, sixty miles and the new it happened to be..

I have wrote some day stories about Vegas, I spent a month there..Lot's of miles and smiles..damn wish they had Blackberry's back then. Nothing really worked so let me tell you how the Vegas trip came to be and a little bit about the Rat..

My mother had passed away a year before the trip happened. She was my best friend, the bottom line. I still feel today in many ways she was the one person who understood how I could be in a crowd yet still alone. That at sixteen I preferred riding over hanging out with the crowd..She died from complications of a botched surgery Thanksgiving day the age of forty..

The hospital admitted guilt and wrote a check, I put mine away and had not touched until I laid eyes on the FXST..It was the first thing I knew she would be happy about if I bought it..In doing so I knew it was past the time to move on..I had got laid off a few days before and I was worn down from the gloom of the sunshine in your life is hard to do with out..I needed a road trip and time to clear my head..I was drinking and drugging far to much and taking chances that I would normally avoid,,well sometimes..Even today I still wind it up a little tighter than I's freedom..Hey I rode a wheelie about a half mile on a sporty today..why you ask..because I could..

That's how Vegas started, I rode everyday I was there. I rode to Flagstaff in the snow, I rode to Hoover Damn four or five is still a site today that amazes me, I went to Pahrump..I rode 95 north..I put the past behind me in fourth gear with the wind in my face..I made choices and have spent many years trying to live by them..some I did and some were pipedreams. Some took time to understand while others were clear..It's life, I stopped trying to figure it out, you can't..When in doubt I ride..

So that's how Vegas came to be..I spent some time trying to be what I wasn't to make others happy..I learned from it and slowly got back to where I needed to be..Here..riding. ratting and living..Sharing with those who understand..It took some help and some time..Thanks Tat for your support and understanding..the little push to do what I enjoy..thanks to all who read and enjoy..


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Age has not a fricking thing to do with being smart..

Dirty Ernie called like on Monday, Hey Bro me and the old lady want to buy you dinner at the casino..My reply was just ring bro..Knowing my long time bud,,if he was taking me to dinner it was going to cost me..or I would be eating hot dogs standing by the penny slots..Can't say no to a bro and it is the though that counts..

Couple of day's later To Tall Tim calls and say's Ernie had invited him to ride up with us,,any problems,,no dude..never..Now the what the fucks going on is swimming around in my head..Maybe Ernie hit the lotto, have fun with it..

Friday rolls up and got some sprinkles dripping in the morning. About 10am The call comes, are we on might let's ride the Mary and Tim's wife can take your truck..see I knew it was going to cost dirty one,,what's the witching hour..5pm my house,,be there..

I roll the Shovel out at it up..rap the pipes to piss off the neighbors hand Dot the key's to my truck and me and To Tall roll them for Ernie's..raining a bit now but what are we men or pussies..Well fuck we won't melt..I hope..We hit Ernie's the ladies do what ever it is they do and we hit the road..About the time we hit the 99 it was a good steady rain..traffics mild and the road is still the road..

About the first exit into Fresno a local yokel in a new Challenger pulls up along the straight pipe side and proceeds to give me the I'm a bad cop eyeball..Well I gave him the was on the clutch side, high on the ape and other side of the bike so there was a small chance he missed it..He stuck his ass right there, one exit OK, second exit your getting on my nerves, third exit I have had enough..crank the throttle back and blow by Ernie..Loud and proud and pissing off the crowd..OK jerk off there's the chance, take it..He rolls up, smiles and gives me a thumbs up while getting off the road..OK got me asshole..LOL

We jump the 41 through town and up the hill to Coursegold..When we hit 41 we had the groove on..wet or not we ride to enjoy and a little bobbing and weaving with cation was in store..we rode hard..we were safe yet still absorbed in the reckless abandon of the ride..Hit the passing lane, roll right and go..make some noise,,feel the elements, vibration, stones in the road..ride the shear wall at 70..the sound of three Harleys winding up in a stone canyon for a mile is heart stopping..I can never get enough..Drop off the last turn coming in to the Casino, wishing it would rain for ever and the road would never end..

We had steak for dinner, my wallet never came we walked out I asked Ernie what's up..He punches me on the arm and say's just thinking of you Bro..Well Ernie just thinking of you Bro, just thinking of you..