Monday, April 8, 2013

The Rainbow. .

Its was there my Rainbow. .off far in the distance..didn't want to lose it..but could see it beginning to fade...rain and hail pounded me as I went faster..careless in pursuit of something I couldn't reach. .the closer I came the faster its fades...hopes and dreams where at the end of that rainbow. ..all things good lay within reach....the colors fade to darkness. .its a place I know all to well....chasing rainbows. ...its like chasing dreams...a never ending chase for the fool it seems...Good bye rainbow. .hopes fade away..maybe the my rainbow will come back today..

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Bear, old dirty biker or dirty old biker..

When it was said in a old post it brought back memories..1984 in Casa Grande Arizona. My first ex wife had got tossed out of the military and we were road tripping..A friend of a friend was told she was good with an airbrush and had contacted us about doing some painting..We pulled into town in a truck with a cabover camper and a trailer full of junk and the FXST..Now the old saying Bum Fuck Egypt came to mind when we pulled in to the burg..Directions were easy take the main road to the IGA and hook a left,,the big barn at the end of the road..

We pulled in and saw a giant walking across the lot..Bob I was told was a tall dude, that was an understatement..Bob was 7'1 3/4"..and owned two carnivals..He wanted us to rebuild and paint the carousels and offered stupid money for doing it..We were home in Casa Grande for a few months.. I would take the horse off and sand blast them, prime and base color then the ex would work her magic..she was damn good at it and made a living doing it long after I went out for a pack of smokes..

Living in the desert in the winter it's rats ass cold in the mornings and wind blew the rest of the 24 I rode..tiny roads and major roads, explored the landscape looking for nothing but a place..still looking..I was about 20 miles from nothing one afternoon when I found the bar..I spent the last day trying to remember the name,,it's gone..There was a cherry FL parked in front so I pulled up and walked in..Bar tender and the widest not fat just wide old dude sitting at the bar..He seemed to be four feet wide and maybe five foot five..You could tell in his day he was a bull..well a bear..I sat back and ordered a beer..He glanced over and that was it..

The bar became a favorite stop..after the sixth time in and the big dude sitting in the same place every time I asked the bartender what his story was..He said that's the Bear and he has been here forever..I asked if he could talk..ya when he feels like it he will..A few more times in and the same deal, a glance and a nod..Until the day he say's hey kid..Now biker creed would not have allowed Joe Blow that pleasure but the Bear got away with it..I still threw out a gruff what..He asked of I rode much..I said everyday..

That was it for a couple of days, I walk in early on a Saturday was packed, must of been six people there..Bear had his stool so I sat down a few away and ordered a beer..Bear looks over and say's I hate crowds you wanna go for a cruise..Sure,,where we he fired up that old FL he says follow me..We rode in a big circle of Joshua trees and desert..we put down a couple of hours of up and down and round and round..I was taking in the we pulled back into the bar I remember thinking how I got to know Bear that day without saying a word..there are those you can share the road with and there are those you never hit the click with..we hit the click..I knew it and the Bear knew it..we back them in and and rolled off..Bear patted me on the back and said great ride..he felt the bond of the road too..

Bear looked to be maybe sixty but was seventy four..lost his wife ten years back and just never really got happy again..He would have a few and hit the Patsy Cline songs and sit and stare at the walls with tears rolling down his face..Never heard him raise his voice but the bartered said he was hell on wheels before he lost his wife..We rode, we went to Nogales, Tuscon and many a little towns that may not exist today..we never really talked about much but bikes and the road..He was happy when he was in throttle..never said so but you could see it..I never learned much more about the Bear, never knew where he lived or what he did..never knew his given name..

Last time I saw the Bear I stopped to tell him I was heading out..alone..Headed back to California by what ever road got me hurry..He asked if he could ride to the boarder with me..Sure Bear you can ride any where with me friend..We pulled them in to the last truck stop off 10 and sat down and had dinner..we walked out and the sad look in the Bears face damn near got me all choked up..I said got to go..He shook my hand and said ride safe kid..I swear I saw a smile..ride safe yourself old timer..


Sunday, March 24, 2013

The joys of happy..sharing the ride. .our dreams of tomorrow

Such a long winding road we have traveled. .The miles have always been our enemy today they are our release. .time ticked away three years to reach this day..we found it and lost it at times but our heart always won out over our minds..Our day is near and so are you..How we held this bond our love will never be known..we lived and we loved we cried and we have grown..I want to share the dream with we pack our bags and count our blessing this my Sunshine is our ride..the first one of forever..

The vows are said..the cake is gone hands have been shaken and many hugs well wishes..we packed the bike before being forever joined..we married wearing leather..all that's left is turn the key..for the first time we will share life  together and free..I feel your arms tight around me as I reach up and turn the key..push the button to freedom and hear the low roar..vibrations and thunder the feeling I have knowing your there..With me for life this first ride we will share..

A light snow and chill in the air with warmth wrapped around me and the freedom of the wind we don't care. .And the ride was a short one thank you mother nature...slow wind through the snow and roll the new in next to the old..the shovel still doesn't like company but maybe these two will get along..throw a few logs in the fireplace and sit back on the old worn couch eating pizza and hoping the snow breaks..could never ask for anything more than laying back with you in my was our day..our needs are met... the dream came true.. .last of our day..only thing left is figuring our drivers side and passenger side..Thank you for the start of a wonderful life..Love you mucho..Chiquita Senorita Del Sol...biggest Hugs

Friday, March 22, 2013

Balance. .

Your first step ,your first attempt at balance..Balance was important and always part of life as you pass through your youngest years as we grow older its a natural part of no longer have to think about it. .as we grow older balancing your tires or check book maybe the only time we think about it..

Sunshine we have finally found what it is that makes what we share so special. .its the balance. .we tried our balance on the tight ropes and the super highways. .we found balance the hard way..we didn't even know it..Balance is a morning smile...drying dishes. .only pushing the buttons that have happy faces on them..Its letting you be you. ..taking out the trash or walking the dog. .when you change the flat on the car while I watch a Giant's game..couldn't help it..its sharing our days and the TV remote..its sharing wind on cold spring morning. .making breakfast together..its not worrying about tomorrow until is yesterday. .

Its sitting on the back porch..huddled up on that old well worn couch. ..just holding on in comfortable silence. .sharing a smile and letting our today's fade away too our tomorrows ..tomorrow starts a new wonderful chapter in our lives...its the day we dreamed of in many ways and on many days..its finally came...Love you always and ever..met me on the old couch hugs..

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sunshine and the Monkey Man...Reflections

Lots of people have read the storiies here over the last few years..Sunshines inspiration and a little push we decided to share some of our personal stories. ..a little bit of all we enjoy now two days before we make the commitment for a lifetime. .The blog is Sunshine and the Monkey Man..and here's a small taste of many...You will find the link on blogs to ride over too..enjoy.

Sometimes a story can have many meanings and each story shared has a meaning to Sunshine and the Monkey Man. .shared past memorys that are the same...only in different times and places..amazing how things work in this life. .other story are a dream or a though shared and given freely..other are putting away the things that keep life from moving forward. life as life always will..

Reflections today have new meanings as they will everyday..learning to let go and release the parts of our lives that both gave highs so very high and lows as low as the mind can go have been both hard and joyful. .Life as we learn has control and if we as what we are attempt to change it heart aches and pain are the results..maybe its the years we have or maybe it plain luck that what is shared today is a new and different world than one could imagine..

Having been one then none to reach the point of two sharing one goal happiness without restraints..For those who have never been there you probably will never understand for we still only know its a wonderful place and stopped asking how it works..Like the meaning of the word love..strong yet gentle..will love you always and forever has new meanings..its the same love with understanding. .life was and is in control and we are the pawns it plays try and change what is shared is no longer an option. .hopes are like dreams today..the more you hope the more distant the dream much hope puts life and what is true and real beyond our reach..

Everyday is a new adventure. .the highs are not as high and the lows easily overcome..It is finding life can be comfortable and having an ear..a shoulder a smile...not grasping for the heart strings not wishing for the commitments that bind lives to a we share happiness. .as true and as pure as we can..its where we never thought possible but with the strength we have always shared we again have made it work and work wonderfully. .I share this today as best I can..its been written and tried time and time again..its only touches the surface of your friendship and the true unrelenting and always forgiving love means to that bond that pulls us together there are not the right words to express it..Thank you Sunshine for a wonderful life..Love you mucho
.always and ever...Hugs

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Winding down..

Its just around the corner less that two weeks away..Scooter will be here..Dreams of the future have began to fall into place..Its been a long hard trip with more ups and downs then a drive through Wyoming. .Elevated at times but the valleys we crossed were long and full of uncertainty. .we always climbed out..Its all about what's in your heart. .its always there and undying. .

This last leg of the journey Sunshine has been pure joys we missed. .Today I feel your joy from miles away just as I was holding you close..The calls and texts from those who love us and care have been enlightening and happy..I am coming home..for all the readers and followers thanks for keeping us inspired. .plans are to get this riding blog back in the dig up more old memories and to create our own to share...Lucky 13 Sunshine. ..time to grab a gear..Need those big warm hugs..


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What's the Fuck...

Rolling prior to the damn sun waking up..ain't nothing here except blue ribbon beer..Can't park an 85 foot personal vehicle in the Harley museum parking lots..and its fucking snowing. .now the first snow in Wyoming was interesting since that time I have found snow to be annoying. a 3 inch long bleeding roid. ..and why do they call them hemorrhoids. ..why not herorroids..oh well either why they are a pain in the snow..some people like it..ya lets go play in the snow. .get your head checked. ..shits cold and slimy..sticky...its crusty underwear nasty..Ever get stuck in a snow strorm..younger days did once but it was in a baggie..not cold wet sticky shit..did you hear me yelling. .I hate fucking snow. .

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mormons and cigarette butts..

Mormons are a strange breed sort of moronic robotic in their quest for a few wives or money..Money of course is number most religions..praise the lord and pass the mighty dollar. .So in a quest for the truth it was discovered that they also loved big trucks..not the whoo hooo four wheel drive red neck toys but the big stuff..Peterbuilts and Freighshakers..ya I'm a Peterbuilt guy. .

So having fallen prey to the Mormons I'm sitting here in one of their houses of worship. not in church but the demonic money pit know as a terminal. .once your here it's as close to terminal as it gets..sitting here watching as the new robots are being trained to replace the burned out robots most of who make it two weeks in the quest to steal some Mormon gold..shits hard to get and well protected. .Again like most religions Mormons will rape your ass and tell ya God made them do it...I fire up a smoke..

Now Mormons hate cigarettes they feel its a Pentacostal evil brought on by big tobacco and they don't own any stocks in it..So I'm smoking my evils and enjoying some refreshing rays of my Sunshine and I toss the first evil butt out the window..We have a wonderful of smiles and bad jokes..punch lines. with little punch that still bring smiles. .and I tossed a bunch of evil as day turns to night I have my daily brain fart and that of course induces more emotions that lead to well more the morning breaks..I hear my Sunshines sweet morning whisper or just the joyful sound of being woke up from a blissful rest that brings joy and well a few more you guessed it butts..

As I'm brew up the second pot thinking of Sunshine and the wonderful smiles that await the day the truck parked in front of me moves..low and behold my I be struck by lightning a big sign not from God but close from the Mormons. .the biggest sign in the whole damn place..DO NOT THROW OUT CIGARETTE BUTTS..Now damn I open the door for the first time in hours and there lies a 3 foot high pile of yup butts..long ones and short ones...just stacked to the bottom step...damn its about daylight. .see not to be confused with Sunshine. ..what should I do..Now not wanting to break the rules or better put not wanting to get caught breaking the rules I do what needs to be done..put the truck in gear and move to the empty space in front of the sign. .Good Morning again Sunshine. ..Hugs. ...

Friday, February 22, 2013

A Long Time Sunshine. .

Never have I been so happy again my Sunshine pulled me from the fires of my own hell..never turning away and always standing firm beside even when I was weak..Things finally turned for the better we are sharing sometime..enjoying the twinkle in her eyes..A year of nothing but work and time to enjoy..Friday while she was slaving I went hunting..time for a ring..never knew there were so many..the colors..found a beautiful orange 3 carat stone..ouch but worth every penny..
Went for a steak..Did it the way you should in a crowd of people on one knee..Sunshine will you marry me..To my hearts delight she said yes..Time to plan a future we dreamed of laying in bed that night not talking just staring deeply into her eyes I knew I had the only girl of my dreams..we dreamed together of a wedding. .of a honeymoon..of a big pink champagne cake with a scooter on top..decided on a ride and a new ride to do it on..its only money..and honey your worth every dime..We set the date..March 23 hope I can wait a month..
Saturday morning off to the Harley shop..Road King..a queen needs a comfortable carriage. .Black of course they didn't have one but Vern who owned the shop had an idea..we sat down and built in on March 18th..Hey Vern let me ask you a question..What do you think about letting get hitched right here in the middle of your shop. .Big smile on his face. .hell yes lets do it..Happy Monkey man...damn Sunshine lets plan the trip..Need to find a place in California to..Kansas is nice. .LOL...
Been all over this big country over the last year..Living in my truck and running my ass off..about 140,000 miles worth and 46 states saw some shit and saw some beautiful country..gonna take a month and show her true beauty. .Gonna roll from Kansas if the weathers good run the 70 through Vail and the Backdoor to Utah. .if there I any snow in the forecast gonna head to New Orleans. .some jumbo Sunshine. .I don't need food just sitting across from you looking in those eyes fills me full..wanna run the desert into California. .a stop in San Antonio for a big ass steak..sunrise in New Mexico. .sunset in Arizona. .on to the coast the one..San Francisco. .little fisherman's wharf treat..Maybe a Giants game if there in town..up to Portland then across to ride cabbage hill..
Run back down through Utah. .devils slide and on to St. George one of the most beautiful places there is..Some Grand Canyon time...then on to Vegas..wanna show here the lights dropping of the 15 late at night..the glow from miles away..then back down to the 40..through the south. .down to Key West for some sun..then the last leg through the Carolinas into Virginia..That long hill on 64 over looking the Shenandoah Valley..breath taking just like you Sunshine. .then home to begin a life of happy shared dreams and miles and always the wind..Love ya mucho. .thank you for all you give..

Monday, February 18, 2013

Tamales and Beer..

Friday night full of the Dirty beer and smelly bars..must of rode home and see a lump of snoring flesh on my couch. .Damn Ernie next time ya spend the night. .well I'm just guessing the last couple hours of it leave your damn boots on..Wake up your sweet woman is gonna beat both our asses..

Now knowing breakfast is the most important meal of the day we split a 6 pack of Coors and a bag of hot porkrinds..yummy..had to hit the shop and fine tune a machine. .Ernie call Maria bro..later dude she ain't gonna say nothing..she's making tamales for a party..Hey when we finish will go and throw a big munch..hey never turned down Maria's tamales and today ain't the day to start. .

It took a couple of hours for the residual hangover to start setting in..Dude lets go grab some brews and tamales. .first lets stop at Les & Lu's for some hair of the there are some fine scooter trash bars..there some so so scooter trash bars and then there was Les & Lu' it was the first place I ever went that the roaches and the rats left voluntary. .just pack their little vermin ass off someplace else..the place had mold for a decor..never ever thought of drinking from a mugs..bartender had to trap them with a net as they were trying to leave..but my head was pounding and the hangover won..lets do it Dirty..

In the back of my alcohol soaked brain I'm thinking dude you should call home..If I remember correctly they had been married for a week or ten days..oh well give me another bartender. ..after three or four cold long necks..Dirty looks over and says Dude this sucks let ride over to upper class dive bar.I say dude ya should call home..same shit..she's making tamales she wont miss me..ok then lets roll..

Now we left my place about seven am..and hit Delbets about three pm..relax..drinks and little pool..its about. Seven pm..damn dude lets roll...we got about eighty miles to the Casa. .some gear jamming throttle twisting puts us right on the doorstep in an hour..lights on couple extra cars in the driveway..Ernie shuts down the old pan..smiles and says see bro no problem. .as we are strolling to the front door it swings open..Maria with a big smile..her sister come strolling out..where the tamales girls I am starving. .Tamales that's not till next week. ..the twins are sleeping see you boys tomorrow. .damn got any spam dirty...sucker..

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Confession of a true

Doughnut ass..didn't start out as a doughnut ass..once it was small and firm..lady's would take second glance. .jeans were made to fit..strutting like a rooster where ever it went..and one day it happened...

Started so innocently.  Hit the break room at 9am and Carlos handed me a big pink doughnuts were nothing new to me but these jewels were different. .you could see there soft tenderness..the loving glisten in there glazing. .the warm glowing tenderness flowing from there perfect shapes..size..yes it was love at first bite...

Soft sweet first date..I mean taste..she was like a tiny piece of heavily sugar coated lust. .Chocolate cake with sprinkles..oh my heart raced..mind wondering where they had been all my life..

It started slowly..up early cruising the streets searching for my lovely soft doughy first the effects were pure pleasure before work..then I found myself hunting my delights at lunch..then at dinner..Oh my the milk bill was so outrageous. .yet I couldn't stop..

One day I noticed the old hard Corbin gunslinger on the shovel growing it knew soft chewy was our goal..I mounted my new doughnut rake with loving care on her fender..touching the seat that still felt firm I wondered how it became so soft when I sat.

Days turned to sunny morning after my delights. .oh and I will never forget strawberry frosted my pants button popped..shooting across my kristpy cream box about killing some old biddy..this was the day I knew I had a problem...I need some new and bigger jeans..

Just like my lovely doughnuts..well close first a dozen became two..then three..same with jeans first one size then three...this was becoming a problem..ever price jeans..and Corbin was growing oh so soft..still hard to the touch but who am I to question such a fine seat..

Then one day it happened..the doughnut shops were closed..Fucking Santa Claus I hated you that day..the withdrawal was horrendous. .death..I wanted death..I knew then it was time for a plan..after hours of deep painful thought I decided I would buy my 6 dozen daily the day before. .oh my lovelys I missed you so..

I'm writing this so it may help others..a doughnut ass is a true burden..when you realize its happened it to late..yes your belly button is still there..but your problems are behind not gone away
its your ass..doughnuts go straight to your ass..quit brothers and sisters..while the door ways off life still open wide enough for your hips to slide through...or find a doughnut shop with a drive up window..that works too...enjoy..


Friday, February 8, 2013

Oh that smell...

Friday night..payday and the dirty one has a an idea..about the same idea every Friday but at least I know his minds still semi functional. .Hey bro ride over by my place around seven..we can go grab so brews and carnitas. .Not one to turn down either I agree..Little side trip to the Bomb Shelter after I'm sure..

The old pan and the shovel shined sweet we head to Fresno. .Pepes down town..big ass plate of refrieds and greasy carnitas..couple of cold Coors and off to the Bomb Shelter we the parking is in the rear but the only way to get there is through the we putt right through and grab a space..

Now the Bomb Shelter is one of those fine establishments..they got a stage with dancers. .never been drunk enough to throw more than a glace that way..scary..normally a few ears and eyeballs on the floor at closing time..normally 6 or 8 Fresno PD parked across street then too..never stay late..and always a fine crowd of people hanging. .we grab a table and order a brew..all the sudden the carnitas grease and refrieds rumble..Damn only one cure so as dignified as you can you let rip..

Now my sound suppressing was excellent. .but happened next was well...history. .so I sitting there little grin going when this green cloud of funk hits my nose..then it hits the dirty one..then it hits the fat bastard behind know the look..when your acting like ya don't smell it and your trying to figure out who cut the beast..well the trick to a good fart is act like it was someone else..

So the dirty one has the nasty evil right on me..I do the flick head toss towards the fat bastard..easy prey. .not so fast..he catches a deep load voice he says not me little man..if I was gonna fart it would be like this..he stands up and lets loose an earthmover..felt the table shake..damn. .About that time someone else busts one..its a war..chicks running for the doors..dudes chowing pickled eggs and draft..grunting and groaning. .rippers..wall shakers..silent but deadlys..Its was all out war..

Now if your ever lucky enough to find yourself facing a fart war..some tips and tricks..any cheap ale..broccoli. .boiled eggs..most real spicy Mexican food..will help you stand your ground..This was researched in the dirty ones garage over a period of years..If you work your combination of sound and smell you can win the war..not many dates..keep your nose up..


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Darkness. .Sunshine. .Hope

Twisted fate..that's a place that lives under the surface in all of us..Some are strong..or lucky to never see or feel its tentacles digging through you..some aren't as lucky..I played my cards and lost all..material possessions can be replaced. .happiness. ..self worth are hard to recover..didn't need drugs..didn't need a drink..lived in the past..tried to hold my strength as I slowly lost my one true love in life..
I don't know if there a guardian angel or we all have someone who watches over us..I do know I returned a text message and that was the last card left in my deck..I flipped the lucky bastard card..The last person alive that should talk to me..oh the damage done..the pain I freely gave..hello. a soft breeze passing through my raging skull..
I was in a deep dark place you can only find inside you..on this day and days to follow I was asked to dig deep into my wicked soul. .it hurts my friends knowing and facing those demons that dwell inside you..tears and rage were my and hate..releasing feelings long buried. .
You stood by me..not interfering knowing the pain you had felt..reaching out when needed..standing back when not..its a hard first lessons was learning what true love really is..
Its a long hard road. .forgiving myself may never happen. .Life grows less dark..The Sunshine in my life is much more far to ever hold..but far brighter than ever before..I know pain. .I know true love is not what we were lead to believe in life..I know one friend. .dear friend who I will always be greatful..I'm not back yet. .but moving a little farther everyday..hugs Sunshine they are all for you..and the friends who read this..thanks. ..

Like a Virgin

There are few things in life like losing your virginity. .but you lose it not only in the back seat of your moms car but in many ways through out life..Like the first time you feel that big V-Twin thumping power the lenght of your spine...

Must of been 1974 or 1975 my big ugly ass cousin came pulling into the driveway..had no seen him in a couple years..I was the first one out the door when I heard that rumble..The big man reached down and switched off the key..put his arm around me and gave me a big hug..Now at that age a man hugging me was off limits..Today its a sign a brother or sistership..we all rambled back in the house. .

About and hours later he caught me staring at that bastard hardtail..half breed pan shovel..Felt that big harry hand on my wanna it ride boy...
My heart jumped..sure..he handed me the key..never forget those pocket worn shiny Harley wings. .let show you how to start it..and walked me through the gears and brakes..told me be safe..enjoy..

Reached out and twisted that throttle just a hair..felt that vibration. .rumbling in my ear..I could see the big man smiling..I pulled the clutch and kicked it down into first. .load heart was racing..hands sweaty on the grips..slow twist and release I feel it start to move..

Lived out on country land..nothing for miles..hit the street..nervous as a virgin on prom night..twisted it back..Klack..second gear..Klack ..theirs gear..klack. .fourth body and machine melting together..heart racing..not from fear from the body and soul knowing where they belonged...I rode. .seemed like a minute was closer to an hour..

I pulled back in the driveway..knowing the big mans gonna be pissed..he come walking out of the house. .smiling...I handed him the keys..He just said ain't nothing like it is there..

My cousin Randy was killed in Viet Nam about 7 months later..we drove to Modesto for the funeral. .I cried that day..was along time till I ever really cried again..I took that bastard pan/shovel home that day in boxes. .he was rebuilding when the draft got him..enough parts to build two bikes..spent many lonely nights in the garage..with an old chiltons guide and dads tool box. .thought of Randy handing me the keys that day many time..miss ya big man

Friday, January 25, 2013

The rat the weasel and the toad..a truck stop love story..

Been awhile so bear with there are no bears in the story..a rat, a weasel and a toad..bit role by a the toad is only here to keep the flies from snatching this story before its posted..toads don't say much anyway..Here goes..enjoy..
Rat been pounding gears and fighting snow for 10 hours time to stop..remembered that little sleazy truck stop outside Butt Montana. .I know missing an E..ever been to Butt in January its butt E this time..Now the rat being highly skilled and over trained in the art of truck wrestling pulls the big peterbuilt into the lot..ya got a new petrrbuilt..not many people can say that. .damn dirty minds..picks him out a spot to back her into..well 3 hours later, much unsavory language and a couple of broken mirrors later it done and parked..Don't sweat it he cheats his log books.time just disappears. .
So sitting back doing paperwork he here this light tap, tap, tap on the truck..looks down see a lizard standing there..the infectious type..Lot Lizard..Rats a kind man and had noticed a weasel parked next to him so least he can do is point the Lizard in the right direction as he rolls down the window he hears the familiar Honey do you the rat stops her mid sentence. .lady..lizard what ever you might be sorry but got a full jar of vasaline right in the back..but there is a weasel parked right next to me..might try there..didn't have to mention don't date outside my species. .
Rat hears that gentle knock. .Lizard in..good that might keep the weasel quit..can't trust a damn weasel no way..keep them flies out here mister toad..
The next morning through the butt freezing snow rat heads in for coffee. .low and behold there stands the weasel...sad weasel..Rat feels consoling this morning and asked hey brother what's up..The weasel looks up and hacks a few times..hangs his head and says he been robbed and given the flu..did ya see that lizard around my truck last night..rat has to plead the 5th with a ya cup ya weasel..
Moral of this story is Rats always figure out how to be self sufficient. .always need to know where your weasel is..toads saved the flies from stealing this tale.. Been a long rough and tumble one..gonna leave it at that..found out we have a guardian angel...when they whack you with the club pay close attention..thank you..this one was all you..the Rat