Sunday, January 23, 2011

More Route 66...and other un-interesting stuff..

Still settling in..A few route 66 to take the Glide out today..Last check as it heads to Long Beach Friday... Gets a boat ride and a quarantine...It's headed to Sydney Austrailia..Let's wait out the rest of the story..

Seems the Long Lost Fur Bunny showed back up..Good to see ya brother Click..drop me a line I got an offer for you..I was about to turn this thing off..I could use a new second bastard around here..

Been a long strange trip..A few of you know I have been dealing with some health shit..Doctors pulled treatment a few weeks back..Now it's not one of those gonna be pushing daisies in week things..No real time thing,just reached a point they could do no more and I could take no more..Lot's of things go through your head..I have made life changes, walked away from good people and opportunity since I have been dealing with it..In a way it is a relief..time to just go for it..big reason for the move..need a new outlook and a fresh backyard to ride in..This is the last of this conversation...from either of us OK.. 

Hoping to be settled in and riding daily by next week..High Desert is great..I you enjoy the show..

Friday, January 21, 2011

why are we not MOVING??!!!!

I roll out of the lot and head down the street - reverse commute, homeward bound
there's a car or two ahead and I'm wondering how long the wait might be to make that right - turns out there's little if any traffic - the outdoor temp is 3 and it's more than a bit windy so my wait should be minimal
a jumbo sized SUV eases out of the White Castle lot, directly in front of me
I give it no thought -
I glance left and there's nary a vehicle to be seen so I'm ready to continue the commute - start it, actually - but
the SUV hasn't budged - not even a bit and it's straddling both lanes - that being the left turn and the right turn
I sit for a sec or so and wonder - "what the fuck???" - but I'm still in a chill kinda mode
traffic picks up a bit and then clears and there I still sit - so - I pop the horn - just a quickie tap - no response from up front so I tap it a pair of times
and I get a wave around
now from where I'm sitting there's no around - both friggin' lanes are blocked so I sit for another little bit - which wasn't really long and decide
gonna step out and get his/her attention and ask if they'll move
a sharp rap on the roof - a bit of a glare - maybe a somewhat stern "MOVE!!!"
and I'll be on my way
I stepped out - clad mostly in black except for the goats that faithfully warm my hands from the cold - black boots, pants, hoodie, jacket and - because it's more than a bit windy - raybans - even though it is a chunk past 6 in the p.m. dark
got a sinus thingie that's been buggin' me and the glasses block the wind - they're a nice effect too
I wander up front and what to my wondering eyes did appear but a massive, hulking, fill this jumbo SUV and then some momma and she's sorting through bags and bags of food - arranging her "this oughtta hold me til I get home" feast - she had enough layed out to feed a family of 6 - DAMN!!!!
I watched for a sec and just as she almost had everything where she wanted - I smacked that top
pure friggin' panic set in and I swear she shit - her head snapped my way - eyes filled with "HOLY FUCK!!!" - she caught sight of me and what followed was friggin' priceless - food, every bit of it, flew everywhere - nary a spot in that mega-mobile was free of it - and that massive shake she was sippin' just launched - she slammed that thing into gear and BAM!!! - gone
I walked back to the car - put it in gear and FINALLY continued on my way - wearin' just a bit of a smile - which warmed me nicely
I did wonder for just a sec how she'll ever clean that shake from the headliner - but
only for a sec

Thursday, January 20, 2011

file this in the

"whattadumbfuck" folder
Jesse James to marry again
What's up Jesse - twice bitten wasn't enough?
and your choice third time round - I have seen her a time or two on da tube - and a time or two was all I could handle
she takes "high maintenance" to it's ultimate degree
oh well - it's your pie they be gettin' a piece of

can you tell it's cold and funky up north and I'm friggin' bored?
nice thing about blogs - they're easily deleted and I'm damned good at doin' dat

property transfers

so I'm trying to make good use of the internet cuz
most of the fun has been sucked outta the sucker over the years
"local property transfers" catches my eye and so I think to self
"let's see how recovered ye just might be"
which was not the best of things to do
equity is down - from the inflated "shouldda dumped this fucker then" by a good 250k
and you know - way down deep - there are times when the only thing that can set this rock back on axis
is a blow job
doesn't even hafta be a really good one - ya know???

clearin' out the crud

how's this work? - friggin' forgot

Monday, January 17, 2011

Route 66..just getting here..

Just getting moved in..Missed out on one perfect day to ride..Hence you end up with ashtrays and coffee cups..Little ice in the high desert a couple weeks snow here too..Ft.Irwin crest rock, blow it up and check it out..More to come....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Get'n my kicks on Route 66.....

That's it boy's and girls the Rat's heading to a new hole..Route 66 in the backyard..stay tuned for rides, sunshine and the new pool..LOL...or pond...more of a pond type dude..

Short rant,,,heart goes out to all those effected by the Az weekend shootings..

To all the complete morons who blame right wing radio, the Tea Party, Sara Palin, Ratster, militia's and America's finest..suck eggs dipshits..get a life...try thought...A sick young dude who wanted fame, didn't have a clue but had a gun did it..nobody made him or drove him to it..It's completely sick to attempt to use this tragedy for political should be lined up and.......

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Let me take a little of your time..Time, ever think about it..I started thinking of time as a condom, serves a purpose but restricts pleasure..but then again I never really thought about time but found it time too..I'll get to that in due time..If your in a hurry don't let me waste your time..

Waste your time or wasted time..Now can I waste your time..only if you are willing to let me..even then it's your time so your wasting it not me..Can I waste my time..ya if I want but if I'm doing or not doing becuase I chose to did I waste it or use my time as I wished??? Now if your thinking I'm on your time and wasting it there might be a valid point if we can figure who owns time..I'm not going to waste anymore time trying to figure it out..Time to move on..

Now if you read this far you must be thinking I go to much time on my hands..Just the opposite I have limited time..but I'm thinking the limit to my time is the time I limit it..Now I could use time wisely..why start now..wait let me check my Timex...Who though up the whole time thing..24 hours a day..rotation of the earth around the sun and the moon..365 day's a year, until leap year..who screwed that one up...before my time..If who ever created time had know then what we know today I'm thinking day's would be 48 hours long..that would give us more time to get things done..Wait time out..where is this heading..

Who cares, we got to share some time..Hope you had a good time with it,,time to go...Catch ya next time..