Saturday, November 28, 2009

Missing a Gear..

Ya ever miss a gear, no not on the scoot but in life. I have missed a gear over the last couple of months. It's not a bad thing but something experience..

I ride, it is what has driven me to be me since my teens..I just hit 49 a couple of weeks back..Riding and the friends, the lifestyle have given me everything I have wanted through out those years. The last few months were the same yet different. I got some hard riding in this year with some good friends..I reach out and made amends to some old friends..Gypsied life for a month just like the old days..searched for something new and still morn something lost..

I found a place. Not what I was searching for but when I walked in the door it reached out to me..I have found comfort in it..I find myself not riding but enjoying home where home has always been where ever my head landed that night..I find myself sitting on the patio with two fingers of Famous Grouse and cigar watching the dogs play or in front of the fireplace watch old black and white movies, not riding..Everyday like on old drug habit I get the urge but it has been seldom I cave into it..

The Shovel well she understands..her new paint and motor parts are on the shelf above her..She knows this is her year..My painter is dying to get his hands on top end dude calls twice a week asking were her jugs are..This is the year she is getting done to become a local runner..semi retired..gonna replace her for long rides..she is and always will be my girl..Every time I walk past her I think today is the day..

It will happen..thanks for understanding you old oil dripper..


Monday, November 23, 2009

What hell are we thinking..

History 101..what is it called when your government controls the banking system, leading, large portions of private care is next..they are setting earning in private industry..robbing those who create the jobs to give to those who are to fucking lazy to earn their communism..

The Oreo in charge has made it clear were a fucked up country..We are all idiots and have no idea what is good for us..He also knows that to ever have one chance in hell to be re-elected he has to keep the entire welfare state in his pocket..Why do think they keep telling us how many jobs they have created and the unemployment rate keeps climbing..15.7% is the real deal number if you include those who have ran out of benefits..keep them broke and just barley feed them..what a deal..

We the people..the backbone of our once great country have done what we always do..we stood up and battled until the football season started then we just sat in our corner a silence..We shouted and they listened..we stopped and the forged ahead..we a fucking sheep and they boy's in DC understand we cannot sustain our battle, we bow our heads in shame and accept our whippings...

We are losing our country..not a slow take over but a fast and hostile grab..Stand up and speak out..

A pissed off Rat..

Monday, November 16, 2009

Not meant to tread on Rats Toes

but i'm gonna start a blog of my own kinda put up some of my History .

And no before you think yer luck has Changed i'll still be posting on here aswell i just fancied having a pop at this bloggin shit myself

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Old School.....

I had to go to Sactown a few day's back..Went to see a doctor who could cure all that could ever go wrong with you..Using chicken blood, cheap cigars and rum I find out later..well I didn't get the cure so being in the area I decided I would swing into an old bro's shop and see if he had what was needed to cure the shovel..and no I was not looking for C-4..

Shop was still there hidden on a back road, couple of nice Bobbers out in front..Walked in and asked if Dale was around?? The kid behind the counter tells me Dale passed about five years ago and he ad taken over the shop..He was his son..I passed along my condolences and asked a few questions about my old bud..Then it started..

Dale Jr. informs me this is the last old school shop left in the area..So I asked what's old school?? He defined it as the hardcore biker lifestyle...You know man like you and my dad lived..I was sorta baffled at first,,I'm not that old shit..I just ride. Sure there are some unwritten rules we live by and it is a lifestyle but it's one that evolves, changes as life changes...

So for once I might be wrong but in my humble opinion old school is building a bobber or a rat..and has nothing to do with what we do or how we ride..Share your thoughts..and take the pole..LOL...


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Vetrans Day Thoughts...

I remember my day's serving our great country under a presedent who had nothing but distane for the military just like today..I was lucky we were not at war and the oppertunity to use us as cannon fodder to stop the war did not exsist..We got up and did our jobs for the people and the freedoms of Americans but nothing close to those who server today are enduring..

To our active troops and all those who have served..We the American people support and respect what you have done and are doing to keep us free and safe..We stand behind you, cheer your victories and share your pain in defeat..You are the backbone of our freedoms,,please keep the faith...No matter the outcome your are hero's in our hearts...


Friday, November 6, 2009

Little Ricky..devil don't want you..

Get a call from a bro who runs a towing service..Little Ricky went down hard,,it doesn't look good..

Damn I had not talked with him in months..In fact since I sorta took the high road and stopped the serious parting ways we didn't see much of each other, in passing at the shops or dives..runs and such..Life happens and we move on. Leaving a bad thing sometimes costs you a few good the price we pay for what we do..

I can't say when I meet Little Ricky but it was back in the day where riding a Harley made you a rebel and we lavished in the lifestyle..He was little Ricky when I first remember him, the name was a joke..He stands about 6'8" and tipped the scales at over 400 at times..That nasty ass home cooked white poweder had slimmed him down over the years..

We all have something we do in our lives that makes stand out. Ricky is the God of Gas..Ass gas..Captain Pooter..He was proud of his abilities..He saw a moment of silence as an opportunity to share..He could play a wooden bar stool like a fine tuned Fender Strat..He kept notes on what food would produce certain sounds and odors.. He is a sick puppy but aren't we all in some way..

Back to the wreck..They haul Ricky to the trauma center..out cold and beat to shit..Call his wife and tell her she had better hurry it looks a severe head trauma..She's about an hours away and goes like hell to get there..Runs into the trauma ward only to hear Ricky yelling at the top of his lungs...Find me a doctor who can speak english and own a pair of fucking shoe's..I guess the doc was wearing his native sandles..

Sorry Ricky looks like the devil don't want your smelly ass right now..I'll be seeing you soon old son..


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Time to Pre-book the Ambulance

Coz me Kicker Kit for the Harley arrived this morning , i should be ok i mean i last kickstarted a bike in 1984 , so no problems huh....................erm.....

maybe i'll Video my first attempt for all the world to laugh at after i've fitted the thing or more likley i'll fuckup me only good leg and the Ambulance Driver will upload the Video instead