Saturday, November 14, 2009

Old School.....

I had to go to Sactown a few day's back..Went to see a doctor who could cure all that could ever go wrong with you..Using chicken blood, cheap cigars and rum I find out later..well I didn't get the cure so being in the area I decided I would swing into an old bro's shop and see if he had what was needed to cure the shovel..and no I was not looking for C-4..

Shop was still there hidden on a back road, couple of nice Bobbers out in front..Walked in and asked if Dale was around?? The kid behind the counter tells me Dale passed about five years ago and he ad taken over the shop..He was his son..I passed along my condolences and asked a few questions about my old bud..Then it started..

Dale Jr. informs me this is the last old school shop left in the area..So I asked what's old school?? He defined it as the hardcore biker lifestyle...You know man like you and my dad lived..I was sorta baffled at first,,I'm not that old shit..I just ride. Sure there are some unwritten rules we live by and it is a lifestyle but it's one that evolves, changes as life changes...

So for once I might be wrong but in my humble opinion old school is building a bobber or a rat..and has nothing to do with what we do or how we ride..Share your thoughts..and take the pole..LOL...



Arizona Harley Dude said...

I agree Rat, Old School is the look of the bike not the life style of the dude or dudette pulling the levers.

Youngster seems to want to be something he thought his dad was. Sorry for him, but he can't be his dad.

FLHX_Dave said...

What is old school anyway? Old school was only adapting to what you wanted to do with your bike and how you wanted to ride it. Individuality and doing what you wanted to do. Bucking the trend I guess...that's old school.

Lifestyle? I know alot of homeless drug addicts that live that lifestyle without a bike. Interestingly enough, you have brought out a huge point in your story that I saw immediately. The key question I guess is do you ride because of your ego only or because you want to be a bad-ass because you saw in in the movies or Time Life?

So, just my take on this subject...Old school is simply surrounding yourself and emersing yourself in something you love. Making it a part of you. Living, breathing a passion everyday no matter what it is.

Why I gives me something to do with my passion when I can't get into bed with it. LOL!, oh shit! Maybe in the future some kid is going to be saying, "Old school was getting out there, riding until the sun set and then blogging about the whole damned deal with a pint of JD....yeah, they had it right back then!" mwhahahahahah....whew

Damn, sorry. Old school is just getting out there and doing your own thing. There, that was easy enough!

Willy D said...

“Old School” is so over used it’s lost any meaning. I believe it refers to a type or style of bike. It has nothing to do with a person. If a person was “old school” would that mean that they are living in the past? Living in the past doesn’t make you old school, it makes you an idiot.

I tried C4 on my Shovel. You’re right, it didn’t work. Still leaks.

Pug said...

to be honest i hate the Phrase "Old School" or OldSkool or however you fucking say it , its a often used saying brought to us by all them fucking assholes on Telly claiming there 15 mins and lots of money .

All its done for me is put prices up on Parts coz all them Rich Dickheads wan't the nice shiny toys they've seen on telly

fuck the Phrase i actually hate it

Glad to see the Boy is taking up his fathers reins

ratone said...

Damn fine points here..I was looking for stuff for the winter shovel overhaul and got to thinking back in the day(Had to do it Dave..LOL)the brother took the torch, a hacksaw, a weilder and a drill and did it themselves..well I got all the goodies so I figure I will build my baby with me own little hands..Old School..hell no..powder coat and the chrome shop..

Dale Jr..if you read this understand, be your own man little brother..we each make our own mark on the world and the only person it will ever mean a damn thing to is you and those who surround your your thing..Rat

Phelan said...

Maybe because we build and repair Scoots that we have a different view of it. The term Old school, seldom used, but when it is, means anything Pre-evo. Those bikes that you now have a real hard time finding good wrenches for.

If it ain't leaking, it ain't runnin'.

Pug said...

allways love the Pre-Evo Comments , one thing though actually two things

The Evo Engine saved the Motor Co after the AMF Buy out

The Evo Engine is also the Last Air Cooled Single Cam Engine

If yer Motor or Tranny Leaks Fix it there's no reason why any Harley Engine should leak

well unless Rats been Working on one lol

Phelan said...

The evo was indeed a major turning point in the brand name. With them no longer making the older models, and the trend of those riding these older bikes tend to be stereotypical bikers, with attitudes towards riding considerably different than newer riders, the term old school has been laid on the heads of these scooters and the owners.

And the joke about the leaking is a very old one that gets repeated in every VFW I have ever pulled into and every pre-evo friendly bike shop I have ever stepped foot into. I know that my boots shouldn't glisten from used oil or tranny fluid when I dismount from my ol' man's bike.