Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rant's from a Harley Snob and other little known points of view.....

I know it is hard to figure..The Rat a Harley snob..well I'm confessing..I tried to change my ways..We had a cancer kids ride Sunday and I invited a friend..notice I can't bring myself to say ride with us..He bought him one of those Yamiewhooper V-Sluts or what ever they call them..Bragged how he paid so little then dumped $10,000 grand into thingies..But it is still cheaper that a Harely..OK..So Sunday rolls around and the weather sucks..but some of us still ride..The dude is late..should we just ride..No I'm trying to kick a habit..Notice I didn't say a bad one..

So I buckle under my own intense internal pressure and dial the phone.. Hey dude where waiting on you..Quote from the mouth of babies..It might rain I didn't think you would ride in bad weather..I'm not taking the bike out it is a real bitch to clean and it's not safe to ride in the rain..Well that just plain ruined all the hard work that had gone into changing my ways..I AM A HARLEY SNOB..and proud of it..

The ride was good..wet at times and saw a few snow flakes..Fabian my little man who has been fighting the big C is winning the battle..I meet his parents for the first time..touching and it left me feeling both overjoyed for the little man and wondering how to help Mom and Dad..Young hard working people have had to give up everything for the one thing they love..Love you to little will work out..see ya as you walk out the door...

Now a few of life's little observations.. 

What do you call a lawyer who can't make it in private practice..

Mr. President

What do you call a bus load of lawyers running off a cliff..


With loud pipes no one can hear you fart..

Bumper sticker..How do you like your change now..

The government does not give a fuck about you, it all about them..

George Carlin  RIP brother..

Life is to short to worry..I'm going riding...



Willy D said...

Hope the ride raised the spirits of the young family. Let them know that someone cares.

Wouldn’t ride in the rain? Well I’d have two words for that “friend”, and it ain’t Merryf’ing Christmas. I’m pretty sure Dave will comment on this. He’s the only person I know, beside myself, that will call you and say: “It’s raining, lets go for a ride”. Don’t know why, most hate it; I think it’s bitchin’. Almost like swimming on your bike.

Whadda’ mean the government don’t give a fuck about me? Does that mean I can quite paying taxes and they’ll stop bothering me every damn year?

Arizona Harley Dude said...

Ahh yes the Goldilocks riders. It's too cold, it's too hot, it's gonna rain, I'm waiting until it is juuuuust right. Wa wa wa. Get your sorry ass on the thing or sell it!!!! G-damn bar hopping, show-off bastards.

Willy D, I'll gladly ride in the rain with you and Dave.

ratone said...

Riding in the rain is sweet..the smell of wet pavement..wet leather..fresh frick'n air.

Riders ride and wannabe's sit at home and wish..or take the BMW to costco..

motoroz said...

The weather does not have to be perfect to have a perfect ride. What a shame that your "friend" did not ride. And, what is a clean bike? If you are out riding how can you have a clean bike? I bought mine to ride not look at.

Nice blog. Just found it today. Hope you don't mind, but I am going to link to it from my blog.

FLHX_Dave said...

If you won't ride because it's too hard to clean then....I gotta problem with you too. Has nothing to do with being a snob...just a personal preference of mine.

What's the def of a snob? Well, it's exactly the same as an asshole...which in turn is a direct result of voicing your opinion...which is the problem in the first place. Screw 'em if they can't take an honest observation....which in turn makes us...well...I dunno...snobs?!!!

I love this crap. But, observe my didn't bag the bagged the rider. You are not a snob! Congrats...but you're still an asshole...sorry. I know the feeling.

ratone said...

Hey Dave..I have found being an asshole a full time job..don't even have to think about it anymore it just happens..

Motoroz..welcome aboard..I will get you linked also..Nice blogs you got there..