Sunday, February 6, 2011

duplicolor shadow

has anybody used it?
what is it? - a two shaker can thingie - turns bright, shiny chrome into black shiny chrome
got a pair of chrome fender rails out back - never have liked em - too blingy
thought about having them blasted and coated
thinking I'll try the 2 can thingie instead - unless a bunch-o-peeps come back with
"shit sucks"
won't get done til it warms up here and with about a 3 foot cover of snow
well, gots plenty of time to do the research
oh - cost is like 19 bucks so even if every and all say
"don't bother"
I'm thinking for 20 bucks I'll shake a pair of cans and see what I see
cabin fever - all projects seem cool this time of year
the weather breaks and then it's
fuck it - let's ride


ratone said...

Being a fine jap bike I would use unrine..start at the front fender working my way could take days and many bottle of brew..but you would get your desired effect..

click said...

Idda got me a harley but I'm never in the mood to push and I don't pose well - so
guess I'll just gotta ride instead
how's that chrome, ratman - all nice and shiny? - find you a new starbux yet???