Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Moving...makes you realize you got some shit, more shit than will fit in a 26 foot uhual..

So where does all the shit come we accumulate shit, only if we eat lot's of beef they say..well that would make me full of shit..maybe..back to the shit we had on the parts for blinging rusty shit stacked on my shit..but do you really give a shit..I doubt it..I don't..

So digging the desert..missing friends and all that shit..have not hooked up cable or hurry just more shit to do..enjoying work..stress and all the shit that goes with some ride pics and my deep dark tan soon,,when I get my shit together..see ya...


FLHX_Dave said...

This is why I have a toilet...enjoy your shit!

Allen Madding said...

When I saw the title, I automatically assumed that you had tried to perform mechanical repairs on a chinese scooter.

But in any event. Everytime I have to move, I remember George Carlson talking about stuff. "After all a house is just a great big box to store more stuff in."

I first noticed this accumulation of stuff when I left college. I went to college with everything packed in a Chevy Citation X-11. Four years later, I left with my dad's motorhome and my Chevy Blazer packed to the gills.

Then a move from an apartment to a house took two trucks and a trailer. Years later it took the biggest truck U-Haul rented.

Its gotten much worse since. Before the next move, I plan to do a years worth of pairing down.

Unforntunately, I miss a lot of the stuff I once had, but you can't have everything. Where would you keep it? :)


click said...

most times I'd drop shit and split - got no shit to share
been where the shit gets stirred and slung but their's never stinks so I'm taking a break from shit
although - have an ism
"shit happens, deal with it"
when it do, I do