Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Questions for the President

First how does it feel to surpass Jimmy Carter as the worst president in modern history?

If your jobs bill will create jobs why is the majority of the spending to expand unemployment benifits another 99 week's?

Do you feel by keeping fourteen million Americans unemployed it boosts your voter base?

Do you understand we are Not a socialist country and share the wealth is not in our constitution?

Do you understand that creating jobs in government only ads to our nations depths?

At so point you must have wondered how long Americans would buy into your bullshit, do you understand those days are behind You?


Willy D said...

And you thought Jimmy had a shit-eating grin before.

I got a question for him: Who’s your daddy? He needs his ass kicked.

Bucky said...

Right on with your questions.

The president and most other politicians have nothing more than their own self-interest in mind.

It is true that way back in King Soloman's time, he was wise and did many things right. His people knew that he had grown government too large and taxed his people far too heavily. Same thing is happening to us today. Our greatness is being smothered by our government.