Thursday, January 20, 2011

file this in the

"whattadumbfuck" folder
Jesse James to marry again
What's up Jesse - twice bitten wasn't enough?
and your choice third time round - I have seen her a time or two on da tube - and a time or two was all I could handle
she takes "high maintenance" to it's ultimate degree
oh well - it's your pie they be gettin' a piece of

can you tell it's cold and funky up north and I'm friggin' bored?
nice thing about blogs - they're easily deleted and I'm damned good at doin' dat


FLHX_Dave said...

I gave up trying to figure it all out. There is a price for success...hope I never make it big, that's all I gotta' say. a good start at that goal...a good start.

ratone said...

Fucking fur bunny..disappear for a year and got to bring old news..someone steal your BON pass or you lose your crack pipe..damn..

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Yeah, High maintenance is right. Kat is about as high as they come. Anyway, WTF. She was with Jesse, then Nikki, now Jesse again. Make up yer fucking mind already!

FLHX_Dave said...

heh...I say we jerk-nap jesse and give him some "old fashioned" rehab!

Dick Tracy said...

Jesse who? Whats a BON pass?

Beaner said...

Shit, that makes #4 for him.