Monday, November 7, 2011

Yer i'm Still Alive

Bought me a 1980 FLH , found it though a friend who said it was sitting in a Garage unloved an gathering dust .

Brought it home an had its Jugs removed as the motor was slapping a little . Needed a 20thou overbore to sort that out . Then I commited the Cardinal Sin an stuck a EVO CV Carb on it . Tell yer what it makes a huge difference , bike runs way smoother than before . I love this bike lots an i've still got me other one aswell .

All i've done is the Rebore , fitted a rack , changed the bars as the originals made it a pain to park indoors an fitted the Carb . Next up is some diferent Exhausts an maybe a set of forwards . got a few hundrd more miles to do to finish running in the new Pistons an Rings but no rush it'll get done .

Love the Sound this Engine makes . happy as a pig in shit now i've finally got meself a Shovel .

Anyhow here's a Pic of me New ol Bike .


Time To Fly said...

Congrat's man, VERY NICE!

ratone said...

Hey you Lindy rat bastard figured you were spattered all over fuckn stone hedge or some such shit..well hang out bro

Bitchy said...

Nothing sounds like a Shovel... Had my old FX out not to long ago.She still runs great, sounds great, glad I kept her.

Michael Padway said...

A real piece of beauty there... lucky dog.

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Dick Tracy said...

Jack about 10 more pounds in the tires, & put a thunder header on it