Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Tics...welcome to the jungle

...Occupy Wall street... It's hard to take it serious until you question it..Who pays the bills, keeps the reefer and munchies flowing..What do they want..our our way of life..Give me youth,,supported by a socialist movement with cash..get them in the induct them into your way of thinking..easy targets in disgruntled youth, hell we have a whole country disgruntled both on the right, in the middle and on the left..we have inept leaders..inept misses the point we have been sold out by our political system on all levels..

Herman the talking heads explain how he doesn't have a chance..The insiders don't get it..we the people have had enough we don't want political insiders or career politicians drive the ship anymore..They have spent the last 60 years destroying our country..Giving away our hard earned money, supporting those who are nothing but leeches on our way of life..Tell mister Obama how the hell political contributions can buy a loan of half a billion dollars,,,no wait we have another one about to bite the dust for 1.2 billion dollars of our hard earned money..2 billion dollars of tax payers hard earned money down the toilet and you want more..Screw you and screw DC..Time to stand up and be counted..Hang in there Herman we the people support you..

Now enough is enough..Time to disrupt the system and take back what is ours..our country,, our freedom and our voice..speak loud,,be proud..Toss them in 2012...I hear Steve Miller   in the back ground..Jungle Love baby...It's driving me mad it's making me crazy....


Arizona Harley Dude said...

Look at Cain's accomplishments in life and it is amazing what he has done without benefit of being born into a gifted life, but rather following the American Dream..

I believe he would give Obama a run and possibly be the only person who could beat him.

Can't use the race card against him. Can't claim a lack of experience. Can't use religion against him. All the man does is gets tired of being successful in one area and challenges himself to be successful in an area he knows nothing about. Sounds kinda like a former President named Regan.

Yep, Cain and the 9-9-9 plan is looking better every day.

Lady R said...

Sometimes we have to fight fire with fire and Mr. Cain shows the best chance of doing that. I'm trying to figure out what's so wrong with the 9-9-9 plan.

Still trying...

Go Herman!!

Scott said...

Jungle love for my man Herman...You sai it all for me!!!
Git er done. I lived thru the 60's and now these bums are back...It's time to deconstruct govt. not reconstruct society.