Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Let me take a little of your time..Time, ever think about it..I started thinking of time as a condom, serves a purpose but restricts pleasure..but then again I never really thought about time but found it time too..I'll get to that in due time..If your in a hurry don't let me waste your time..

Waste your time or wasted time..Now can I waste your time..only if you are willing to let me..even then it's your time so your wasting it not me..Can I waste my time..ya if I want but if I'm doing or not doing becuase I chose to did I waste it or use my time as I wished??? Now if your thinking I'm on your time and wasting it there might be a valid point if we can figure who owns time..I'm not going to waste anymore time trying to figure it out..Time to move on..

Now if you read this far you must be thinking I go to much time on my hands..Just the opposite I have limited time..but I'm thinking the limit to my time is the time I limit it..Now I could use time wisely..why start now..wait let me check my Timex...Who though up the whole time thing..24 hours a day..rotation of the earth around the sun and the moon..365 day's a year, until leap year..who screwed that one up...before my time..If who ever created time had know then what we know today I'm thinking day's would be 48 hours long..that would give us more time to get things done..Wait time out..where is this heading..

Who cares, we got to share some time..Hope you had a good time with it,,time to go...Catch ya next time..


Willy D said...

Don’t do the crime if ya’ can’t do the time. Hell, I sit here and waste time all the time. Got nothing but time. Until wifey tells me to get off my ass and do something sometimes. Then I just go ridding, most of the time.

Now for the question: WTF are you smoking? You gotta learn to share Bro.

Arizona Harley Dude said...

I don't have the time at this time to think about time as it is time to get to work on time.

Catch ya the next time I have time to spend the time here.

ratone said...

Let me take the time to answer your question..Maybe it's what I'm not smoking..That was timely..right...

Lady Ridesalot said...

Tiiiii-iiiiiii-iiii-iime... is on your side. Yes it is!

Pass it over here please?