Sunday, January 23, 2011

More Route 66...and other un-interesting stuff..

Still settling in..A few route 66 to take the Glide out today..Last check as it heads to Long Beach Friday... Gets a boat ride and a quarantine...It's headed to Sydney Austrailia..Let's wait out the rest of the story..

Seems the Long Lost Fur Bunny showed back up..Good to see ya brother Click..drop me a line I got an offer for you..I was about to turn this thing off..I could use a new second bastard around here..

Been a long strange trip..A few of you know I have been dealing with some health shit..Doctors pulled treatment a few weeks back..Now it's not one of those gonna be pushing daisies in week things..No real time thing,just reached a point they could do no more and I could take no more..Lot's of things go through your head..I have made life changes, walked away from good people and opportunity since I have been dealing with it..In a way it is a relief..time to just go for it..big reason for the move..need a new outlook and a fresh backyard to ride in..This is the last of this conversation...from either of us OK.. 

Hoping to be settled in and riding daily by next week..High Desert is great..I you enjoy the show..


Anonymous said...

Some you just can't walk away from.... thinking we need to ride the route..........sooner rather than later!

Mucho love....

click said...

it took me this long - which is pretty long - to actually want to write a bit again - there is a place in cyberspace that just damn near drained the fun from me - and that takes a whole buncha doin' - ya know?
I need an addy to stay in touch - change your diet to alkaline instead of acidic - could help - sure'n the fuck can't hurt
and - as always - gotta tell them damn harley dudes everything cuz they be way too busy parkin'-n-posin'

click said...

what in the fuck are you doin' in the desert anyway? - besides suckin' up alla my sun!!!!