Tuesday, February 1, 2011

this is fun

there's 6 to 8 on the ground with 2 foot drifts and another 16 or more forecast before this crap ends - that's inches and snow
being the wise old fuck that some claim me to be - having driven home just once from our current location in a storm that was nothing compared to this - well, I did inform those that sign my check, on monday - "seeya thursday - maybe"
the power has flickered way too many times and the worst will hit as I sleep so - I did think to self earlier - "whatyagoonado if'n ya wake to dark, cold and no power"
I loaded the power company's # into the cell so I can - if need be - check on length of outage and the non-e police # for the village so I can check on shelters
the plan would be to grab kid, mutt, lizard and split
now - the night might pass a whole bunch better if'n a hot, leggy lass where to - well, you know - but then I'm thinkin'
just another body to worry about if the shit really hits the fan
so - I'll cuddle with a flashlight instead
which sounds all wrong but it'll light the path - although I'd still prefer the leggy lass
and tomorrow - should we still have power and heat
shovel my way out
ain't life grand????


click said...

mini update
there's 10 to 13 on the ground now - that's inches of snow
10 to 16 more is forecast overnight with an additional 5 to 8 tomorrow
so lemme see - best case we get 25 inches of snow - worst case is 37
that's a whole buncha all at once snow
an aside - first responders in the city are using snowmobiles
it is way fucked up out there
really glad I'm in

click said...

friggin' over zealous weather dorks and their "estimated snowfall totals"
they are so almost not right
so - the least covered spots are slightly more than knee deep - and the worst are no worse than waist high with drifts maybe toppin' 6 to 8 feet at best
did they blow this one
odd - all roads closed - everywhere
and one could shovel but where do you shovel it to?
quite surreal out there

Willy D said...

Why in the hell would you move anyplace that it snows? One of those worms from the bottom of the bottle might have got in your brain and is eating the cells.